Brazil, USA: Sex, Crime and the Vatican

Antônio Mello, from blogdomello[Pt], blogs about “Sex, Crime and the Vatican” — a BBC documentary (parts 1, 2, 3 and 4)[En, subtitles in Pt] about children sexual abuse by catholic priests and the shelter provided by the Vatican to the accused ecclesiastics — and a Vatican internal document named Crimen Sollicitationis, reportedly signed in 1962 by Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, that “said that if you were molested by a priest, you could complain to the bishop, to the cardinal, to the pope, but if you denounced the case to Justice, you would be excommunicated.”


  • I find this video to be very enlightening. It should be shown on every news broadcast throughout the world. Most Roman Catholics haven’t the vaguest idea that this stuff is really happening. They love the status qua. It should be published in every language so people are not so gullible about the reality of their church[excuse me, corporation]

  • I agree with you, Gloria.
    This video must be shown to as many people as possible, so people might at least have to think about it. That’s why I’ve posted this link here. I’m doing my part. How about showing this video to as many people as you can?


  • mary

    In short, the pope is saying to kids, if you tell anyone who might stop the abuse, you’re gonna burn in hell==that’s if we don’t burn you sooner.

    Hell is for abused children?

  • edgardo m. oreta

    The catholic church runs charities in the Philippines, but somehow, they seem to be more like profit corporations. The best schools here are also run by Jesuits, Dominicans and it seems all brands of the same company. Yet the elite that they produce are the greedy and corrupt. They have achieved their aim though as the elite, for all their sins, follow the Vatican slavishly. We have no divorce. A legislative bill to give information and materials to birth control is being fiercely denounced and the church is using elementary students, who know nothing about this, to go to the streets and protest. The bishops want condoms to be a prescription item. There are no clerical abuses here. The judicial system will not go against any such complaint. They happen, and the victims have to suffer. Brazil is luckier in that it has an enlightened segment of the people who are rational, e.g., in their support of the abortion for the minor who was raped.
    It should be don’t cry for me Filipinas.

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