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PangeaDay: Videos to change the world on May 10th

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PangeaDay logoOn May 10th 2008 at 18:00 GMT, 24 films will be broadcast during a 4 hour event. What makes this different is that this event, PangeaDay [1] will be broadcast from six locations worldwide in seven different languages worldwide to be viewed through internet, television or cellphones with one unique purpose: to make each other know about the lives of others and focus on what makes us similar, instead of what makes us different and let us work together towards peace. This initiative came from Egyptian filmmaker Jehane [2]Noujaim [2]‘s wish. As a TED [3] Prize winner she was granted a wish in addition to a $100 000 USD award. PangeaDay is her wish, to change the world and create a day in which people of the world could come together through film. Her 2006 acceptance speech can be found here [4].

Because PangeaDay is about bringing people together, an invitation made for audiences to upload their own videos on the pangeaday video channel [5]where you can view the 1037 videos people uploaded in reply. [6]

As an example, one of the uploaded videos is about an Art student in Tanzania, telling his story of his day to day life and how he wants to teach homeless kids about art. Following, the story of Chado [7] by jamesstephenbrown: [8]

The logistics of PangeaDay [1] are awe inspiring: from Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro, films, live music and speakers will come together to inspire the whole world. The films chosen have been selected from more than 25000 films from over 100 hundred countries.These movies all share some characteristics such as being able to inspire, transform and enabling us to experience life through another's eyes. Queen Noor of Jordan [9], will be one of the speakers, along with musician and activist Bob Geldorf [10], Christiane Amanpour [11] from CNN and the Iranian rock group Hypernova [12]. While at these locations people will be getting together, all around the world parties and groups of friends can sign up and show that they will be tuned in: you can attend an open event [13] in your hometown or even host your own [14].

However, Pangea Day isn't just about getting together during 4 hours. The idea is for the event to get people inspired, talking and making changes. It has also allowed others to participate not only as viewers. Through partner organization Nokia, aspiring filmmakers in different locations throughout the world have been given video enabled mobile devices to some people in rural areas, refugee camps, and film schools, so they too can portray their stories. People can also upload their own videos for a chance to win a Nokia N95 8GB mobile device. This partnership brings us a Myanmar refugee in India recording children's laughter, an Iranian family in a refugee camp in Afghanistan recording their idea of Hope, and an Indian in Bangalore filming the cutting down of Banyan trees… and children planting new trees. You can view these and other videos on this page. [15]

So there are many different ways to participate. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this and make sure to tell others and spread the word.