15 April 2008

Stories from 15 April 2008

Egypt: Residential Independence

OTV is a private Egyptian satellite TV channel which has attracted the attention of its viewers from the day it was launched, thanks to its liberal approach, the issues it tackles and the way it tackles them, which is different from conservative and traditional TV channels. Tarek Amr writes about how the channel covered the issue of unmarried girls living on their own and how a blogger reacted to it.

D.R. of Congo: Fifth fatal crash in under a year, food prices the real disaster

  15 April 2008

News agencies are reporting that 75 were killed when a cargo plane crashed in Goma shortly after takeoff on Tuesday. Du Cabiau à Kinshasa reflects on how a plane crash can bring attention to the DRC, generally ignored by Western media, even though it's reeling from one of the greatest human disasters in a century. But Cabiau thinks the skyrocketing food prices, although less photogenic, are the real disaster in the making.

Lebanon: Commemorating the Civil War

April 13 marked the 33rd anniversary of the beginning of the Lebanese civil war which ended, officially, in 1990. Lebanese, who are anxious that the violence may be renewed any time, commemorated the occasion with events to raise awareness against it. Bloggers too wrote about the war from different angles as usual; some with lengthy analysis of what caused it and others with reports on some of the anti–war activities, writes Moussa Bashir, who brings us blogger reactions.

Bahamas: Outrage

  15 April 2008

The Bahamian woman “who was seized from the house she was living in by uniformed policemen who would not allow her to put on any clothes and who was detained in the public area of a Nassau police station for many hours in that state before being allowed to cover...

Zimbabwe: Bread and Roses

  15 April 2008

Comrade Fatso is a blogger as well as a musician in Zimbabwe. Listen to his song, Bread and Roses: “The hit song from Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka's new album, House of Hunger. Sung from the perspective of a vendor during Mugabe's vicious Operation Murambatsvina it is a call for Bread...

Uganda: When taxi drivers went on strike…

  15 April 2008

When taxi drivers in Uganda went on strike:”I get into another taxi a couple of hours later and brave the town. I say brave because the taxi drivers are on strike over this new law that demands that taxis should only stop at City Square along the Kampala-Jinja road. Any...

D.R of Congo: A new partnership to end violence

  15 April 2008

Global efforts to end rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo: “The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the global movement to end violence against women and girls known as V-Day have launched a new partnership to end rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and ensure justice for...

Zimbabwe: Operation Mavhoterapapi

  15 April 2008

Victims of Operation Mavhoterapapi in Zimbabwe: “It has been reported that a teacher in Mudzi has also been murdered and 8 women have been abducted. We are awaiting verification of this report.”

Zimbabwe: Boycott Independence celebrations

  15 April 2008

Should Zimbabweans boycott Independence celebrations?: “A young man has written to Kubatana asking us to forward his “plea” to people to boycott the Independence celebrations even if they want to see their favourite soccer stars in action. But I guarantee you that the stadium will be full of Zimbabweans wanting...

India: History Carnival

  15 April 2008

varnam presents the fourth Indian History Carnival – a collection of posts related to Indian history and archeology.