12 May 2008

Stories from 12 May 2008

Estonia: Moscowcentric Coverage

Itching for Eestimaa finds it “somewhat amusing that major news outlets, like The New York Times, [send] their Moscow correspondents to cover the situation in Tallinn“: “Wouldn't it make sense to send someone from Stockholm, considering most of Estonia's financial sector is seamlessly integrated with Scandinavia?”

Czech Republic: Travel

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks posts a report on a bicycle trip “through the protected landscape area up to Litovel.” The Czech Daily Word writes about the oldest pharmacy in Central Europe; the Brno Dam and the Veveri Castle; and the panelaky buildings that many Czechs live in.

Russia: George Watts and Dmitry Medvedev

Robert Mackey writes on the New York Times’ The Lede about “the ‘Voice of Russia Today'” – as well as the voice of president Dmitry Medvedev during the inauguration broadcast: “[…] George Watts, a Canadian-born announcer who emigrated to the Soviet Union in 1952 with his parents. Before the fall...

Serbia: The Parliamentary Election

A comment to A Fistful of Euros‘ Serbian election post: “Nobody expected this result but I think the message here from a Serbian viewpoint is that the electorate didn’t buy the view that further EU integration means recognition of Kosovo by default.” BBC's Mark Mardell is following the election at...

Armenia: Iranian Trade Relations

The Armenian Economist reports on the state of trade between Armenia and Iran. The specialist blog says that actual economic turnover between the two countries is very low and pales into insignificance when compared with the amount of trade between Iran and Turkey.

Armenia: Hunger Strike

Nazarian reports that the whole adult population of Dzorakap has gone on hunger strike in support of two men detained following the 1 March clashes between the radical opposition and the authorities in Yerevan. The detainees, Mushegh and Shota Saghatelian, hail from the village.

Armenia: Mr Gay Europe

Unzipped Gay Armenia is excited by news that Armenia might be represented in this year's Mr. Gay Europe. The blog notes that the country's involvement will be a significant event and follows the region's first ever entrant last year from neighboring Azerbaijan.

Kuwait: Elections Getting Closer

Kuwait is gearing up for another round of Parliamentary elections on Saturday (May 17), allowing women to cast votes and nominate themselves for the second time in the country's history. Abdullatif AlOmar brings us the latest reactions from Kuwaiti blogs in this post, including a call for women to use their votes wisely to safeguard the future of their children.

Sri Lanka: Images from Burma

  12 May 2008

Restrictions on media in Burma have meant that the world has to rely on the Burmese government broadcaster for information and visuals, explains Moving Images, Moving People.

Sri Lanka: Government Wins Eastern Polls

  12 May 2008

The much hyped Eastern Provincial council elections were held last Saturday ( 10, May ) with the government winning 20 of the of the allocated 37 seats.United National Party won 15 seats and JVP and TDNA won 1 seat each.While the government hailed this as a major victory in the...