Armenia: Kim Kardashian Plans Visit

Blogian finds a post by socialite Kim Kardashian in which she says she plans to make her first ever trip to Armenia. Kardashian, who is half-Armenian, says she has decided to visit the country after comments on her blog criticizing her for not posting about last week's 93rd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.


  • Hey

    I’m proud of her!…yes she can’t speak it, and knows little of her culture…but is that HER fault? she admits to not knowing, and says she will visit Armenia to learn more? We have to embrace and support our own, no matter what they’ve the end, she IS Armenian, and she is in the media…which can turn good or bad for make the best of it and support her!

  • Paul

    The story is often slightly misreported, sometimes with Armenians implicated as those vilifying her for not doing anything on April 24. Actually far as I know Armenians didn’t notice, this stems from a video where a paparazzi was following her around LA on April 24 and asking her random questions. He then rather mean-spiritedly asked her why she wasn’t down at the Turkish consulate protest with her fellow Armenians and if the genocide meant anything to her or something like that. There’s a video on TMZ of it whatever it was.
    She then responded to the guy’s criticism with a blog post. So Armenians had nothing to do with engineering this and it makes you wonder if her agent had her post that or what. It didn’t seem to me like it was such a big deal and the only criticism came from that one photographer. Seems like a rather over-the-top response to criticism from one person (which she deems “the media” in her blog post) to plan an entire trip to Armenia out of it, that is unless she genuinely wants to go. Or maybe the trip will be made into some episodes of her show’s next season, one of those “fish out of water” where Paris Hilton tries to milk a cow or whatever in Aparan. I’d rather it not since those types of shows tend to make fun of its subject location (not to mention probably the Americans who find themselves in it as well).
    E! executive: Kim Kardashian meets Borat?! Can you say ratings?!
    That’d be disappointing since it’d imply the trip is more for entertainment and ratings than something genuine from the family but it’s really impossible to know what went into this. I’ve been looking for updates on trip plans but haven’t heard anything.

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  • Hovik

    She’ll be disappointed to find out there aren’t too many black guys there…

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