Bahrain: Alcohol and Islam

Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif writes about a controversial new fatwa (religious edict), by a leading Islamic scholar, which decrees that Islam allows alcohol consumption in small quantities!


  • As I said on that post, it makes perfect sense.
    1) Islam NEVER said that consuming Alcohol was Forbidden. Literally, it said that consuming anything that could make you DRUNK is Forbidden. That means, be it an Alcoholic drink or whatever.

    2) Whatever makes you drunk if you drink too much of is forbidden, and thus any small quantity of it is also forbidden (eg: Vodka)

    3) Whatever won’t make you drunk no matter how much physically possible you can drink of is OK to drink. (eg: Redbull has trace alcohol, but even if you fill up on Redbull, you will only be on a suger high, not drunk. The amounts are too small) Hence drinking a lot or a little is OK.

    Conclusion: It is not the Substance that is Forbidden, but the item consumed. Vinigar, Apple Juice, Redbull, Non alcoholic “Beer” all have trace alcohol but you will never ever ever get drunk from consuming them.

    Makes sense. Understand it and let us move on with our lives.

  • Najis(dirty)andPak(clean)Things——————————————————————————–

    84. * The following ten things are essentially najis:



    Dead body




    Kafir –( Non-Muslims if they refuse to convert )

    Alcoholic liquors

    The sweat of an animal who persistently eats najasat.

  • To poster #2: No, that is incorrect. Please research what you said.

  • alf

    so kafir are on the same level of faeces. what a moron, poster 2. what about the kafir who invented the internet which you are using.

  • jon

    I have a question: if a Muslim Drinks then how can he or she now the limit they have reached? usually when one drinks he/she goes over the limit and becomes drunk

    The so called Dogma Fatwa is rubish, please brothers and sisters please don’t let those who their dogma decieve you and make you think alcholol is ok to consume in small amounts

    The Quran has evident proof that alcholol is forbidden, we don’t need people to invent fatwa’s, remember anything that is an invention and contradicts the quran is bida, and bida leades to the hell fire

    What are the crediabilities of this Scholar? what kind of Islam is he following??? or who pays for him to Speak?, come on wake up ?

    You are blessed that you live in a Muslim Country, i live in the west and struggle with my din everyday as the environment around me is not always following halal code of conduct

    Thank Allah , you are blessed to live in a Muslim Country

    Thank Allah and stop deceiving people with this Dogma, perform Dawah to the best of your ability, follow the Quran and always Trust Allah who is our sustainer and protecter

    Thank Allah 1 million times a day , how do we thank allah well we have a halal life, don’t drink alcholol so that we are alert to pray to allah 5 times a day

    Listen to Quran, learn about Islam with your fellow brothers and sisters

  • E-man

    alcohol is forbidden, regardless if its in a small amount or a large, you connot drink it. Whoever this fag is that gave the fatwa, will on the day of judgement bare the weight of everyone who drank since he said it was ok. Pls, muslims, do not drink, regardless of the amount, it IS and forever will be HARAAM. case closed

  • jon

    I feel sorry for those who think it is ok to drink alcholol, insha’allah i hope they repent

  • e-truth

    can someone please explain if alcohol is haram as claimed by many Muslims, then what does it mean in Quran 16:67.

    I believe we have gone to another extreme and extreme of anything is harmful and we should not label personal opinions as part of the religion.

    Please do not give reason that it was gradually declared haram, because if we look at the history it tells otherwise, Muslims were still drinking even after 400 years.

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