6 May 2008

Stories from 6 May 2008

Angola: On the reform of the Portuguese language

  6 May 2008

Gociante Patissa [pt] invites readers to debate the proposed reform of the Portuguese language. Talking about language, the blogger is also responsible for the first ever blog in Umbundu language, language spoken by the Ovimbundu people in the central highlands of Angola.

Russia: Victory Day in 2005 (And Now)

Scraps of Moscow posts pictures from the 2005 Victory Day parade preparations and writes: “Hard to believe it has been three years since Moscow marked the 60th anniversary of the victory in WWII with a parade of military equipment from wartime days. Somehow that seemed like a much more endearing...

Russia: “The March, Sort Of”

The Russian opposition was to hold a protest rally on May 6 in Moscow, on the eve of Dmitry Medvedev's inauguration as president Vladimir Putin's replacement, but city officials refused to allow it - and leaders of the oppositional coalition ended up canceling the Dissenters' March at the last minute. Dozens of protesters were detained by police anyway.

Guatemala: Remembering Bishop Gerardi and His Report “Never Again!”

  6 May 2008

Ten years ago, Bishop Juan Gerardi released a report called “Guatemala, Never Again!,” which contained powerful testimonies of those forever affected by the armed conflict in Guatemala. The report provided graphic details and specific names of those who committed these crimes, and as a result, ultimately cost Bishop Gerardi his life. He was killed approximately 50 hours after the release of the report. A decade later, Guatemalan bloggers remember the man who brought much of what was happening in the war into the public consciousness.

Zimbabwe: Using New Technologies to Fight for Democracy

  6 May 2008

In countries such as Zimbabwe where media freedom is extremely restricted, new technologies have become powerful tools for political campaigning, communication, advocacy and mobilisation. Since Robert Mugabe turned the country into a dictatorship, bloggers and civic organisations have resorted to using new tools and applications such as blogs, Flickr, Facebook, SMS, YouTube and mashups to fight for democracy, media freedom and good governance.

Myanmar: Unprecedented cyclone disaster

  6 May 2008

Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar last weekend which devastated five regions. State-run media reported that more than 22,000 people are found dead with another 41,000 missing. The death toll could still rise. Residents and bloggers are condemning the slow relief work of the ruling Junta.

Zimbabwe: Hey there! Mugabe is using Twitter

  6 May 2008

Online political jokes: So, Mugabe is twittering!: “meetings, meetings, meetings. very boring. 12:03 PM April 04, 2008 from web Ooooo, nervous morning. Sending the wife shopping. She is getting on my nerves. Thinking of shutting the electricity down for laughs. 09:21 AM April 01, 2008 from web”

Japan: Common Web TV Standard

  6 May 2008

Serkan at Tokyotronic reports on news that a common Web TV standard will be rolled out in Japan as early as next year. Companies involved in the move, such as Sony and Matsushita on the hardware side and acTVila on the Internet service provider side, are attempting to come to...

Pakistan: The food crisis and worse

  6 May 2008

All Things Pakistan voices concern – “the food crisis comes hand in hand with an energy crisis and in an environment already rife with political uncertainty and extremist threats.” and calls it a dangerous mix.

South Africa: Standard Bank talks to bloggers

  6 May 2008

The Standard Bank in South Africa responds to online comments: “So, I was really happy to see that not only did Standard Bank fix the problem quickly, but their Head of Online Banking and Communication Channels, Itai Maunga, is engaging with social media channels like Muti, and with bloggers, like...