8 May 2008

Stories from 8 May 2008

Iran:Why Tehran should pay for Lebanon

Mohmmad Ali Abtahi, former vice president, writes [Fa]that he does not understand why Mayor's Office in Tehran should pay 3 million dollars for reconstruction in Lebanon. He says according to official statistics there are many poor living in Tehran.

Brazil: A chat about blogs and journalism

  8 May 2008

Mario Amaya [pt] talks about how the mainstream media has adapted itself to the Internet, transition from paper to digital, advantages of blogging, and the Brazilian blogosphere in preparation for his piece for Palavra na Tela 2008 (Word on the Screen) [pt], a special chat about Blogs and Journalism hosted...

Kuwait: The Blind Leading the Blind

From Kuwait, Desert Girl writes about a website which tells expatriates what to expect in countries they will be moving to. She comments: “I think a lot of newcomers are being misinformed by well-intentioned people that don't really understand. It is a matter of the blind-leading-the-blind.”

Lebanon: Stuck in Beirut

Lebanese Mark, who lives in Kuwait, says he is stuck in Beirut. He explains: “Looks like I am stuck in Beirut. The airport is closed and doesn’t look like its going to open anytime soon if anything it looks like there will be a war with hezbollah. Now I am...

Palestine Think Tank Launched

A new website, called Palestine Think Tank, has been launched. It provides commentary in English and Arabic, and according to the site: “We believe that the just struggle of the Palestinian people is the greatest liberation struggle of our times, and we aim to render service to their cause through...

Lebanon: Strike Gone Sour

May 7 should have been a day for general strike and demonstration to contest the government’s economic policies, price rise and low wages. The workers syndicate had to cancel the demonstration, although keeping the strike on, because clashes broke out in many places around Lebanon between different factions belonging to the pro–government and opposition camps. Bloggers were quick to comment on the events. Here are some of their reflections from yesterday although the events are escalating very fast into gunfights in the streets of Beirut. Check back for more summaries on bloggers posts and reports on the unfolding crisis.

Myanmar: Slow relief work

  8 May 2008

The death toll continues to rise in Myanmar days after a deadly cyclone hit the country. Dead bodies are dumped in the rivers. Relief is coming from many parts in the world but the Junta is still restricting the movement of foreign aid teams. The situation is worsening as food and medical supplies are still inadequate.

Armenia: Bomb Alert

The Armenian Observer posts photographs and an account of discovering one of Yerevan's main roads blocked off by police after a small home-made bomb was discovered. The bomb was later defused.

Brazil and Orkut: made for each other?

  8 May 2008

Orkut, Google's experiment on Social Networking Services, is extremely popular in Brazil. More than 53% of Orkut users is Brazilian -- even more, if you take into account the Brazilian's profiles that don't show their country information and the profiles of Brazilians living abroad -- and more than 70% percent of Brazil's Internet users are actually profiled and active in the network. Daniel Duende takes a look on what are all these Brazilians doing there.

China: Character Map

  8 May 2008

Xucx posted a list of maps that showed different perceptions of China by different social groups, such as Beijing people, Shanghai people, angry youths, etc [zh].

Maldives: Policing the country

  8 May 2008

Power to the People states that there are around 4000 officers to police a population of 300,000 people, and asks questions about policing in Maldives.

India: The middle class

  8 May 2008

Conversation Hub on a walk through the Dharavi slum in Mumbai and reflects on space, money and the emerging middle class.

Georgia: Russian Miscalculation?

Window on Eurasia highlights the opinion of a Moscow-based military analyst who likens the recent escalation of tensions between Georgia and Russia to the Winter War with Finland. According to Pavel Fel’gengauer, military affairs analyst for a Russian newspaper, Russia might have miscalculated.