16 April 2008

Stories from 16 April 2008

Brazilian political journalism

  16 April 2008

Helio Paz, from Palanque do Blackão[Pt], writes a big post about the Brazilian political media, mainstream and alternative alike, and tells us what he does read, and what he doesn't, and why. There's even a very nice citation[Pt] about Global Voices on the post.

Ecuador: Shakeup in Armed Forces Due to Troubling Findings

  16 April 2008

The Ecuadoran Armed Forces and its intelligence services have been in hot water due to recent revelations that some members provided the U.S. CIA with key documents in the aftermath of the border crisis with Colombia. As a result, President Rafael Correa removed many of the high-ranking officials and pledged to regain more control and sovereignty by the security forces.

Armenia: Rising Gas Prices

  16 April 2008

The Armenian Observer questions why prices for natural gas will rise. In particular, the blog examines the end of a government subsidy based on the dollar-dram exchange rate despite fluctuations in the currency exchange market.

Georgia: Tourism Development

  16 April 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus examines Georgia's fledgling post-Soviet tourism industry and takes one ski resort as an example. After previously failed attempts at privatization, the blog says that with each step of progress, other problems emerge which reflect many of the issues facing the former Soviet republic.

Caucasus: Development Index

  16 April 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus examines statistics used to determine the performance of Armenia and Azerbaijan by the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Three main policy categories — namely, Ruling Justly, Investing in People, and Economic Freedom — are examined. While the blog says that Georgia is showing progress, the two other...

Armenia: Moulding the Future?

  16 April 2008

Marilisa Lorusso's Blog examines the post-state of emergency situation in Armenia now that the prime minister, Serge Sargsyan, has taken up the presidency. In particular, the blog examines his inaugural address and questions some of its content. Nevertheless, the blog says that there might be some cause for hope.

Iraq: The Story of the Doura Refinery

Alive in Baghdad updates us about the oil refining facilities in Doura district in this video. Built in 1953 and partially destroyed from mortar attacks in December 2007, the refinery is located in the dangerous Doura District of Baghdad, where the lives of workers is under constant threat.

Iraq: Battle between Gangs and State Continues

“The battle between criminal gangs and the state continues, yet the war is far from being over. Public statements keep coming from both sides and they don’t seem to promise a diplomatic resolution for the crisis,” reports Iraq the Model, on the latest situation in his country.

Pakistan: Media and restrictions

  16 April 2008

CHUP! on the new government in Pakistan lifting harsh restrictions on the media that were imposed by President Pervez Musharraf during his emergency rule in November 2007.

Nepal: In Lhasa

  16 April 2008

In which blogdai from Nepal interviews Kadfly, described as ” None but a single young traveler who happened to be in Lhasa when the uprising began.”