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Haiti: finding relief for hunger in children

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Reasons not to Overeat by BreezeDebris
Reasons not to Overeat [1] by BreezeDebris [2]

The international food shortage and crisis is doing its rounds on the blogosphere, and videos are no exception. From Haiti: people eating dirt to survive, and a plan to help feed the hungry Haitian children. Haiti [3]is the poorest country in the American continent, and hunger for them has been an important issue since before this crisis took to the headlines.

In YouTube, toddgsapp [4] shows us a video of the process [5] by which a family makes mud cakes, not only to eat themselves, but also to sell. These dirt cookies or mud cakes are made out of dirt, shortening and salt, and is sometimes their only means of sustenance.

Food for thought, isn't it?

However, it seems that most seem aware of the problem, but there is precious few that we can do to help out. lovinitwithhim [6] uploaded a video on the Haitian Food crisis [7] for Kids Against Hunger [8]you can see here.

With the following Current TV video by robhill_productions [9] for Meds and Food for Kids (MFK) in Haiti [10] we are given an insight into an NGO seeking and testing a possible solution for malnutrition in children, based on a high energy peanut butter product that is ready to use and to be given to the children. This boosted peanut butter is said to contain peanuts, powdered milk, sugar, oil, vitamins and minerals and is produced locally using Haitian peanuts harvested from local farmers and all the other supplements are purchased locally as well, helping the economy. According to MFK [11], it costs $68 for a full dosage of the ready to use therapeutic food, or Medikal Mamba as it is known locally, to be given to a child and bring them back to life.