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Taiwan: What is the dream we have in the Olympic Game?

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Global Voices Olympics [1]When China holds the 2008 Olympic Game and said “one world, one dream,” what do we expect for this dream?

Schumann [2] explained the origin of the Olympic torch:

古代希臘人在奧運舉辦前,會按宗教儀式,在奧林匹亞宙斯神廟前的祭壇上點燃火種, […]火炬手高舉火炬,一邊奔跑,一邊呼喊:停止一切戰爭,參加運動會。

Before an ancient Olympic Game, ancient Greek people ignited a torch before Temple of Olympian Zeus.[…] The torch holder would run and shout, ‘stop wars to join the Olympics!’ Where the torch went, where the war stopped.[…] Greek people went to the Olympic Game, and they forgot hatred and war. As a result, torch, which is a tool for sending signals, becomes a symbol for peace, light, and friendship.

However, Schumann [2] said,

中國, 污辱了聖火。

This blessed Olympic torch has been running around the streets to avoid protesters like a rat. China government stigmatizes the Olympic torch.

Many Taiwanese discuss if we should boycott the Olympic torch due to China government's records of repressing human right. AW [3] talked what is the goal for China government to hold the Olympic Game:


The Communist Party of China plans to exhibit its legitimacy (to be in power) by holding the Olympic Game.[…] When people cheer in the athletic field, the human right activists are probably suffering in the prisons. When the western political leaders show their respect for China government in the opening ceremony, the Communist Party of China is determined to rule China forever.

Door and window [4] discussed who should take the responsibility for letting the Olympic torch be tarnished?


The leaders of all the countries should take the responsibility for letting the torch be tarnished.
Where are the countries proud to be democratic?
Where are the countries proud to be free?
Where are the countries called as world police? Are they paralyzed?
That's fine. We can see how their sweet cover of morality diminishes before powerful autocracy.

doctor61 [5] is surprised by how this Olympic torch is being relayed:


It is the first time that the country that holds an Olympic Game needs to mobilize oversea Chinese and their “safe guards” to “protect” the Olympic torch.

On the other hand, many people are surprised by how people supporting Tibet can evoke the boycott of the Olympic torch. forumvisitor [6] commented,

圖博人在海外的人數應該沒台灣人數多,可是他們能爭取到的國際友人的聲援能量, 我自己覺得真的很驚人。我覺得我們要好好學習, 至少要盡量幫忙保護這個可能的盟友。

I am surprised by the support Tibetans get from foreigners, especially when the oversea Tibetans should not be more than oversea Taiwanese. I think we should learn from the Tibetans and protect these friends.

Door and window [7] supported the boycott:


I sighed while watching the torch relay for days.
When China government was repressing Tibet, we did not hear a thing about boycotting the Olympic torch.
Singapore was even supporting China government's action. Sigh.
However, justice does not disappear.
After people supporting human right come forward, many leaders said they will not go to the Olympic opening ceremony.
Sigh. If we do not voice through our action, there is no voice.

mobobeijing2008 [8] thought Taiwan should join the boycott:

台灣長期遭受中國武力的威嚇[…]在2008北京奧運舉辦之前,大家應掌握這個關鍵時刻,共同參與跨國界的抵制行動[…]呼籲中國,不應「右手舉聖火、左手抓飛彈」[…]而應該公開承諾,放棄以武力解 決台灣問題。

Taiwan has been threaten by China's armed force.[…] We should grasp this critical moment to join the cross-border boycott activity[…] and ask China government not to hold the Olympic torch with its right hand and hold the missiles with its left hand. […] China government should promise that they will give up armed force for resolving Taiwan's issue.

When the boycott becomes a serious matter to China, China government asks people not to mix politics and athletics. However, this request does not sell.

johnnio [9] said,

中國過去有幾年都因為政治問題不參加奧運,現在反而喊很大聲,要政治歸政治,體育歸體育。中國人的雙重標準果然博大精深 。

China did not join some past Olympic Games due to political issues, but now it tells us that don't mix politics and athletics. This double standard is hard to understand.

no justice [9] argued,

政治歸政治? 那台灣要加入世界衛生組織, 非政治機構, 他們在哭夭什麼?

Politics is politics? When Taiwan tries to join World Health Organization, which is not a political organization, why do they block us?

Boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game is not only a political issue. It is about what dream people all over the world want to share with each other.