11 May 2008

Stories from 11 May 2008

Blogger of the Week: Claire Ulrich

  11 May 2008

Today's Blogger of the Week may not be known by her blog, but she is widely known by her labour at Global Voices Online in French. Until recently, she has been the only translator for that Lingua site, which owes its existence much to Claire Ulrich's drive and desire to see the project on track. Juan Arellano catches up with Claire in this interview, who kindly shares with us her views on a number of issues.

Fiji: Blog Roundup

  11 May 2008

Failedparadise carries a round-up of Fijian blogosphere with links to notable posts from the last two weeks.

Cambodia: Advertisement that Attracts

  11 May 2008

A Cambodia blogger praises the government for the improved press rights and freedom of expression, but wants the Ministry of Culture as well as Ministry of Information to ensure that all commercial TV ads should be properly monitored before going on air.

Myanmar: Survivors of Cyclone Nargis

  11 May 2008

A week has passed since Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar. The situation on the ground continues to deteriorate: food rationing is inadequate, medical supplies are running out and hundreds of thousands are still without shelter. Bloggers continue to discuss the impact of the cyclone and the relief efforts to help the victims.

PangeaDay: Impressions from Brazil

Pangea day took place this Saturday, May 10 2008, and the world watched together a selection of films broadcast via the internet and TV simultaneously to every corner of the planet and with live broadcast in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro. See here a comprehensive wrap up: PangeaDay as seen by a Brazilian blogger.

D.R. of Congo: Campaign against sexual violence

  11 May 2008

“Two important events from the DRC – The one month campaign against sexual violence in the DRC took place between March 17-April 17th and coincided with a new law to ending the crimininalisation of children by accusing them of witchcraft,” writes Black Looks.

Uganda: Amakula Kampala Film Festival

  11 May 2008

Uganda Imsoniac attended the Amakula Kampala Film Festival in Uganda: “Every personality documentary film should make you feel comfortable and engage you. The director should make you love or loathe the character – it doesn’t really matter what – and you should just feel justified to do so and comfortable...

Uganda: Watching African movies in Africa

  11 May 2008

Scarlett Lion discusses African films: “But it seems that films about Africa rarely screen in Africa. And I've missed my chance to see this film, captured in Uganda, in Uganda. The film festival continues, and I'll have the chance to see some other mediocre hits like The Science of Sleep,...

Zimbabwe: Conditions for a run-off

  11 May 2008

Morgan Tsvangirai to participate in the run-off in Zimbabwe: “This morning’s press conference saw Morgan Tsvangirai confirm that he would face Robert Mugabe in a run-off, but he has conditions which he says need to be met. We heard the news via sms.”

Brazil: Are you watching PangeaDay?

  11 May 2008

Ricardo Jordão Magalhaes [pt] has a long and wonderful roundup of PangeaDay's the best moments. “Man, if you read my post all the way through, do your bit, band together, help people, help to put an end to the world's poverty, the indifference of those mediocre ones who live in...

Armenia: Blogging Comes of Age

Arguably the most active country in the South Caucasus when it comes to blogging, the content and relevance of blogs on Armenia was at first nothing really worth writing home about. Most posts by foreigners living in the capital almost entirely focused on how good their lives were while others...

Armenia: Charity Football Match

Dominic in Armenia, a Peace Corps Blog, posts photographs of a charitable football match recently held in Yerevan with the involvement of international aid workers and under-privileged local children. The blog says the women's team was the most impressive and changed the perception of many local Armenians towards gender and...

China: Nationalism vs. nationalism in Korea

  11 May 2008

It feels like trampling on an already well-trampled Chinese flag at this point as millions have begun their Olympic host celebrations on the mainland, but carrying on from an earlier post, here is how discussion over the actions of a few Chinese students who resorted to violence as the torch...

Musical instruments from around the world

  11 May 2008

Videos with interesting instruments from different corners of the world, including some made from recycled cans and plastic sodabottles, a record of how didgeridoos are made, and a Russian folk song on a hurdy gurdy.

Myanmar: UNICEF's Urgent Needs

  11 May 2008

UNICEF is in urgent need of 500,000 buckets for their sanitation efforts in Myanmar. Donors can contact Roberto Saltori at Bangkok. Tel +6623569237 E-Mail: rsaltori AT unicef.org.

Russia: Victory Day

Victory Day was as much of an event in the Russian blogosphere as it was in the streets of Moscow and other Russian cities on May 9. Veronica Khokhlova reviews some of the posts.