China: Netizens defend Zimbabwe arms sales

As the post-election crisis looms in Zimbabwe and Mugabe clings to power, the fate of the vessel holding the latest arms shipment from China remains unclear. Sightings of armed uniformed Chinese soldiers in the country have for some raised the question: how long have they been there and what exactly is their role?

Official statements made by Beijing defend the weapons as merely part of an old contractual agreement, saying the sales don't violate any UN mandates or international laws. Many Chinese netizens are rejecting criticism by accusing America of being an even larger weapons dealer. Reports in recent days have made little mention of Chinese military presence in Zimbabwe, instead focusing heavily on the issue of Chinese arms sales itself; here are the top reader comments on the related news stories from several Chinese BBSes and news portal websites:


This is a good start; you can't let those in charge go around burning down houses while common people can't even light lamps!!!


American imperialism is really what's in control of the dalai bandit terrorist groups!! China needs to rise up!!!


Even if [Chinese soldiers] are on patrol, so what?
You Yanks, Limeys and Krauts can go patrol Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Japan and the whole world, but Chinese soldiers can't go patrol Zimbabwe? That's really bloody screwy logic!

IronBlood BBS:


China selling ships full of weapons to Zimbabwe is a completely legal exchange, China hasn't done anything wrong.


Hoodlum logic…and then they blame us for not being secretive enough about it?


What's wrong with selling weapons? Heaps and heaps of American weapons go to Taiwan and no one makes a sound


Western media just like to dump shit on our country
Why is our country's external propaganda so powerless?


I believe the government will resolve this properly; after all, Western countries’ influence in Africa doesn't compare closely with ours!


Is ‘we didn't do anything wrong’ all that we can say?
The day China no longer has to respond as the weaker side
Those will be the days when we stand out


Legitimacy comes with power in this world; only when China takes America down will we then have legitimate status. Otherwise, China will never have legitimacy in the eyes of Western politicians and media.


We just send a bit of that stuff and people get all worked up. Sigh. We really have no face now. Selling them to bin Laden or Iraqi opposition groups might not be such a bad idea.


Just ignore them, they say what they want, and we sell what we want.


We haven't done anything wrong


Right! Take this to the UN and smack the table and tell them: ‘we'll sell arms if we want to. What you gonna do about it?’



The arms trade between China and Zimbabwe is completely legal, though we should be more careful during this sensitive time, so as not to give anyone the upper hand.


This is just proof of American imperialistic discrimination and attack toward us

不干涉他国内政是中国提出来的,但好像也只有中国一个国家遵守 。世界是干涉的世界。中国的理论很难联系实际,与世界脱轨了。中国应该全球范围内扶植亲中政权和势力,广结盟友。朋友多,路才宽。中国的不干涉他国内政是另种形式的闭关锁国。把自己隔绝世界之外。

Non-interference in other countries’ domestic affairs is something China proposed, but it seems like China is the only country which abides by it. The world interferes with the world. It's hard for China to apply its theories to practice, they're so far out from the rest of the world. China ought to prop up the pro-China regimes and forces around the world, and consolidate its allies. The more friends China has, the wider the roads on which to move. China's policy of non-intervention is another form of closed-door policy, cutting itself off from the outside world.
On the 17th, the SABC, all radio stations, The Star and The Citizen newspapers and other media all splashed the news that “Chinese Arms” had arrived in South Africa and weren't being allowed to be shipped on to Zimbabwe.


The “Poly” Corp has made another stupid mistake!


Now South Africa's bullying China too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We shouldn't be selling weapons to these rotten people.


Chinese arms are traded legally! Without question, anyone who obstructs them will be subject to sanctions from China! If Western countries intercepts them, China will see to equivalent retaliation!

我们不应该为了这些蝇头小利去损害自己的名声. 出口这些武器的公司实际损害了中国的远大利益.

We shouldn't be damaging our reputation for such petty profit. The company exporting these weapons is doing effective damaging China's long-term prospects.


Of course this trade is legal, it's just not very moral. Although, America did in the past sell weapons to Saddam.
Is other people's immoral behavior justification for you to do the same? I'd hope our compatriots would consider this carefully.


That's Western media for you, diverting attention.

政府不知道怎么做的,今年老出现重大差错!!?!!抓住把柄了!!!郁闷 !!!

The government doesn't know what it's doing, all these huge bumbles this year!!?!! Let's take advantage of that!!! It's depressing!!!


The Chinese government must ensure that these arms arrive in Zimbabwe safely, or else from now on regular arms trade shipments will be subject to heavy attack.


The anti-China West is hell-bent on hurting us


Despicable West, China should order two aircraft carriers from America


Damn, you'd think America'd never sold arms before


It's illegal when the Chinese sell weapons, but legal when they do it, what kind of backwards logic is this?


America is the largest arms exporter in the world


Strongly suggest we sink American arms freighters to Taiwan!!!!


Pure slander! Would our Chinese government do something as impudent and outrageous as peddle munitions? Only America does things like that!!!


Anti-China types are everywhere.


China sells munitions all the time.


America, no more selling weapons to Taiwan from now on!


We have to stop making excuses
When foreigners take actions against us!!!!
We have to defend our own interests!
Spring to action!
We have to act!


America is the largest arms dealer in the world.


China can start seizing weapons America sells to Taiwan


China! We must be strong! We must act.


That we have no aircraft carriers is unacceptable


The mistake is that China has no aircraft carriers


China is a sovereign state, China hasn't done anything wrong.


We don't need to make the entire free world our enemy.


A third-class country like South Africa dares say no to China?
China ought to learn from Putin, and be more tough.
People won't dare messing with us then.



There goes CNN again


We should start selling some to Al Qaeda, let them take on the US and NATO.


This seems strange to me. China gets blamed for everything, whether it's right or not, and it's all Chinese people's fault. Who's manipulating world public opinion? Who's tormenting China?!!


Any country as long as they support China, we should start selling them more weapons


How much of the world market for munitions trade is taken up by America? England? France? And how much of it is taken up by China? Being as we are the factory of the world, the current ratio is completely normal. Just as it's normal that we stand to overtake America!

“中国没有做错什么“ 这句话以后最好不要说了

”China hasn't done anything wrong” Can we stop saying this so much from now on?


I just feel that we ought not to be selling weapons to African countries in turmoil, or near to turmoil. Aren't the different ethnicities in Africa fighting intensely enough as it is?



Don't we strongly love peace? Selling weapons to killers is always wrong.


You can sell them, but we can't? You can sell them freely, but we can only sell under restrictions? What bandit's logic is this! Just try savagely provoking us, and tomorrow we'll haul out the atom bombs to sell—to Cuba! We'll see how you handle that!


China's selling small arms now. Soon they'll be bigger, more advanced. Support, support, support………
Strong China


I bet it if was them selling weapons to Zimbabwe, China wouldn't say a word. And why not? Those gwailos know exactly why


We ought to teach them a lesson, see how arrogant they are then!


Selling weapons for profit is just the natural thing to do

有卖原子弹 的吗?我要买 3个;

Are we selling atom bombs? I'll take 3!


又是CNN, TM的还在造谣祸众

There goes CNN again, spreading more hurtful fracking rumors


Damn, the mainland is in a state of war with Taiwan right now, so if anyone's boats move in to Taiwan, China can demand to search them. Especially those Japanese or American devils’. If you're Chinese, click this comment up.


China urgently needs several large aircraft carriers and a pack of fighter jets.


We need to be even harder on incidents like this.
Why? Because since we don't dare stand up to any developed countries like the US, France or England, if any countries of equal or smaller size pick anything with us, we'll lose all respect.


China needs aircraft carriers to protect its own interests!


How is it that even South Africa is bullying China now? I think we definitely need a battle to earn our respect as a major nation!!!!


  • subjectivelistener

    What is your point to post all the netizans’ comment without feeling bored?

    Do you know which country sells the most weapons and which country sells the 2nd and 3rd?

    Why do you post some meaningful and indepth subject such as ….

    “Democracy is a tool or a goal?”
    “Does China have to go west to get developed?”
    “Does Netizans need to be cautious about their message on the post for the sake of the country?”
    “Why most of westerners believe in higher moral ground as far as Tibet and China are concerned’
    “How fanatic the western netizans?”
    “Why nobody takes actions again Saudi Arabia, India?”
    “Why more people dies everyday in Iraq than before?”
    “Why Chinese love their government so much while nobody else does?”

    Go deeper, please.

  • Bill

    These are true faces of China. The world must wake up.

  • America

    Its time for America to get out of China And shut the cinese econamey down now ,,The Arms attempt in Africa Shows the world the people of China have no controal over there Government They are still pupets in a comunistic Controled world with no Human rights !! There Idealisum is to take overe or trade Resources in Africa Because there Resources are running DRY ,,

  • America

    It is only time ,,China will piss off some terrorest buying arms ,and they will get ther wakeup call ,But dont count on America The Unitrd Kingdom Or Japan to bail your week assses our Maybe North Korea oh i forgot they are related to the terrorest HuMMMMMMMMMMMMM good luck as they say in China 88 86

  • Tinashe

    我想,那些捍卫了中国的行动,在津巴布韦知道什么我们所要面对的就每一天都在这里!地狱,我们甚至不希望他们在这里。 !他们是不如英国和我们的痛苦,因为他们到这里来,并采取了最什么,我们已在我们的govs看看中东的政策。
    我想我可以写在他们的语言,也许我会在一个位置,要真正给他们一块我的主意。津巴布韦,我们不喜欢他们的任何优于英国。我们现在更糟的痛苦下,他们的枷锁。 !

  • The disturbing thing about all these messages is their virtual unanimity- 90% of these people are saying the same thing- and some using very aggressive language.

    It is giving Chinese people a very bad image.

  • @subjectivelistener
    GVO only aggregates what people are saying online, including translations. I agree this is not an ideal basis for any sort of dialogue. I actually spent a full day scouring the internet for more Chinese-language perspective on China’s involvement in Zimbabwe (that has been published within the past week). If you or anyone knows where the “deeper” is, definitely please send me the link and I’ll get translating.

  • starlight

    So what if China is trading weapons! U.S. trades weapons with many parts of the world. What is America doing patroling Iraq and Afghanistan? FYI -U.S. also wants to pressure China to allow U.S. to trade advance weapons with Taiwan!

  • Wei

    @ tree…

    I wonder if you have seen what American netcitzen do on unmoderated sites.


    Here we go again…This is the hard numbers for global arm trade:

    In Billions of dollars:

    United States 123.543 39%
    Russia 54.316 17%
    France 26.915 8%
    United Kingdom 17.628 6%
    Germany 16.073 5%
    China 10.860 3%
    Italy 6.506 2%
    Other European 40.649 13%
    Others 20.274 6%

    Somehow I don’t think US/Europe can complain much

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