8 May 2008

Stories from 8 May 2008

Trinidad & Tobago: Dreams & Reality

  8 May 2008

Trinidadian blogger Now is Wow Too has a dream that leads her to wonder if “the dream (is) a symbol of ‘the people'? What have we said? Are we yet to say it? And how?”

Haiti, USA: Food & Hunger

  8 May 2008

Haitianalysis.com publishes an article by Dr. Joia Mukherjee and Donna Barry that explains why the current food crisis “is only the most recent in the hemisphere's hungriest country.”

Trinidad & Tobago, USA: Victory or Defeat?

  8 May 2008

“I found myself watching Air Force One last night on TV, while waiting to see which of the US Democratic presidential candidates would give the most stupid victory speech”: Trinidad and Tobago blogger Jeremy Taylor bestows that dubious honour on Hillary, while One Tribe, Many Voices says: “Thanks to Barack...

Armenia: Youth Activism

Seetizan, the blog of a local youth activist, continues to dwell on the need to encourage the active participation of citizens, and especially youth, in addressing various local issues which are usually related to, or actually part of, much wider problems affecting the whole world. In his latest post, Seetizan...

Cape Verde: On the possibility of adopting the Euro

  8 May 2008

Virgílio Brandão [pt] ponders on the pros and cons of the adoption of the Euro as a currency in Cape Verde. “The country must have a clear picture of its response to problems that would arise from this, and must gain more benefits than difficulties. The population will appreciate it”.

Brazil: Lady bloggers meeting

  8 May 2008

Lucia Freitas [pt] is organizing a BlogCamp for Brazilian women bloggers. “Our idea is to bring together what I feel to be a ‘silent majority’ on the blogosphere, a while before BlogCamp Brazil”, she explains in another blog. Right now there is a poll to choose a name for the...

East Timor: Welcome to a new blogger

  8 May 2008

Lorón Económico [pt] is a new blog from East Timor. On its first post, the blogger presents the economic challenges the country faces. “The future of East Timor economy will depend, ultimately, of the creation of a thriving private sector that can generate production, savings, private investment and trade.”

Armenia: Eurovision Song Contest Blogging

In what is likely the first time an official organizational committee has reached out to bloggers in Armenia, Uzogh announces that Public TV is convening a meeting between the Head of Delegation for Armenia's Eurovision Song Contest Entrant, Sirusho, and all interested citizen journalists.

Kazakhstan: Much Ado About Banks

Adam analyzes some developments in the Kazakhstani banking sector, including negative references from the rating agency, released data on banks’ losses in 2007 and proposed introduction of criminal responsibility for the bankers’ actions that led to bankruptcy.

The Global Voices Summit '08 site is live!

  8 May 2008

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the web site for the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2008, taking place in Budapest, Hungary on June 27-28, 2008. Visit the Summit site for background information on the goals of the meeting, our terrific program of events, registration details and information about the charming city of Budapest, and much more.

China: EV71 outbreak in China sparks criticisms

  8 May 2008

While not bird flu related, the recent outbreak of HFMD (Hand Foot and Mouth Disease) in China gives us an opportunity to see how the Chinese government responds to an epidemic. During the weekend china issued a countrywide alert to control the disease as it is also spreading in many...