China: Carrefour the Winner

Huge jokingly said that Carrefour is the winner of the boycott campaign [zh]. 1. free ads; 2. many people suddenly realize that it is a French brand; 3. its discount will win the middle lower class’ heart in time of inflation.


  • Rex

    Do you know how many Chinese local supermarket? I guess….many. we have many choose, TKS

  • Jackie

    Winner?so funny,:).Have you even visited China? There are many, many and many supermarket. Carrefour is just a piece of cake. I believe it is time to come to China to see truth.

    I suddenly find “West” do more and more fear to face the truth. Game is different with plot.


  • Jerry Leung

    Yeah, more people suddenly realize carrefour is a french company, including me. So, I decide that I will never go to carrefour to purchese anything from today on.In addition, my 75 years old mother caveated my 7 years old son like this: boy, do not go to carrefour, it is a disgrace.

  • BF

    Sure, so what is there for the cry baby french to worry about? Unfortunately, it’s not teh fame they wish to have, but shame.
    Boycott France, enough is enough.

  • fed up

    I am chinese indonesian ,boycotting france’s products is agreeable,I don’t need carrefour and french perfum either.visiting france? well it is my last thing to do in my next lifetime.

  • Dima

    I wonder if China will have their own version of “Freedom Fries”. Except it wouldn’t be freedom. It would be “Suppression Fries”.

  • Mu

    I am a citizen of Shenyang, China. I’d like to tell the french people how many supermarkets in Shenyang:
    FORIGN ONES: Tesco*4, WalMart*2,Packson*2,EXTRA*1,Metro*1
    LOCAL ONES:Da dong Food&instrument supermarket*2, Dafuyuan*2, New Market*1, Qiansheng*1, etc.
    Of all the above markets, most of Chinese people like to go to Dafuyuan!
    boycotting Carrefour is not enough!
    If there is a standard of “freedom”, I’d like to ask french people: what is it? who definited it? Are you now living in a free country?
    If you can not answer such Questions, why not pursue your “freedom” at first?

  • J. Bravo

    Have you ever considered that French might ignore chinese product too? Why don’t just start thinking and not only follow masses? This leads to nowhere! Ignore Carrefour then, let them fire all chinese employees there! Good. :-(

  • J. Bravo

    You know what? This is not a bad idea at all! I’ll start ignoring chinese goods from now on.

  • Lizzy

    I think you’d find it quite hard to ignore Chinese goods.

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