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China: A True Nightmare on April Fool's Day

In spite of the occupants’ outcry, about 1000 security guards and 20 policemen escorting two diggers intruded into a commodity housing district named Li Shui Jing Yuan in Chongqing, the largest of China's four provincial-level municipalities, to forcibly carried out the developer's reconstruction plan which was officially supported by the local government, causing a serious bloodshed conflict. Some residents recorded the whole event and exposed it on some popular Chinese BBSs, trying to call the attention of the public to the vicious incident which just occurred on April Fool's Day.

The copy of the occupant's report on

作者:浪子-- 发表于 2008-4-2 11:19






Author:Idler-- Posted on 2008-4-2 11:19
About 9:00a.m. on April 1st, 2008, there were approximately 1000 men dressed in the security guard uniforms and 20 policemen without wearing the number badges that made a forcible entry into the residential quarter, setting up temporary fences, lining up and blocking exits to prevented the residents passing through. Close behind were two large yellow diggers which immediately crushed the enclosing walls of the residential quarter and broke into the basketball court to start crazy digging. Less than 1 hour, the trees around the court were uprooted while all the basketball facilities and the walls around were totally destroyed. Part of the beautiful residential quarter was instantly falling into ruin.
Since it was the workday, only a few old residents staying at home witnessed the awfully startling scenes; besides astonishment, they could only suffer quietly. A young lady living in the residential quarter passed the barbarous construction site as she drove home at 10:00 a.m.. She was forcibly pulled out of the car, grabbed by the hair and received savage beating from those security guards when she just wanted to ask for some information. Then the lady was taken away by a police car.
In addition, 40 staff dressed in police uniforms broke into the quarter at about 20:00p.m. and beat anyone they met, threatening to give the occupants of the quarter a lesson. As a result, 5 people got wounded and another 3 were arrested. With different bruises on the body, especially the injuries to the face and head, which were bleeding badly, the 5 injured people were rushed to the hospital. Another female occupant was run down by a car just now when she protested to safeguard the rights. The driver not only left the injured lady on the road, but also intended to hurt other residents while the policemen was just standing nearby, showing no emotion. We called 110(the emergency telephone number), but they would not step in to stop the violence. We are being hurt one by one and still haven't received any news from the arrested neighbors. Now Li Shui People can only depend on ourselves; only unity in good faith can protect our home and legitimate rights and interests, and prevent us from harming again!
We have been trying to get the media's support since the incident happened, hoping that the whole thing can be widely exposed to the public. However, after contacting with Chongqing Daily, Chongqing Times, Chongqing Real Estate and Chongqing TV station, the answers were either “the authorities have ordered no one can report this” or simply no reply at all. Only one reporter from a portal website came to cover the events and make the gathering material a 7-minute short video and publish it on the Internet.
The occupants of the quarter tried to report the truth to the government through the mayor's public telephone and mail box, but it's just like a stone dropped into the sea, no response at all.
Because it's an emergency, the occupants immediately dial 110 to ask for help, but the 110 replied: the developer is executing the government's order.
We can't believe, our cozy home where we have been living for 4 years can be brazenly spoiled by the diggers over one morning, leaving a trail of destruction and completely destroyed walls; we can't believe, the policemen could stand with the developer's goons, cruelly beating the unarmed and totally innocent residents; we can't believe, in a democratic country under the rule of law, the law-abiding citizens even can't protect their own legitimate property, which can be handily snatched away by an official document! We can't believe, whom we can still believe in…?

The intentional violence reported by the occupants living in Li Shui Residential quarter was promptly spread among the netizens and almost all the people were greatly shocked by the bloody scenes. Nevertheless, such negative influence which were obviously derogate from the harmonious principles, were subsequently restricted by the Internet regulators. Many BBSs canceled all the posts related to the reports about Li Shui Residential quarter or turned down new comments on the events so that the relevant posts could be rapidly out of the first page, and the only video report made by the mentioned professional journalist was removed, either. (In fact, the journalist only published the video in a personal blog) Even so, the people living in or near Li Shui residential quarter still persisted in publishing information on the situation through some relatively freer sites like ifeng, mop and

Part of the continuous coverage on

作者:qq822 发表于 2008-4-2 23:59

Author:qq822 Posted on 2008-4-2 23:59
Today(April 2) several other people are arrested by the criminal policemen who apparently planed to pin the crime of assaulting police officer on our occupants. The conflict last night is just a put-up job made by those muggers; they want to provoke the conflict between the occupants and police, so that they can find excuse to crackdown the protest to cover the inside stories that the officials are conspiring with the developer. Clearly, the occupants only had a clash with developer's security guards(thugs in fact); when did the officials engage? Even if they let those thugs put on the police uniforms (they had done it last time), why are there only pictures of the injured occupants? Why don't those officials present at that time take any pictures of the so called wounded “public servants”, even not in the hospital?(only the government officials are allowed to take pictures. Any photos taken by the residents are forced to be confiscated and anyone refuse to do so will be beaten or arrested. You may directly see how hard to take pictures through those photos above) The authorities can arrest people without any evidence; how did such lawless thing happen in a municipality? How dark it is!

作者:qq822 发表于 2008-4-3 11:30

Author:qq822 Posted on 2008-4-3 11:30
Now even the hospital(the Affiliated Hospital, Chongqing Medical University)where the injured occupants receive treatment is under surveillance of the plainclothes police and developer's thugs. People who go to visit the injured neighbors may also be arrested or beaten. It's even hard to send money for the injuries’ medical fees.

作者:走走看看1 发表于 2008-4-3 17:20




Author:Walk and see1 Posted on 2008-4-3 17:20
The latest information of the Chongqing Li Shui Jing Yuan event 20080403
1. About the injuries: Since the event happened, many occupants have been beaten, including a number of young ladies. Some people who are seriously hurt have been sent to the emergency room of Affiliated Hospital, Chongqing Medical University. It's learned that there are still 5 people receiving treatment there; 2 of them is with head injuries(skin avulsion and cerebral concussion), 1 with hematoma outside the dura mater and the other 2 with trauma of chest wall. Allegedly the authorities have issued orders on the sly that the hospital can only leave the injured occupants in the emergency room and no one should hospitalize them unless they are in danger of losing their life. Besides, the occupants who spontaneously went to visit the injuries on that night were also clobbered by the monitoring policemen and some of them were forcibly taken away. Because it's not allowed to visit the injured occupants, their conditions are still unclear.
2. About the police and security guards: Since April 1, everyday from 8:30a.m. to 22:00 p.m., there will be about 300 security guards and more than 200 policemen with riot shields, whips, batons and a dozen of police cars concentrating at the back gate of Li Shui Jing Yuan residential quarter where the construction site is located and every night there is a police car and some policemen patrolling around the quarter. According to the police officers involved, they are actually not working this area(Xiejiawan Avenue), but brought up from different parts of Jiulongpo District; and the security guards working by shifts are employed from the security company. As to why they are summoned here, the police themselves “are also not very clear. the task seems to be facing the occupants down so that the developer can build construction without any hindrance.” When we asked their thoughts on the matter, the police said, “just know the developer is going to occupy others’ green area to build houses. The commodity house is much more lucrative than the green area, isn't it? We are just at the beck and call of the authorities.” Obviously, because no occupant dare step forward to protest again, most of the policemen look very indifferent, even a little bored, chatting with each other or playing cards in the cars.
3. About the arrested occupants: Since the conflict in April 1, more than 20 occupants have been arrested or cited by the police. They are old Mr. Yang, Mr. Ran, Mr. Liu, Ms. Wang and so on. One of the occupants revealed, while his family was being seized he only heard “Someone's breaking in…” on the phone and then not a word was spoken, so he hastened back to the residential quarter to check the Monitoring videos, finding his family had been secretly taken away by a group of people; and over the whole night, he couldn't get through to any of his family's cellphone. Until this morning, one of the occupants through many connections finally learned something from the detention house of Jiulongpo District: His family were arrested for obstructing the officials in the course of their duty. The occupant was allowed to bring some daily necessities to his family without meeting and calling them. No one knows how long the custody will last. Many more occupants are still waiting for the news from the missing persons.
4. About Li Shui Jing Yuan Residential Quarter: Since April 1, occupants are not allowed to visit the injured neighbors while more and more people are arrested…it's said afraid of the developer's retaliation, some occupants who stood forward to protect the rights during the early period dare not stay over at home… at night three searchlights set on the heights throw out powerful beams over the residential quarter, which makes the district like a Nazi concentration camp.

作者:qq822 发表于 2008-4-3 20:01

Author:qq822 Posted on 2008-4-3 20:01
on the scene

作者:qq822 发表于 2008-4-3 20:03

Author:qq822 Posted on 2008-4-3 20:01
on the scene 2

作者:qq822 发表于 2008-4-3 20:06

Author:qq822 Posted on 2008-4-3 20:06
on the scene 3

作者:qq822 发表于 2008-4-3 20:06

Author:qq822 Posted on 2008-4-3 20:06
on the scene 4

作者:致命一招 发表于 2008-4-4 12:00

Author:A stroke that causes death Posted on 2008-4-4 12:00
Review of 4.1:the security cordon is put in the residential quarter, preventing any occupants from entering.

作者:致命一招 发表于 2008-4-4 12:59

Author:A stroke that causes death Posted on 2008-4-4 12:59
Review of 4.1: The large hoards of security guards are going to have lunch.

作者:致命一招 发表于 2008-4-4 13:14

Author:A stroke that causes death Posted on 2008-4-4 13:14
Review of 4.1: The security guards pull out to the road outside the residential quarter while part of them have gotten the meals(white lunch box).

作者:致命一招 发表于 2008-4-4 13:22

Author:A stroke that causes death Posted on 2008-4-4 13:22
Review of 4.1: The security guards pulled out cross the road, marching toward the back gate of the residential quarter.

作者:陈冠希和女伴 发表于 2008-4-7 15:31

Author:Edison Chen and his female companion Posted on 2008-4-7 15:31
Look at the searchlight!


  • Joe Flynn

    I don’t think mass beatings of innocent men, women, and the elderly is warranted regardless of violence or threats of violence made towards construction workers. Mr. Liu talks about the U.S., if my neighbor assaults a public works official, I’m not going to have the riot squad beating me and everyone else in my neighborhood to a pulp.

  • Thomas Canada

    Violence! Remember Rodney King being beaten to a pulp by Los Angles finest police. Or I remember the Chicago Police beating the pulp out of anti war demonstrators for practicing their civil liberties during the democratic process of electing our president.
    How about all of th injustices that are perpetrated every day under the watchful eye of our duly elected president.Duly elected is the biggest joke in American history. Money bought the biggest idiot to ever hold the Office of President of the US. It will continue to shame us for generations to come. War,Depression,Fear,what more could we want from our leaders?
    It high time we learn to inclusive , rather exclusive of our world nation neighbors.
    China been doing society long before it was even a glimmer in the west. Perhaps we might wake up and learn a few tidbits of who invented what and when.
    Our leaders continually support tyrants and crazed Potentate lama. Dalia lamas who fool the world with his humble stooping and his love of movie stars who think they actually have something to say. They must have missed that they only work on movie sets,not live in them.
    I’d say 90% of the free Tibet people have no idea whatsoever about anything real about Tibet or China, and think it’s a chance to be on American Idol.

    Most people think thought the war in Iraq that has claimed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilian lives.
    Most people think that a shell shocked Arab from the War in Afghanistan could actually execute 9/11 without our government not knowing is in for a real shock.
    That will be when old George takes the witness stand for his War Crimes against humanity. Husein and Bush are the same morally.
    One day the movie stars will not control the media and the world will finally realize that the Dalia lama is about two steps from his George Bush for crimes against humanity.
    It was he that sent the purported million Tibetan dead to their death against a vastly superior, well- trained and armed with machine guns. What kind of lama would send ignorant,illiterate peasants to their certain deaths?
    Why do the down -trodden not have resources to counter the wealth of movie stars propaganda?
    Why do people not study and learn from history?
    Find our for yourselves and read the truth. It’s out there in the Toyo Bunko and other respected sources to acquire knowledge.

  • Charles Liu

    Joe, if you resist you will. I’ve seen it on the news.

    Meng, here’s a case document someone related to the case posted:

    This proves other poster’s history on the lawsuit going to 1st and 2nd verdict.

    BTW, Your photo show all those BaoAn people, but none of them show them beating anyone. There’s a logic gap between the photos of bloodied heads – who knows, they were the ones started the fight?

  • Charles Liu

    Meng, you obviousely didn’t do enough research. Instead you just jumpped on whatever “roadside news” the Chinese bloggers are bandwagoning.

    Here’s one of the many letters I found on the development case by searching in the domain:

    As you can see, removal of the wall and adding another neighborhood to the existing development (something that’s happening to my own neighborhood in US) was approved and compensation had been provided.

    Now, if people don’t like it, they can go to court. And other citations have shown that they in fact have gong thru 2 verdicts as well as settlement proceedings.

  • Charles Liu

    Meng, previously cited court documents proves the neighborhood expansion plan, and removal of the walls were approved by the government and lega.

    Now, this post (with photos) show the residents interfer with the construction. If an old lady sits under a wall that’s about to be demoed, or residents drive away the construction workers, put the wall back themselves, and erect a tent to prevent legal construction/rezoning, is it still about human right?

    GV, please don’t be so baised, or as recent fashion dictates – don’t be so CNN.

  • Charles Liu, I’ve explained to you before that GVO does not do original reporting. You seriously need to get this through your head. The fact that you not only choose to ignore this—what I’ve told you regarding the service that Global Voices Online provides and why—but continue to spread your insults across other GVO authors’ posts, demonstrates to me that you’re not here to engage in any useful form of discussion. Then there’s your clearly-established history of trolling China-related blogs, as seen on a rudimentary Google search. Trolling is a right which new media allows readers, but it’s one you have proven yourself dedicated to abuse. GVO does not welcome personal attacks, and you have been warned on this point in the past.

    That you didn’t even give Meng time to respond to your rudely-worded and misleading comments only further demonstrates to me your overall ill intent. Why don’t you get your own blog? I recall making this suggestion before. Why don’t you translate the passages you reference that you know full well are beyond GVO’s coverage? You clearly have something worthwhile to add to the conversation, so why don’t you, instead of using one comment to find fault, and then launch an immediate second and third to accuse someone of being negligent, or claim that you are being ignored or that other sides to the story are being ignored. This is just juvenile, disingenuous behavior. You’re right that there are limits to new media. But it is the nature of new media, as participatory media, that stories are free to evolve, and be rewritten. Comment sections are not open invitation to launch manipulative personal attacks for anyone who has too much time on their hands.

    So, to repeat myself yet again, GVO’s goal is precisely to “jump on whatever roadside news […] bloggers are bandwagonning” and it always has been. You’re obviously wasting space by repeating this point to readers here, not to mention leaving passive-aggressive derisive remarks. If you want more information on this incident, please direct your attention here:

    In the meantime, I look forward to any meaningful contribution you can make to this thread. And if you have time, please re-read the points for consideration in red text found directly below the comments box here and start taking them seriously.

  • gilbert

    Thomas Canada, you have very good points.
    I am happy to see someone not be fooled by some
    western medias.

    you said”
    I’d say 90% of the free Tibet people have no idea whatsoever about anything real about Tibet or China, and think it’s a chance to be on American Idol”

    that is absolutely true!

  • gilbert

    to Thomas:

    Why does the world not care to see that the Chinese liberated Tibetans from the servitude of a medieval society that fed on the backs of slaves?

    Because they don’t want to report that.

  • gilbert

    Charles Liu:

    People believe what they want to believe.
    Truth will always be true.
    good point!

  • Charles Liu

    John, Meng asked me to provide my side of the story, and I have:

    “If you can fully prove your “truth” in or other site where the Li Shui occupants are gathering,”

    This is what Meng said. And now you are telling me “GV only do propaganda”. Who is wright? is open communication only limited to the things you want to hear, otherwise it “abusive”?

    BTW, I’ve also provided link to photos where the resident drove away construction worker that were there legaly, and put the all back themselves. They even set up a tent to prevent contruction worker to come back – but it seems to have been censored.

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