10 April 2008

Stories from 10 April 2008

Egypt: The Story of Sounilla

Little did American student Sounilla know what he was walking into when he saw two students from his university standing in the middle of a Cairo Square and decided to walk towards them, pointing his camera in their direction. Out of nowhere, the security forces pounces on them, snatching them from the square, into a car and the threat of possible jail.

Tunisia: Dust is in the Air

“After a week of cold weather that brought us wind and occasional rain showers, a couple of really hot sunny days followed, and today, we woke up to watch the streets, cars, and buildings covered with one fat layer of sand,” writes Eman, from Tunisia.

Colombia: 60th Anniversary of the Murder of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán

  10 April 2008

Many Colombians believe that if charismatic Colombian Liberal Party leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán had not been shot and killed on April 9, 1948, he would have become President of Colombia in 1950, and maybe the fate of this troubled South American country would have been quite different. Colombian bloggers remember the man and observe some of the commemorative events in the capital, Bogotá.

Americas: Conference at MIT

  10 April 2008

Luciano Tourn from Un Argentino en MIT [es] provides his thoughts on the Latin American Conference held at his school, and he was also the president of the organizing committee.

Syria: The Colored Tile Complex

“So I used to step on the colored tiles… and count. Yes! I would count how many of each colored tile did I step on using each leg. The main issue here is that I have to, eventually, step on an equal amount of the colored tiles using both my...

China: A True Nightmare on April Fool's Day

  10 April 2008

In spite of the occupants' outcry, about 1000 security guards and 20 policemen escorting two diggers intruded into a commodity housing district in Chongqing, the largest of China's four provincial-level municipalities, to forcibly carried out the developer's reconstruction plan which was officially supported by the local government, causing a serious bloodshed conflict.

Global Voices in Spanish and Canal Solidario

  10 April 2008

Readers of Global Voices in Spanish and Canal Solidario will have recently noticed a small widget showing on both webpages. The one on Global Voices in Spanish displays the latest articles from Canal Solidario. The gadget that appears in Canal Solidario feeds readers all new posts on Global Voices in...

Myanmar: Twitter Suu project

  10 April 2008

The Twitter Suu participatory media project aims to send millions of messages to Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi “to let her know she has worldwide support.”

Malawi: Upcoming Telecentres

  10 April 2008

Students need to be involved in telecentre development and management in Malawi: “This issue of telecentres in Malawi is very much on my heart. As a tech enthusiast, I would like to witness the ubiquitous establishment of telecentres across the country. People must have access to information. I have realized...

Africa: Idols Africa

  10 April 2008

Siasa Duni reviews Idols Africa: “If Idols Africa won’t bring us the “next big thing” it promises, then it has succeeded beyond doubt in riskily exposing us to Africa’s deadly talent, in addition to the biggest bunch of weirdos in African television history since Ofunneka drunkenly shagged Richard’s leg on...

Zimbabwe: Post-election violence

  10 April 2008

Post-election violent attacks in Zimbabwe: “The two men in these images are both MDC office bearers in the Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe. They were beaten on Tuesday night by Zanu PF militia based in the area. Last night, three houses were burned down in the same area.”

Nigeria: Leila Fowler: a fashion destination

  10 April 2008

Bella Naija writes about Funke Fowler project, Leila Fowler: “I get questions all the time about why I started this blog and what I tell people is that I wanted to highlight and celebrate young Nigerian women who are doing fabulous things and in turn encourage others to pursue their...