13 April 2008

Stories from 13 April 2008

Bahrain: Policeman's death divides bloggers

Earlier this week a Bahraini policeman, Majid Asghar Ali, 27, was killed after a patrol car was attacked and set on fire near a village called Karzakan. Bahrain's bloggers have been quick to comment. While some are in shock, other cast their doubts on the credibility of the government's story that the young soldier was killed by protesters.

Egypt: Wet Bathroom Floors

Kim, an Indian living in Egypt, notices a lot of similarities between the Indian and Egyptian ways of life. She writes: “A couple of my friends Americans/Europeans who have married Egyptians have mentioned a couple of times that they cannot fathom how bathroom floors in Egypt are always wet. As...

Armenia: Arthouse Cinema

  13 April 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia commends the National Art Gallery in Armenia for establishing the best and perhaps only arthouse cinema in the country's capital, Yerevan. In particular, the blog notes that some films being screened are still banned in other countries.

Armenia: Opposition Boycott Eurovision

  13 April 2008

The Armenian Observer reports that the politicization of the Eurovision Song Contest is continuing with the opposition in Armenia considering a boycott of the music competition and Armenia's entry, Sirusho. The young singer has been linked to the outgoing president's family and campaigned for his successor, Serge Sargsyan, in the...

Georgia: NATO MAP Rejected

  13 April 2008

TOL Georgia comments on the country's failure to be accepted into the Membership Action Plan (MAP) by NATO at its recent summit in Bucharest. Citing the example of Albania, the blog is pessimistic about Georgia's chances of entering the alliance in the near future especially given a lack of progress...

Armenia: Revolution?

  13 April 2008

A new blog, Armenian Politics, has an interesting first post on the post-election protests staged by supporters of former president, Levon Ter-Petrossian. It asks has the “revolution” failed, or is it merely a work in progress?

China: Fallout from the Free Tibet protests

  13 April 2008

Anti-China protests this week sent nationalist sentiment in China up to a boiling roar. So when one young woman studying in the US was "caught" participating in a Free Tibet protest, hundreds of raging netizens hurled every insult imaginable her way.