Ethiopia: Teddy Afro denied bail

Nazret links to an article about the Ethiopian musician Teddy Afro: “The Federal High Court of Ethiopia has this morning denied bail for the release of Tewodros Kassahun (Teddy Afro). The 30-year-old sensational singer, who is accused of a hit and run homicide, will spend the duration of his trial in prison.”


  • aberratt

    Why don’t we establish FREEDOM TO TEDDY AFRO struggle and to push the gov for his release.

  • gebremariam

    he is a killer, so he should pay for it.

  • martha

    who the hell is he, he killed someone, he has to be punished. he has to be in prison like any body. he is kid. he has to grow up in prison. if the ethiopia gov. let this kid out of the prison that mean there is no law in ethiopia.

  • Seble

    This is not some kind of a game you are participating in people. Act like adults. Who ever you are, Marta, you know you are not right in what you said. Yes he should never be allowed to be a killer but you know what you are so wrong about what you said about him.
    You would have been so luky if you got a little of his brillient mind. I want to say many bad things about you right now.But you know what, by doing that I will make myself small like you. I know that is not an Ethiopian thing to do, KIDO!!

  • Isoloda

    What about the massacre of Ethiopians in 2005 and onwards? Had Meles and his group trialed for this massacre and brutal actions that they are imposing in Ethiopia? NO!
    But they are throwing in jail a living LEGEND, a TRUE ETHIOPIAN, THE ONE WHO PREACH LOVE, FREEDOM AND UNITY WITH COURAGE and FACING THE BRUTAL REGIME, for a hit and run that took place two years ago with no witness, no evidence…nothing!!
    Gebremariam ena Martha, where are you? in U.S? Please try to learn english and improve your knowledge so that you can express yourself clearly.
    Thank you sebleye!
    Teddy = Ethiopia!!

  • juda

    ow!!! can i thank u to seble.u said to all my idea thanx for u goodness to teddy .long live!! to teddy and dead for who the heater.teddy our father and good Ethiopian person i never saw!!


    he is not kid you see he never kill any one even he didnt say bad words to someone he is free from any thing he is not gulity there is no justice in EPRDF that is whay !
    God love him to more he have time to help teddy we pray to him all day and Sign Petition for hem to be free

  • little t

    teedy afro is one of the people who should us the way to ethiopian freedom, he worked hard and he will continue doing it. his struggle for voilance will never stop. i don’t support what ever people say about him considering him as an ordinary man for me he is special. he would finish his time in prison i tell you or he will get out soon but he would never turn his face on his country because he has love for his country i think ethiopia would be lucky if it had many many people like him. and belive me wheter we like it or not justice will make all even.
    Sign Petition for Teddy Afro’s release. because our voice could accomplish a lot.

  • Ryta

    well, i just want to say somthing to martha or what ever her name is, hey i can guess who u r from your rude saying. By the way have u been there when Teddy killed the man? have u? or u just got paid for saying this as some of Weyane supportors! cause it got supporter by giving something and taking thier soul, degnity. and i really sure that u r one of this victms May god bring ur soul and dignity back but till then just your long mouse and enjoy your paid! u just don’t know about our teddy!! u just don’t!! Teddy is everything for Ethiopian people, he is our bright future, he is a Patriot and for ur information no one can erase his name from our hearts!

    We love u teddy, May God keeps u safe!!!!!!!!!!!

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