9 May 2008

Stories from 9 May 2008

Lebanon: Misunderstanding?

“…Hezbollah's private telecommunications network that triggered the confrontation is a ‘secure network of primitive private land lines [that] helped the guerrillas fight Israel's high-tech army in the 2006 summer war’ quotes GPC on one of the direct causes of the current conflict in Lebanon.

Angola: Decolonization in motion

  9 May 2008

Carlos Pereira [pt] has found a very interesting video showing the mass emigration of Portuguese-descended settlers and white Angolans from Luena, with scenes classified by the blogger as “great drama moments for the victims of a disastrous decolonization process”.

Brazil: Change yourself the media focus

  9 May 2008

Guilherme Felitti [pt] has some good tips for those who wish to take part of the Reporter Blogger [pt] experiment or want to experiment with Citizen Media. “Remember that, be you a journalist or a blogger, you are committed to telling your readers a story as close to as possible...

Sri Lanka: Creating wealth

  9 May 2008

Deane's Dimension takes a look at the issue of poverty, and writes that the question is not how poverty can be reduced, but how wealth can be created.

India: Pangea Day

  9 May 2008

Almost as good as Chocolate writes about the upcoming Pangea Day – a day devoted to films in different locations of the world.

Peru: Decrees May Make it Easier to Arrest Protesters

  9 May 2008

Peruvians are concerned with recent presidential decrees, which critics say, will make it easier for the military to arrest protesters and will be a blow to human rights in the country. C.J. Schexnayder of Andean Currents writes that the timing may coincide with two international summits to he held in...

Trinidad & Tobago: Football Fever

  9 May 2008

“It is no secret that people are football crazy in Trinidad and Tobago,” writes Discover TnT Blog, adding that “the upcoming friendly match between Trinidad and Tobago and England is already stirring up debate.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Transparency Issues

  9 May 2008

KnowProSE.com refers to an article in the Trinidad Express to make the point that “in the continuation of an era where government is being accused more and more of corruption and overspending, it seems counterintuitive that a government that wishes to stay in power would remove public hearings.”

Caucasus: Subjective Well-being

Social Science in the Caucasus, the blog of the Caucasus Resource Research Centers, looks at the the subjective well-being of citizens living in all three South Caucasus republics. Although the data used for the survey is from 2006, the survey finds that the impact of poverty and unemployment is more...