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Serbia: The Parliamentary Election

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Kosovo, Serbia, Elections, Governance, History, International Relations, Law, Politics

A comment to A Fistful of EurosSerbian election post [1]: “Nobody expected this result but I think the message here from a Serbian viewpoint is that the electorate didn’t buy the view that further EU integration means recognition of Kosovo by default.” BBC's Mark Mardell is following the election at Eurobloghere [2], here [3] and here [4]. Eric Gordy is following the election at East Ethniahere [5], here [6], here [7] and here [8]. Gray Falcon writes [9] that “the only way the Democrats will have won this election is if they can somehow defeat the math that says they do not have a majority to form a government.” Greater Surbiton blogs on the Serbian Radical Party [10] – and on the preliminary election results [11]: “[…] This election represents a watershed; despite the recognition of Kosova, the danger of a Serbian backslide into popular extreme nationalism has been averted. […]”