China: Carrefour under boycott threat

Carrefour has been rolled into a campaign mixed up with both boycott and anti-boycott.

Recently, a widely circulated message writes

我们希望您至少在5月1日这一天抵制家乐福,让5月1日家乐福空荡荡的卖场向西方传达一个信息:中国 不可辱!中国人民不可欺!

We hope you are able to boycott Carrefour at least on 1 May, to deliver, by the empty Carrefour that day, one message to the western world: Chinese shouldn’t be humiliated! Chinese people shouldn’t be insulted!
The boycott against Carrefour is going to spreading all over the country, and we anticipate your presence! Thank you.

boycott logo
The logo of boycott

Carrefour, the French retail giant, is the newest target on the list of what cyber-nationalists in China hate and aim at. Cell phone text messages calling on boycotts are popping up, over 5000 net cafes in China, as summed up, have been rife with posts against Carrefour, and quite a few radical netizens have already made the slogans into practice.

The boycott is supposed to be caused by the recent grief and violence the Olympic torch relay suffered from in France and the saying that a big shareholder of Carrefour, LVMH group, has donated money to the Dalai Lama.

The original text of the widely circulated appeal also explains the cause of the campaign,

刚刚结束的法国PARIS站OLYMPIC圣火传递,并不象大多数国人所知道的那样平静。在中国人把象征友谊与和平的OLYMPIC圣火传进法国时,我们看到法国人和 法国go-vern-ment都做了什么:
2.圣火传递中,火炬在Z D势力及其支持者的暴力阻挠下,被迫四次熄灭;
3.负责安保的法国pol.ice任由Z D分子在其眼皮底下抢夺火炬,殴打中国残疾火炬手,却袖手旁观;
4.火炬所到之处,法国人成群结队地举着Z D分子的旗子,叫嚣“XZ独立”、“中国羞耻”等口号,向中国示威;

The Olympic torch relay that just ended in Paris is not as peaceful as most of Chinese know about. Let’s see what French and its government have done when Chinese carried the torch, a symbol of peace and friendship into their territory.
1. Before the relay, a French TV station called on people to protest on street for the reason that they “don’t want Chinese flags flaunting all over”.
2. The torch was forced to extinguish for 4 times under the violent disruptions of Tibet separatists.
3. The French police in charge of security simply stood by to see the separatists snatching the torch, and striking the disabled torch carrier.
4. At where the torch went by, hordes of French waved the flag of separatists, clamoring “Free Tibet’, “Shame on China” to protest against China.
5. Groups of young men even scrambled the Chinese students’ Five-star flags and tore them up, two sides in conflict.
6. When the sacred fire passed by the City Hall of Paris, the banners and slogans of pro-Tibet independence were hung out and all the alderman put on the pro-separatism badges, a behavior that made the planned ceremony there cancelled.
7. The major media in France reviewed the torch relay with such headlines— Fiasco in Paris(Figaro) and A Slap on China

And it’s not unusual to see such comments tightly following up the petition.

Completely boycott Carrefour.
Resolutely boycott!

Furthermore, QQ groups all over China were set up to recruit boycott activists. A list shows that places including Chongqing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, more than 20 areas totally, have joined this cyber campaign, during which netizens can communicate by the IM tool to make the whole protest more organizational.

Kunming protest

In fact at Kunming, a city in southern China, netizens have extended their slogans to the reality

by protesting in front of the local Carrefour. The banner reads:

Support Olympic, oppose Tibet-independence; boycott French products and Carrefour!

The following pictures show the protest in the city of Wuhan. Notice that the banner has exactly the same word as that in Kunming.



In Beijing, a girl held up a self-made sign to show her anger with the brutal treat Jin Jing, the disabled torch carrier received in France.

Beijing girl1

Beijing firl2
The girl in Beijing protested alone outside Carrefour. She was then persuaded away by a police.

A netizen commented:


Salute to her!

A-dish-of-cuisine said:


I were not a Chinese if I didn’t bump up this post
Girl, you are the Chinese idol!
A tough slap over those indifferent people.
Anti-boycott is also on fire

This time the rivaling voice doesn’t fade as years ago when the appeal of boycotting Japan products was at climax. Even on, a well-known marketplace of bold clamors and patriotism, the petitions of anti-boycott don’t shy away.

In Tianya, netizen Lepel said in his post “you are so unwise to boycott Carrefour, or, you think us too unwise”,

看到很多人在发起和组织抵制法国零售业巨头家乐福的活动,感觉实在可笑,同时也深为国人的愚昧而痛心。就象之前的抵制日货、抵制美货,或更久远的抵制洋货 运动一样愚昧。难道,非要把中国孤立于这个世界才好?难道,非要再搞一次“闭关锁国”才罢?想象当初的反日活动,作为一个老百姓,我们得到了什么好处?而 政府在双方关系缓和后,却又开始“镇压”有些失控的反日活动。……..这 样的教训还不够,现在又要反法,好了,你抵制了一个家乐福,便宜的只是其他超市,老百姓得到的只是要多跑一些路、多花一些钱去买日用品,还会得到什么?等 有朝一日,法国换了总统或对华政策,到时候又回到“中法友谊万古长存”的路子上来是早晚的事,到了那时候在看看今天大家的举动难道不觉得可笑吗?

I feel it so ridiculous when hearing that so many people are organizing a boycott against Carrefour. I bear great sorrow for their blindness, which is as much stupid as the boycotts against Japanese, American and all western products long time ago. Do you have to isolate China from the world again? Reviewing the anti-Japan activity years ago, I wonder what we commons have really got the campaign. When the tension between the governments came to ease, the anti-Japan action that slightly crossed the line got a crackdown….and we have not yet learnt a lesson from that, and now we are going to have anti-France.
Fine, with the boycott, you would simply favor advantage to all other supermarkets and let people go further and spend more for daily shopping. Anything else?
Someday in the future when a new French president comes into power or the policy gets changed, everything will just go back to “Long live China-France friendship”, sooner or later. At that time, won’t it be laughable to look back at what we are doing now?

在爽与不爽中徘徊 analyzed that it will be the Chinese people that really suffer from the boycott, if it comes true.

抵制家乐福?拜托 实际上你抵制的是那些中国的生产厂家 家乐福的中国员工 还有什么 还有我们自己国家 因为家乐福在对中国政府上税!!!你能抵制到巴黎市长么?扯淡吧

Boycott Carrefour? Come on! You are actually boycotting the Chinese manufactures, Chinese workmen there and the country of our own, because Carrefour pays tax to our government!!! Are you able to boycott Paris mayor? BS.



Why should I boycott? Our dynasty (allusion to the ruling party-translator) has not yet called on, and perhaps soon they will talk greatly on the China-France friendship.
In history, it used to fight hard with Vietnam, but what about now? Friendly conversation and fellowship between us two peoples! Who care about those soldiers died there? F…

柳州刺史 recalled what he was doing ten years ago,


Ten years ago when the Chinese embassy was bombed by U.S army I was even more indignant that the “patriotic young men” today. Thinking over that I really wish to slap myself.

东边日出西边女 might be facing an embarrassment,


Our city is taking pain to introduce the Carrefour in, every official extremely busy on that plan. What should I do? Boycott? Then I will be clashing with our party and country.

城南笑笑 grumbled


Anti-Japan anti-France anti-German anti-Korea anti-Taiwan anti-Italy anti-Australia anti-Vietnam anti-Britain anti-U.S…anti-world…anti-universe.
But NO anti-autarchy and corruption. So tragic men.

And Adaste concluded,


This is called “the government digs holes, and zealous youngsters plant trees”.

Finally, an analogy might reveal how a lot of people view this patriotic action.
Magicsilence said,


The patriotic youngsters are the condom of the party— discarded right after orgasm.

The points of the two camps diverge sharply. Rumors have been heard that Carrefour is going to make considerable discounts on 1 May to counteract the planned boycott. And it has announced that it will always be the friend of Chinese. But even not so, the chances of a successful boycott campaign is doubted, as the predominant public opinion years ago for a boycott over Japan didn’t make a good shot, while today the each side is equally strong.

(Note: Pictures copied from Quoted opinions without given links are comments on threads in that discuss the boycott. Thanks to the net forums.)


  • Le

    There are Chinese people working at Carrefour, so boycotting it is not a good idea. We as Chinese however can refuse to go visit Europe. I was planning to, but I reroute my trip to go to China instead. We have to refuse to go to France, Germany, Brittain, and countries that want to boycott Beijing Olympics!!!!

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  • why not

    cum on! The jobs will go somewhere else domestically . French companies repatriate interest back. Why Chinese do not kick its ass and replace their super giant monoply markets with Chinese ones.

  • Bill


    The patriotic youngsters are the condom of the party— discarded right after high tide.

    A better translation of “高潮” in this context should be “orgasm”.

  • Nano


    I agree with you that boycotting Carrefour is not a good idea. Carrefour is actually helping China with its investment and employment of Chinese workers. Avoid visiting and spending in these western countries or avoid buying wine or items actually produced from France are a better move. At this stage, our targets must be more specific lest we will be hurting the very interests (Chinese) we are trying to protect.

  • Charles Liu

    Hey, the China haters have been calling for boycott of Chinese products for years.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Interesting read this was, I dont know wat’s better a brain washed chinese or a brain washed american.

  • Charrred John

    It is understandable. France has to pay for whay they did in Paris. I sugest Chinese government to review its pro-west policy and let Chairman Mao style strong leader taking over China.

  • Young


  • oneworld

    Chinese who speak English and any other languages need to have a bilingual blog, start to communicate with the West, one person at a time. Internet is democracy for the masses, overseas Chinese has use it as a weapon against the western media biased reporting for the past month. We can continue using it for our benefit!

    It will be struggle for 2 -3 genrations, like Black people in this country. It has been more than 40 years since MLK. For the west to understand China and Chinese, it will take that long if not longer. When my grand children grow up in the Unitecd States, I hope they do not have to deal with the bias we are dealing with now. My son’s generation will need to continue the struggle.

    Chinese government needs to encourage the establishment of “THINK TANK”, non profit organization like and sponsor cross culture training in and outside China so they can be more forward looking and start the PR and ad war using the western media.

    On the other hand, China is a great country, our leaders need to realize that with power comes great responsibility. ZD is never good for our country, yet dialogue is never bad. I understand that without CIA or Congressional special fund of $2 million tax payer’s money per year, there will be no Dalai Lama. Yet since he is there, rather than let him begging all around the globe and make trouble, why not talk to him.

    I understand Chinese government wants to keep th status and run out of the clock, yet, there are many factors not within our control. Rather than defending ourselves, why not start a strategic offense sson.

    Olympic is still about 3 plus months away, we need to change the dialogue somehow, otherwise, something will happen in Beijing when all the world media is in China. All these paid ZD and SD supporters will be in Beijing to make trouble.

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