Iranian bloggers write letters to Christ

It may seem surreal, but several Muslim bloggers have written letters to Jesus Christ in their blogs complaining about Western insults against Muslims, and particularly Dutch MP Geert Wilders‘ anti-Islamic film, Fitna. Meanwhile, young Islamist Basij paramilitaries demonstrated in front of the Netherlands embassy in Tehran condemning Wilders’ film.


Kosoof, a leading Iranian photoblogger, has published several photos from this demonstration. One of the slogans in the photo above means “If carrying no veil means civilization, then animals are the most civilized.”

Goldokhtar, a female religious student, starts her letter to Jesus by writing “Hello Mr. Jesus Christ”. She continues [Fa]:

“Do you know what I am thinking? When and where did all these these Fitnas start? A few years ago these anti-Islamic films began to be produced. Before the Islamic Revolution, nobody paid attention to Islam and its saints… After the Islamic Revolution other revolutions took off… Then they did not know what to do, and they started doing childish things to hurt Islam's image in the world.”

The blogger adds that several films such as Not without My Daughter and 300 should be countered with films by Muslims.

Mehdi writes [Fa]:

“Christ, I am a Muslim who likes you. Don't be sad about insults to your brother Muhammad, the Prophet. We all know these people are not your followers. They are not the ones who carry the cross, but launch crusades and kill people.”

The blogger questions whether the growing number of cinematic attacks on Muslims are coordinated.

Pangare writes to Jesus [Fa]: “Help us to resist these insults… I know you support us and you can read my heart.”

In addition to these Islamists, several other bloggers have shared their feelings and ideas on the film.

Arsham Parsi, a leading activist for homosexual rights in Iran, says [Fa]: “There are rational ways to express an opinion on something or challenge ideas. I watched this film, and I protest against it too.”

Paroo Zadan writes :

“I watched it and I found it ridiculous. How many Muslims are extremists? I think Muslims should first produce films to counter Fitna's impact, and then try to think what makes people see us like this. Filtering and threatening just strengthens the film. Instead of jihads to kill people, our religious leaders should make jihads to make known to others the good side of Islam.”


  • SJ

    As a westerner in the UK I find Dutch MP Geert Wilders film to come at time when all it can do is stoke up unnecesary trouble. Yes, we know there are extreme muslim elements and I am personally all for freedom of speech, women’s rights and homosexual rights. There are many things that need modernising in all walks of life imo.

    But it seems to me as if this man is on a deliberate crusade at a time when we should be talking not fighting. The world has largely had enough of warring and fighting.

  • Jay Kactuz

    No, no, no. Wilder’s film was both appropriate and needed. It is a stand for freedom of speech. You say it insults Muslims? So what? Many things that Muslims do insult non-Muslims (such as the hate and violence!). When are Muslims going to start protesting against the things they do? When are they going to apologize for 1200 years of jihad? When are they going to speak out against the hate and violence in Islam? When are they going to read the hadith and condemn the violence against non-Muslims?

    If Muslims would stop the hate and killing there would be no fitna movie and no need to speak out against Islam. Is that idea too complicated? But no… Muslims always blame everything on others.

    “How many Muslims are extremists?” Good question! As far as I am concerned, any Muslim that doesn’t condemn the hate and violence in the Quran and the violence actions against non-Muslims (you know, the raids, attacks, looting, enslavement and rape) in the ahadith is an extremist. I think that is a fair and rational position.


  • Maybe religion is the devil’s way of dividing us all. If your experience of God is immediate — as in not mediated by mullahs, priests, politicians, rabbis, and prophets — then no one can insult it. It is beyond the reach of man.

    So long as religion is just a membership in a group that believes it is right and that others are wrong, we can forget about knowing God.

  • I think both East and Wesy have a huge MEMRI problem. We keep showing each other the stupidest people that the other has produced, so we get all angry about it and never get anywhere.

    Do I really have to care about this guy? Seriously? Every word written about him just means that more people know who the hell he is and that’s the last thing we need.

  • Peter Chellen

    God is a big enough to defends his interests anywhere anytime. Why do mortals God needs them to defend his interests on this planet. It is real sickness on the part of anybody who believes he or she is mandated to do

  • _Christos_

    Most if not all differences could be easily settled if people just communicated openly and honestly. Do we all not want to live a prosperous life of peace and happiness. Do we all not bleed if cut, cry if we are sad, smile when we are happy? Unfortunately, those with the loudest voices are the minority, unfortunately those in positions of power are often motivated by greed for power and money. All any of us want to to live as free people prosperous and happy lives. Those who preach hate and death and kill in the name of God/Allah are not good people. They are al-Masīḥ ad-Dajjāl, they are the deceivers. Are we all not decedents of Abraham? Are we not all brothers? Let us work out our differences and work collectively for the greater good.

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  • CeCe Rogers

    I saw the film. It’s no big deal, and all it does is show what Moslem leaders THEMSELVES are doing. There is no commentary–it is just some basic reporting. The Moslems should denounce such leadership if they disagree with it. Otherwise, it looks like they are in support of it. Extremists always give the regular people a bad name–if the regular people don’t agree with the extremists, let them say so. But denying that the extremists are saying and doing what they actually ARE saying and doing is silly. Jesus would have the true Moslems speak the truth and stand against the warmongering extremists.

  • Peter Chellen

    I am surprised to see this quote of mine on this site. It has not been printed right totally. I actually said \God is drobbig enough to defend his own interests anywhere anytime. Why do mortals believe God needs them to defend his interests on this planet. It is real sickness on the part of anybody who believes he or she is mandated to do so.\

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