3 May 2008

Stories from 3 May 2008

Egypt: No Freedom of Speech for Journalists

“Egypt has a funny way of celebrating May 3, World Press Freedom Day. Last year it marked the occasion by sentencing Al-Jazeera journalist Huwaida Taha to six months in prison for a documentary she made about torture in Egypt. This year press freedom watchdogs fear it will mark the occasion...

Qatar: Jailed AL Jazeera Cameraman Free

“Our colleague Sami Al Hajj, who was detained in Guantanamo for more than six years has been released. His plane has just landed in Khartoum airport. Like many others, Sami Al Hajj was never charged. His only crime was practicing journalism and telling the stories of the voiceless in Afghanistan...

Jordan: Gearing Up for Strike

Jordan is gearing up for a strike on May 4, according to bloggers. Just like in Egypt, the message to strike was posted on Facebook, and later picked up by blogs, in protest against increasing prices and calling for better living conditions.

Iran: Inflation and Untouchable Tomatoes

The Iranian government has often denied the existence of inflation, even suggesting it is an invention of foreigners and the media. However, in recent months inflation has risen stronger and faster than ever in Iran. It is partly due to the rise in food prices on the international market, but...

Armenia: Balloon Festival

A new blog from Armenia, Lifelines, posts photographs of the first ever balloon festival held in the country. The blog says that the event was a resounding success and enjoyed by all.

Macau: Wild cheers as the Olympic Torch is paraded

  3 May 2008

Unlike in other countries on the route, the Olympic Torch met only with smiles today in Macau, its last leg before Mainland China. Runners have already finished carrying the torch through the city with not a single disruption from protesters. On the contrary, it was greatly cheered by flag-waving spectators who could barely contain their excitement as the flame toured the former Portuguese colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1999.

Bangladesh: Bangla Blogs remember May Day

  3 May 2008

This week, the Bangla blog world buzzed with essays and analysis regarding May 1st, remembered the world over as International Workers’ Day or Labor Day. There was disappointment amongst many of the bloggers who felt that the day, over time, had perhaps lost its true meaning and was seen as...