21 April 2008

Stories from 21 April 2008

Lebanon: Valet Parking

Valet parking provides a luxury service and VIP treatment for customers. This is not so in Lebanon any more, where the practice has become so widespread that it is found even at fast food outlets and career fairs attended by young unemployed people, who are looking for jobs. Moussa Bashir looks into what bloggers are saying about the phenomena.

Egypt: Blogger Sharqawi Released

From Egypt, Hossam El Hamalawy announced the release of blogger Mohammed Al Sharqawi – but is concerned about the welfare of other detainees who have gone ‘missing.’ Sharqawi was arrested during the April 6 strike, which was a protest against inflation and which called for better wages for workers.

Armenia: New Government?

  21 April 2008

Unzipped comments on the formation of a new government by recently elected president, Serge Sargsyan. After what was seen as a handover of power from his predecessor, the blog says that nothing much has changed and foresees a power struggle brewing between forces supporting the previous president and his successor.

Zimbabwe: Who wants to be the president of this country?

  21 April 2008

Township Vibes wonders who would want to become the president of Zimbabwe: “Today the Zimbabwean dollar is trading at $200 million to £1. Yes that's true, 200 million dollars for one British pound. Not at all surprising to most Zimbabweans. The Zimbabwean dollar as well as the whole economy has...

Paraguay: Ex-Bishop Becomes Next President

  21 April 2008

Paraguay went to the polls to elect its next president on April 20th. Gathering nearly 41% of the vote was the former Roman Catholic bishop Fernando Lugo. His victory ends a 61 year run by the Colorado party and the exit of outgoing president Nicanor Duarte, who will leave on August 15.

Kyrgyzstan: Time to Solve Problems

  21 April 2008

The first week of April started with the ambiguous opinions of Kyrgyz bloggers about the Marie Claire magazine article by American journalist Erin Finnerty with photography by Rena Effendi and the provocative headline “Kyrgyzstan: From Silk to Heroin” about the problems of women in Osh in southern Kyrgyzstan. For instance,...

Olympic torch relay in Southeast Asia

  21 April 2008

The Olympic Torch has landed in the Southeast Asian region. Bloggers describe how ordinary people, protesters, police forces, sports enthusiasts and politicians are reacting to the arrival of the Olympic Torch in the region.

Kenya/Nigeria/South Africa: Top Visited Sites

  21 April 2008

Collins highlights 10 most visited websites in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa: “Its interesting which sites are most visited by African surfers on the internet.One thing for certain though is that we are visiting more foreign based websites than local site!That is quite informative especially for investors in the Advertisement...

Mozambique: Connecting to the mobile web

  21 April 2008

David writes connecting to the mobile web in Mozambique: “This morning I helped a Mozambican colleague get set up with Yahoo! Mail. He’s pretty hip on the mobile media side of his phone. He knows how to connect to the Internet and visit web pages. But setting him up with...

Egypt: Dairy Workers Stage Sit-In

Five hundred dairy factory workers staged a sit in and Hossam El Hamalawy from Egypt posts a picture here. The protesters are worried they would lose their jobs – after reporting to work after a month's paid leave – only to be told that they should take another two weeks...

South Africa: Webby Award for Thought Leader

  21 April 2008

“Thought Leader has been named an official honoree by the Webby Awards, alongside blogs by CNN, CBS News, The New Yorker, CNBC, The New York Times, TIME and the Observer Media Group. This puts Thought Leader in the top 15 political blogs in the world and the only blog in...

Egypt: Detainees Update

From Egypt, blogger Hossam El Hamalawy updates us on the conditions of those arrested in the recent Al Mahalla protests and clashes, over inflation and increasing salaries. They include bloggers, journalists and activists.