7 May 2008

Stories from 7 May 2008

Russia: Putin Out, Medvedev In

On Wednesday, Dmitry Medvedev became Russia's third post-Soviet president. Bloggers discuss the outgoing president's legacy, the political situation in Russia, and the traffic situation in Moscow on the day of Medvedev's inauguration.

Azerbaijan: Homophobic Politics

After laying the blame for the stabbing of a pro-opposition journalist by his gay lover, Queerty comments on news that the authorities are once again playing the homophobic card in the run-up to the presidential election in Azerbaijan. State TV claims that a leading opposition leader and possible candidate in...

Angola: A tour from Luanda to Bula Atumba

  7 May 2008

“For those who have forgotten or those who want to visit Bula Atumba for the first time, I will try to give detailed information and will be available for further clarification”. Mário Almeida [pt] writes a detailed guide for a drive tour in Angola, with maps and pictures, passing through...

India: What women wear

  7 May 2008

Maami's Weblog comments on the sudden spurt of Indian female actors being criticized for what they wear in Chennai.

Nepal: Maoists and Governance

  7 May 2008

blogdai on the Maoists and the government in Nepal. “Maoists can’t govern. They don’t have a plan for governing. They only have an ideolgy—and a failed one at that.”

Armenia: Global Issues

Seetizen, the blog of a local youth activist, decries the tendency of Armenians to rally “around whatever looks big and noisy enough.” Instead, it suggests that people put aside partisan party politics to work locally on global issues.

Vietnam: Demolition photo

  7 May 2008

Saigon Today posts a picture of a demolished structure in Saigon, Vietnam. He notes that “There is plenty of construction and redevelopment happening all over town.”

Zimbabwe: New bank notes….again!

  7 May 2008

Kogy has lost count of bank notes in Zimbabwe: “Anyone knows how many bank notes we now have in Zimbabwe? I have lost count the monetary situation has gone bananas in our beautiful land of milk and honey. The Reserve Bank governor Mt Gideon Gono has just announced the introduction...

Africa: Branding guns as roses

  7 May 2008

Khadija discusses US military interest in Africa: “According to the US African Command website, Somalia -– invaded by US backed Ethiopian troops in Jan 2007, under the guise of hunting Al–Qaeda –- is in desperate need of assistance.”