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Chilean Shorts: Micro and Mini Movies on the Web

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From Chile, three examples of online video creation: first, a Chilean pre-candidate for the presidency takes advantage of online video tools to produce documentaries and interviews for web distribution, next, two independent short film producers with videos which talk about poverty, disabilities, old habits which don't have such a hard time dying and, why not? Love.

Marcelo Trivelli [1], previously mentioned on Global Voices [2] for his interest in promoting the One Laptop per Child project in Chile as part of his presidential program. The following video was uploaded on his YouTube channel [3], and speaks about the situation of children living in the streets of Santiago de Chile, where drugs and theft are their means of life. It is subtitled in English, you can view the original version in Spanish by following this link [4].

Also making videos about issues that matter to him is vlogger José Cordova Llanos [5]: he won the “Genera” online video contest [6] against abuse with his short film titled “Whisper” [7], which despite the language barrier, carries a message about the effects of psychological abuse that can be understood by people from all over the world. His next two videos also participated on an online 1 minute video contest, in this case, the Teleton in Chile: his touching “Teach me [8]” video carries a message in favor of teaching children not to discriminate illustrating it with the simple image of a child cutting paper dolls, while “limited [9]” is a humorous scenario that shows that being “common sense” impaired is far more limiting than being unable to move unassisted.

A quirky third video by josecordovallanos which I really liked is the “Bad Habits [10]” video, mocking the current paranoid trends on security. Subtitled in English, it follows:

The last video, by YouTube user Patton1212 [11] is simply titled “I love you”. You can view it subtitled at the end of this post, or directly on its source [12].

Thumbnail image used is “Puro Chile, es tu cielo azulado… [13]” by Blue Diego [14] used according to creative commons license. [15]