China: Different Voices on the Upcoming Talk with Dalai Lama

The state-run Xinhua news agency reported Friday that “in view of the requests repeatedly made by the Dalai side for resuming talks, the relevant department of the central government will have contact and consultation with Dalai private representative in the coming days.”

The report which was promptly copied by China's portal websites provoked another new round of discussion and controversy on Dalai Lama among the Chinese netizens.

In, within a few hours more than 8000 people have made comments on the news:

发表于:2008-04-25 16:17:19

Author:netizen from Jiangxi Province
Posted on:2008-04-25 16:17:19
Stand up for yourself a bit!!Put off the talk until the end of the Olympics, if at all. Just ignore him at present!!!

发表于:2008-04-25 17:50:18

Author:netizen from Beijing
Posted on:2008-04-25 17:50:18
It's OK to hold a dialog, but never compromise on the issues concerning state sovereignty!!!

发表于:2008-04-25 18:16:31

Author:netizen from Shenzhen
Posted on:2008-04-25 18:16:31
Support for the dialog. Because we are all Chinese, we can certainly have a talk with each other. On the premise of our principle, we can give them a chance to apologize and admit their error.

发表于:2008-04-25 18:29:56

Author:netizen from Wenzhou
Posted on:2008-04-25 18:29:56
Safeguarding unity, opposing dialog, opposing compromise, opposing concessions, the Dalai Clique should be resolutely cracked down.

发表于:2008-04-25 19:42:55

Author:netizen from Changde
Posted on:2008-04-25 19:42:55
It's OK to have a talk or consultation with him, but it can only take place on the motherland.

发表于:2008-04-25 21:47:54

Author:netizen from Beijing
Posted on:2008-04-25 21:47:54
When Qiangba Puncog recalled the moment that he met Dalai's representative in 2002, he said: as to what we would talk with Dalai, it's clear that the question of sovereignty is not open to discussion. Dalai has no right to talk about human rights. The human rights situation in Tibet under Dalai's rule is apparent to everyone. My personal opinion is if there is a dialog, the only topic is Dalai's future.
Support!Support! Support! Support! Support! Support!

发表于:2008-04-25 22:13:06

Author:netizen from Tangshan
Posted on:2008-04-25 22:13:06
Dialog is always better than confrontation! Hope the both sides can further compromise with each other. It has been 49 years and no matter how serious the estrangement is, brothers must sit down and have a calm and sensible talk. Hope Dalai Lama can return Lhasa as soon as possible. Long live the great unity of the Chinese nation!

发表于:2008-04-25 22:58:52

Author:netizen from US
Posted on:2008-04-25 22:58:52
Dialog is the best way to solve problems. For the promotion of National Reconciliation, we must get off our high horse so as to have a good talk with the minority people. Dalai has openly proclaimed he is a Chinese and told the Tibetans to take pride in Beijing Olympics, so we should at least approve him at this point. Talking with Dalai shows the maturity, wisdom and confidence of the central government.
Xiao Wuxing

发表于:2008-04-25 22:59:56

Author:netizen from Xian
Posted on:2008-04-25 22:59:56
It's right for the government to do so! A rigid attitude benefits neither side; After all, Tibetans are mainly religious people and Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of most of them. On the premise of national unity, sovereignty integrity, abolition of slavery, social stability and preservation and development of people's livelihood, it's responsible for the government to listen to the different voices and demands.
No matter which people, no matter who, as long as he identify with multi-ethnic family of China, we will try to win him over!
Wish the Chinese nation fraternal unity!Wish that the complete reunification of China can be achieved at an early date!

发表于:2008-04-26 07:58:34

Author:netizen from Wuxi
Posted on:2008-04-26 07:58:34
I bet the negotiations will break down, because Dalai will not renounce his stand. We need to beat Dalai like a dog until he grovels before us.

发表于:2008-04-26 08:37:45

Author:netizen from Guangzhou
Posted on:2008-04-26 08:37:45
The central government is appearing to bend to the western world; it's a concession to Europe and America; how weak the central government is!!!Dalai must firstly acknowledge the One-China Principle and stop activities to split motherland before the talk.

发表于:2008-04-26 08:39:33

Author:netizen from Canada
Posted on:2008-04-26 08:39:33
People don't know Dalai Lama's views?What are his political opinions? The central government must let people know that. Splitting motherland is unpopular, but we also concern the political probity!

发表于:2008-04-26 08:47:18

Author:netizen from Hechi
Posted on:2008-04-26 08:47:18
Dalai has become French. Oppose talking with him.

发表于:2008-04-26 08:57:18

Author:netizen from Zibo
Posted on:2008-04-26 08:57:18
Dalai shall be prosecuted for his criminal liability even we accept to consult with him. He has abetted his underlings to kill so many people, causing such great damage to the state. We can't let it go at that. Fellows like Dalai must be brought to the justice. Dalai has to be executed to assuage the people's anger!

Netease blogger Zhi Kuanyou also gave an immediate response to the unexpected news:






This evening I noticed a piece of news:
The relevant department of the central government will have contact and consultation with Dalai side.
What made me disconsolate was when Netease published the report, not a comment was visible after the news. It looks the government doesn't have courage to face the whole nation. Before that, our central government had criticized Dalai to shreds and devil, provoking a tide of battle-cry against him from our lovely people. Now our central government is going to consult with Dalai. It's really ironic.
Earlier, what annoyed me more was I had to use DL instead of Dailai when I wrote something about him, otherwise my blog would not pass the Internet police's censorship at all. In fact, I just completely retold some of Dalai's recent airing views in the foreign media, but even so, it's still very difficult to pass the censorship.
We always keep criticizing the western media's injustice which has harmed Chinese people, but how much justice have our media given Dalai?
The good thing is Chinese government is heading in the right direction.


  • Ur Chinese friend

    Dalai’s main strategy to further his agenda was through non-violent protests. What’s happening now is that the pro-Tibet protesters are outnumbered by pro-China protesters around the world. The Pro-Tibetan protesters also are having problems containing their violent outbursts.

    Now it’s a good time for China to talk with Dalai, but the question is whether Dalai has enough influence over Tibetan Independent folks. I also wonder just how can Dalai stop the so called “cultural genocide” which seems to be Dalai’s number one issue nowadays. Even if the Chinese government restricts Han immigration into Tibet, Tibet will be modernized regardless. The presumed Han discrimination and income disparity will also continue as long as Tibetans refuse to learn mandarin or start their own businesses.

  • Kai

    Excellent. If it happens, it’ll definitely be a step in the right direction. Here’s to hoping both sides can learn to face reality, learn some humility, and try to compromise for a better future for all involved.

  • Knights

    UR Chinese friend says it well.
    I am not against China to talk with Dalai. If he cares about tibetans, he should think for their best interest to learn mandarin and go toward modernization. We Chinese come to the U.S., we have to learn to speak English in order to make a good living. It applies to tibetans as well.

  • subjectivelistener

    I think it is a smart move.

    In fact, I would even suggest Chinese government to invite Dalai Lama to join the opening ceremony of Olympic games.

    Why? Because, Dalai Lama claimed that he supports the games. Also, if Dalai Lama agrees to attend, those western politicians have no more leverage to say boycotting any more.

    In the international politics, you will be in control of situation if you dont follow the routines. It will break the glasses of those Sinophobers.

  • cerebus

    Very good. I share Kai’s wishes.

    I wonder if mediation will be considered, and if so, who would China accept in such a position? When talks begin in earnest they should be open to scrutiny. There’s too much distrust.

    Some news reports cite external pressure as motivation for this positive development, but I believe the incredible number of moderate, rational and peaceful Chinese people whom I have encountered, both online and offline, played the most significant role. I have immense hope for China, and it’s inevitable future role in the world because of this, largely, unheard majority.

  • Laurence






  • Peter Karhatsy

    Time has shown that China has evolved into a goverment as sinister as the rest of our “First” world goverments, controlling the media and it’s citzens like puppets to further their own agenda.

    I wish the rest of the world was as intolerant of imperialism as I am.

    USA out of IRAQ – Let them work out their own freedom now, we got them started.

    China out of the COUNTRY of TIBET – Tibetan culture is a global asset, not an asian one. They have their own language, lifestyle and belief system.

    If the Chinese start going after a Christian nation next, things will be different.

    Does anyone care?

  • Nano

    @Peter Karhatsy> “USA out of IRAQ – Let them work out their own freedom now, we got them started.”

    What about non-native Americans out of USA and let the Red Indians have their own homeland?

    Do you actually care?

  • Peter Karhatsy

    Nano, that is not current events. Please try to stay focused. I understand that for every constructive comment, there must be an equally useless one, so thanks for that.

    Personally, if I could go back in time, I would warn every tribe. At least then it would’ve been a fair fight.

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