China: 7.8 scale earthquake felt across most of China

Around two hours ago, an earthquake registering 7.8 on the Richter scale struck in southwestern China's Sichuan province, centered in Wenchuan county, and with tremors felt as far away as Beijing and Hong Kong.

Update, Tuesday 9am: QQ has been aggregating video shot by its users from many of the affected areas; many of these videos can be seen here. The video below comes from user Gary, taken in an unspecified location:

The earthquake was reportedly felt in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, parts of Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Gansu, Henan, Ningxia and Jiangsu.

See below for updates by region.

From Chinese video-sharing website Tudou, user danta1990's footage taken in the Sichuan capital Chengdu:

Danwei has already compiled a number of updates from various sources, as has Shanghaiist, with information on user-shot video from Sichuan Chinese video portal websites were quick to get up on their front pages.

This clip on comes from user Little Fish in Wenchuan, Sichuan:And this from video sharing website comes from user xiaoyu82528, showing the effect of the earthquake as felt as far away as Beijing:Twitter seems to be a top source of breaking details for the moment; Many are writing of difficulties connecting to those at the center of the quake zone over telephone, but the internet seems to still be functioning. Beijing-based tech guru Kaiser Kuo writes that the government Seismological Bureau website is currently inaccessible, presumably from high levels of traffic.

Users inwalkedbud and Lyrrael have been posting updates in English, reporting what they can. River Crab Goes Ashore has been collecting live updates on Chinese microblogging service provider Fanfou.

Inwalkedbud writes from Chengdu, quite near the center of the earthquake: “Doesn't seem to be much damage to buildings, but people are shaken up. Electricity/water/gas seems to be working still.”

Other areas have not been as fortunate; Chinese Twitter user Raine, based in Hubei, writes of possible destruction there:


One colleague just phoned home to Jingzhou in Hubei, houses in Shashi have collapsed, it's a disaster there.

Also via Danwei is a note to keep following, one Twitter search engine which supports Chinese characters, for steady updates; updates found via Summize and other places will be added here as they are found. Photos can be seen on Flickr via searches for ‘earthquake’ in English and Chinese and on

Anyone with more information regarding other areas around China that have been affected is invited to gives us a heads-up in the comments.

Microblog updates by region:
Photos of the devastation in Jiangyan, Jiangsu provinceDujiangyu, one of the hardest-hit places known so far. Several portray dead bodies.
Monday 21:52

“English”语言的维基百科“List of earthquakes”词条中已经增加了此次四川大地震的内容,此外该语言已经新增了“2008 Sichuan Province earthquake”的词条。中文维基百科尚无相关内容更新。

The English-language ‘list of earthquakes’ entry already has information on this Sichuan earthquake, and on top of that there's even a “2008 Sichuan Province earthquake” entry. Chinese Wikipedia still has no related information.

Monday 22:40


Home phones in Chengdu can receive calls now
Monday 22:25


Wenchuan is on the way to Jiuzaigou; the terrain there is all craggy mountains. Due to excess ore extraction all surface plants have been damaged and then you have the Min River passing through there, creating great risk of mudslides and making this an easy place for geological disasters to happen. This has been tragic.

四川大学要求同学离开宿舍 通知4点余震开始

Sichuan University has ordered all students out of dorms, saying aftershocks to being at 4pm


Sounds like CDMA and local network phones are working in the Sichuan region

chengdu airport closed. flights heading there beijing redirectede to chongqing

Monday 5:30 pm:


The internet is connected in Chengdu


Flowerpots and everything are broken in Mianyang, water coolers shaking, many houses have collapsed, everybody has gone to the banks of the river.

四川阿坝州理县县城1人死亡8人重伤 汶川县发生7.8级地震后,截止12日17时10分,阿坝州政府应急办了解到的情况是:汶川、理县、茂县交通、通讯全面中断,黑水、小金、金川、马尔康、松潘、九寨沟等县均有房屋倒塌、道路中断、山体滑坡、人员伤亡(其中茂县林业电台报告伤亡人员较多,

One dead and eight seriously hurt in Lixian County, Abazhou, Sichuan. At 5:10pm government issued urgent notice, traffic and communications completely cut off in Wenchuan, Lixian and Maoxian; houses have collapsed and roads cut off and persons injured by mountain run-off in Heishui, Xiaojin, Ma'erkang, Songfan and Jiuzaigou,



Has the China internet backbone been cut? Why can't I get online?





I can only text with people in Xi'an, can't get through by phone…

Monday 21:39


At 3:48 pm the Henan Seismological Bureau sent out a warning to the public through mobile phone text message, television and radio: “The Seismological Station Web has determined that at 2:28 today a 7.8 scale earthquake took place in Wenchuan, Sichuan; the earthquake shocks have affected our province, but will not affect day-to-day life, please do not panic, the Bureau is looking into this…”


The State Power Grid Tower in Zhengzhou has been evacuated



Monday 21:19


Soon this will have been bigger than the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. Right now the busiest most nervous department putting in the most extra shifts isn't the Seismological Bureau, not the Disaster Relief Squads, it's the Central Propaganda Department



The internet is functioning normally in Hangzhou. Most people in the office here have gone outside.

浙江嘉兴、上海间发生5.7级地震 暂无人员伤亡

5.7 earthquake between Jiaxing in Zhejiang province and Shanghai. Nobody injured at present.
The World Trade Center in Ningbo has tilted 3 degrees!!!!!!!!



Two primary schools in Chongqing have collapsed, four students dead




湖北多地有地震震感 武昌出现手机信号盲区

Many places in Hubei felt the earthquake; Wuchang is experiencing cellphone blind zones.


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