China: Fallout from the Free Tibet protests

Global Voices Olympics April 15 update:

Harassment of Wang Qianyuan has gone off-line, and in fact precedes this post by several weeks. Also, a friend of Wang's at Duke University has written in directly:

I am a friend of the girl's and I was at the protest. The fenqing are going insane. I am meeting with Duke's president this afternoon, and it looks like the FBI will become involved. Her parent's apartment in Qingdao was attacked with rocks, and they are in hiding (I have confirmed this in direct communication with her mother). This all started on the Duke Chinese Students and Scholars Association website. They started posting “TIBET WAS, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE CHINA'S” messages a month ago.
Because all the information about her and her parent's addresses and calls to do violence were posted on the Duke list, it is being considered criminal incitement to violence. What a mess. The saddest thing is that she's a sweet naive kid, and she did nothing but cross over to “enemy lines” and talk to her Tibetan dorm mate, and try to initiate some kind of dialogue…

Original post:

While China was subject to ritual humiliation this past week as the Olympic torch was relayed, ignoring the seemingly obvious, through Europe and North America, nationalism quickly boiled over and anyone hoping for an objective discussion on Tibet, even one of the most well-known journalists in the country, is now a race traitor.

So if this week's Free Tibet protests were successful, does that make the silencing of many liberal voices within China acceptable collateral damage?

The human flesh search engines, helped no doubt by the ‘wu mao dang’ have gone into serious overdrive; one mainland Chinese woman now studying at Duke University was seen by other overseas Chinese students participating in a Free Tibet protest. What was possibly for her just an attempt to bridge some sort of discussion has led to torrents of horrid abuse and at least one lengthy human flesh search engine witch hunt, on popular forum website Tianya, which began on April 10:

作者:Bejing_2008_ 提交日期:2008-4-10 17:01:00
在SF的奥运火炬接力顺利完成的同时,全美各地华人华侨留学生也都给予了北京奥运最热烈的支持,然而在今天的DUKE大学留学生的支持奥运反对藏独的集会游行中,青岛2中毕业的王同学竟然与藏独支持分子同流合污,毅然抛弃事实,站在藏独分子的一边,宣扬西藏人权问题,赤裸裸打着free tibet的旗号,实在给中国人民丢脸,在场的几百留学生都目睹了其罪恶行径.王千源–如果说某些美国人算作无知,那你呢?你这样的崇洋媚外的嘴脸是要永远被中国人民所不耻!

Author: Beijing_2008

At the same time that the Olympic torch relay was smoothly completed in San Francisco, ethnic Chinese and Chinese overseas students from different places all across America gave the Beijing Olympics their strongest support, and as overseas students at Duke University gathered today for a protest to support the Olympics and oppose Tibetan independence, Qingdao #2 Middle School graduate classmate Wang actually mired herself in with those supporters of Tibetan independence, completely abandoning the truth, and stood on the side of the Free Tibetters, trumpeting Tibetan human rights issues, baldly calling for a free Tibet, effectively embarrassing the Chinese people, with her evil sins witnessed personally by several hundred overseas students at the scene. Wang Qianyuan: if those Americans are just acting out of ignorance, then what about you? That foreign toady face of yours will always be a shameless one to the Chinese people!

Following that intro are now eleven pages of comments:

作者:zeng_1985 回复日期:2008-4-10 17:59:19 


Even though I haven't seen the pictures, I resent even hearing about someone like this!

作者:shhbf 回复日期:2008-4-10 18:06:33 


This should be spread around.

This guy, he must be dizzy with confusion. I don't know if his parents and relatives have all emigrated too, but hasn't he thought about just how many people will be affected by his actions?

作者:小杨不不 回复日期:2008-4-10 18:09:04 

上图 啊!

Show us the photos!

作者:iambic 回复日期:2008-4-10 18:10:25 


Nothing worth saying, just ignore it. But don't ever let this dog get within five meters of me.

作者:超级实验台 回复日期:2008-4-10 18:14:00 


What's the deal?
Did the post author take off?
Dig up some proof–I'll start sharpening the knife

作者:iambic 回复日期:2008-4-10 18:17:18 


Why that little….don't forget to add another name to the Chinese embassy's blacklist

作者:药罐子里的椰子 回复日期:2008-4-10 18:24:07 


He can go die. This impudent guy.

作者:zlyuki 回复日期:2008-4-10 18:25:50 


+1 this

作者:蓝色秋裤 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:04:11 


作者:同样的故事 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:13:48 


Qingdao #2 Middle School
Makes us lose so much face
Shoot her where she stands

作者:超级实验台 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:27:48 



作者:推倒推倒 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:37:56 


Put the photo up~

I always wanted to be a net-thug~

I'll set her nice and straight~

作者:ntpilgrim 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:40:27 


Really? We need to figure this out.

作者:艹头 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:43:31 


Can't be…if you're going to say this, you need to show some proof.

作者:超级实验台 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:46:33 


Where'd you go?!

作者:durand 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:46:39 


Notify the Ministry of State Security, the Chinese embassy, her local government

作者:二狗和三胖 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:48:31 


Puhleez, don't bring your personal revenge here, the netizens aren't that blind!

作者:lightscriteria 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:51:30 


She'll never get married out now!!!

作者:飘青 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:52:31 

不是吧!!真是青岛的吗?这下厉害找到根,哈哈还是天涯的 搜索引擎厉害啊!!哈哈!!强强!!不知道他家里人知道不,孩子在外面没人管了,会迷路的!

No way!! Is he really from Qingdao? This is way too much, haha, good old Tianya human flesh search engines!! Haha!! Strong strong!! Didn't his parents know their kid would get lost being abroad and nobody looking after him!

作者:wangxiaowenly 回复日期:2008-4-10 19:59:29 


She'll only be able to marry one of the Lamaists now~

作者:xuxuming123 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:06:10 


Seems that only bitches like Lamas, I hope she's not one.

作者:lawyerhuyue 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:11:27 


Call the human flesh search engines!!

作者:lint金帛 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:15:33 


Maybe she's been fucked by too many foreign devils? Where does such trash come from?

作者:hyngng 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:16:00 


There'll always be some people whose minds just aren't clear

作者:yqh1001 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:18:41 


What's important is proof!
We don't want to do any injustice to good people, but if she's bad, we must never let go!

作者:sevenqiqi 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:22:45 


Is this information reliable? She looks obedient enough…

作者:wuhanlsx 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:24:22 


Notify China Customs, that if they see her, get her right away, and if she still has family, find them, and beat their shameless children to death, so they don't hurt the Chinese people.

作者:红枫焱 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:27:37 


I feel sorry for her parents, the child they should be feeling proud of turned out to be a traitor—I don't know if she thought about how her parents back home would have to be ashamed because of this

作者:ericxulove 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:33:28 


You're saying this but you don't have any proof! At least put up a photo, right…?
Everyone calm down, don't be so drastic, there's nothing to base this on, yelling and shouting like this is wrong~
You never know she might be being used by someone with something big against her, slandering her, getting netizens to curse her to vent their anger!!!

作者:同样的故事 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:36:25 


It's quite likely true
One overseas student at Duke put it up on the MIT bbs
If you have a proxy you can see it

作者:溢佳颐佳 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:38:24 


If this is for real

I'm going to put the words “race traitor” up on all her relatives’ doors

Then her whole family will be called race traitors

作者:红枫焱 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:42:51 


Any brothers or sisters with a proxy that can put those photos up here?

作者:红枫焱 回复日期:2008-4-10 20:56:14 


It's just her head she's not doing anything, that's not cool…this doesn't prove she's a traitor…don't you have any shots of her handing out fliers or raising a flag?

作者:天天坠涯 回复日期:2008-4-10 21:11:34 


Do you think she's gone over to working for the enemy???

作者:巨鸡鸡 回复日期:2008-4-10 21:31:28 


Let me fuck her

作者:clover710 回复日期:2008-4-10 21:33:59 


Race traitor!
Absolutely unacceptable!
Sooner or later your whole family will have to pay!

作者:四级士官 回复日期:2008-4-10 21:35:20 


Slut race traitor, disgrace to our race!

作者:ggf7522 回复日期:2008-4-10 21:40:29 


Are her parents still in China? Are her parents still even Chinese? If they're still Chinese, tomorrow I'm going to go jump in a manure pit and drown myself.

作者:我爱瓷器瓷器 回复日期:2008-4-10 22:19:56 


I strongly demand everyone calm down now!!!!
We must first find out the facts, and then criticize. If she's not a race traitor, and we're calling her this most shameless of names for no reason, then what an enormous injustice this will have been!

Say she really is so shameless, then everyone can despise her, let her go for a green card for all we care, she won't be able to live up to the honorable name of a Chinese person, and we aren't able to send people like her off to get American citizenship fast enough.

作者:ccyanlove 回复日期:2008-4-10 22:22:13 


If this is true, there's nothing worth say, just take her straight out.

作者:zxmm123456789 回复日期:2008-4-10 22:27:52 


Good classmate Wang, unfortunately I'm on the mainland so I can only support you in spirit.

作者:凌小呆子 回复日期:2008-4-10 22:27:58 


What bloody business is it of yours to support her!

作者:xiaohuafox 回复日期:2008-4-10 22:30:48 


This thread was definitely up on the MIT bbs!!
The name is right!

作者:陈先进 回复日期:2008-4-10 22:51:19 


The author of this is something else
Is there any proof?

作者:不倒霉会死星人 回复日期:2008-4-10 23:13:25 


Has the Ministry of State Security been notified yet??? Is there enough evidence????

The slander, vituperative and death threats continue in blasts, punctuated by the occasional call for proof of her “crime,” until it finally starts to appear toward the end of page two:


Followed shortly after by someone claiming to have been at the Duke U protest that day:

作者:antizangdu 回复日期:2008-4-11 6:10:18 

我当时就在现场, 中国学生集会在杜克西校区举行, 总共有400人左右. 藏独本科生们从东校区沿着campus drive 一直跑到西校区, 在这个过程中, 一直有警察护送. 大概有十几个中国学生,学者,穿了”我的中国心”以及”北京奥运”的tshirt,护了一面很大的国旗, 一直跑在藏独的前面一两米处. 他们到了杜克西校区以后, 首先绕场跑了一周, 然后跑上了杜克大学大教堂的台阶上.在这段时间里, 我们一直有红旗围着他们,并问他们有没有去过西藏, 有没有去过中国, 其中大部分藏独都不吭声, 有一个美国小伙说他去过四个月….由于他们事先reserve了教堂前的位置,从晚上7点半到9点, 在他们上了教堂的阶梯以后, 中国学生和学者都在离最下一节台阶两米左右, 国旗在最前面的地方大家一起高唱国歌. 所有在国旗外面的人都是藏独的人. 学校校报的记者在他们身后拍照 照片相当的误导,而且已经刊登在今天校报的头条.

这个小丫头就在包围圈的中间, 作出了这样的手势, 后面就有藏独的人在拍照 就是以下这张照片
我不会贴照片,大家帮个忙 把照片贴上, 留个证据


I was there at the scene. Chinese students gathered on the west side of the Duke campus to demonstrate, about 400 people in total. The Free Tibet undergrads ran along Campus Drive from the east side of campus to the west side, escorted by police the whole time. There were a dozen or so Chinese students and academics wearing “My Chinese Heart” and “Beijing Olympics” t-shirts, carrying a huge national flag, running two meters ahead of the Free Tibetters. Once they arrived at the west side of Duke campus, first they did a big loop, then ran up onto the steps of the main Duke hall. During this short time, we kept them surrounded with the red flags, asking them if they'd ever been to Tibet, if they'd ever been to China. Most of the Free Tibetters just kept quiet. One little American guy said he'd been for four months…because they were first to reserve the spot in front of the hall, from 7 that night until 9:30, after they went up on the steps to the hall, the Chinese students and academics stayed just two meters in front of the steps, keeping the national flags at the very front as we sang the national anthem loudly. All the people beyond the flags were Free Tibetters. Reporters from the campus paper were taking photos from behind them, photos which were relatively misleading, but made the cover story of today's campus newspaper.

The photo: the one online is too small:

That little girl just stood in the middle, making this post, and the Free Tibetters behind her kept taking pictures, like this one:

That girl, just to get some attention, was even willing to betray her country

I can't post photos, can everyone help me? Post the photos, show the proof.

Make us Chinese shut up?

Shortly after that comment, someone posted a link to a video from the Duke protest and counter-protest:

作者:心台几点 回复日期:2008-4-11 8:03:07 

7:05的时候,几个同学围着她,质问她为什么打藏 独 旗 ,为什么不打五星红旗
7:27 她狡辩说香港也有旗

Everyone watch this video:

Wang Qianyuan comes out at 5:16, and she's clearly standing opposite the vast majority of the Chinese students.

There's one spot in the video that's quite clear

At 7:05, a few classmates surround her, asking why she's calling for Tibetan independence, and not waving the red five-star flag

At 7:27 she retorts by saying that Hong Kong has a flag too.

Flesh engines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The video above is first posted on page two; the first of several guesses at Wang's US phone number is posted early on page three, and other Chinese Duke students appear to join in there, at which point there's a brief history debate, then after the majority of the language only becomes more violent from there until the end of the thread, which as of posting continues to grow.

Wang's national identity card number and parent's address and phone number back in China are posted on page six, around which time links to even larger spin-off threads begin to appear on the Tianya thread.



  • flyer

    She deserves it, an politically ambitious girl but using it in a wrong way. She can betray China, but can also betray the States… or others. Once a liar, always a liar.

    I’m an overseas Chinese.

  • CCT

    This isn’t someone with a political opinion trying to “bridge” the gap. If she wanted to do so, she has plenty of opportunity to reach out and speak with the Chinese community directly. (She’s already responded to the controversy through the Duke Chinese student association, by the way; she could’ve reached out to the Chinese community in the first place, the same way.)

    The fact that she resisted the opportunity to do so, and instead chose to speak out in broken English, in the middle of a confrontation between the Free Tibet flag and the Chinese national flag, just confirms that she’s performing for the Western crowd behind her. We can only speculate about her motives for doing so, but all of them reflect very poorly on her.

  • […] Forest University China: Fallout from the Free Tibet protests » This Summary is from an article posted at Global Voices Online on Saturday, April 12, 2008 […]

  • sun

    The human flesh search engines, helped no doubt by the ‘wu mao dang’ have gone into serious overdrive

    how can you be so sure to make this conclusion? i wonder if you catch the meaning of wu mao dang and human flesh search engines

  • Well, I have a pretty good idea of what defines each group, and what the difference are. Do I really need to say more than that the wumaodang only exist (and are paid) to stoke the flames of left-wing nationalist idiocy and occasionally lead attacks against designated ‘politically incorrect’ individuals?

    On that point, check this brainmelt of a post out, where the nutjobs try and figure out what it is the CIA is using to ‘mind control’ her: an ipod, a cellphone or a wristwatch.

  • She didn’t betray anyone you morons. See? This is why us westerners fear you and manifest against you.

    You don’t understand that people supporting a cause that isn’t your own is part of what freedom is about. It doesn’t make them a traitor and it doesn’t give you the right to threaten them or injure them.

    This comments are barbaric, and you are all mindless retards.

  • Joe

    Seconded. This kind of witch-hunting is simply unacceptable to all civilised people. The idea that anyone must hold any given political view due to their country of origin or nationality is simply ignorant. It’s also quite frankly disgusting to see so many people attacking this woman’s right to freedom of speech, while enjoying the sort of freedom they would never enjoy at home.

  • You’re right, it is completely unacceptable. But like it or not, China is what it is. There are 1.3 billion people in this country, which holds hundreds of billions of US dollars in reserves and plays an irreplaceable role in the global economy, so dismissing China’s stance on Tibet or using economic leverage to improve human rights obviously isn’t an option any longer. The bigger the Free Tibet movement gets, the more of this kind of thing we’re going to see. Blind left-wing nationalist sentiment here will not just disappear because the West screams louder than the Chinese do, this is fact. If people in the West are feeling helpless about the situation in Tibet, or in China, unfortunately any sympathetic voices or allies they previously had in China have now been silenced because of how the torch relay protests have played out.

    I of course know that we Westerners have the privilege of protesting however we choose to, but what are we supposed to conclude when the forms of protest we do settle on have the exact opposite result from what was intended?

  • Mick

    This is the Cultural Revoltion. Denunciation by the masses. It’s one thing to disagree and even curse someone, but to publish their private details and encourage harassment of their family is just … sickening.

  • They being many doesn’t make their behavior acceptable. This is a cultural war.
    They might be allies to my government, but not to me.

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