Cameroon: Fraudulent dog sales

Ethan writes about dog fraud in Cameroon: “I mentioned to Stross a new scam I’d become aware of: fraudulent dog sales from Cameroon. Buyers are offered a chance to buy a pedigree’d pooch from an “AKC-certified” breeder in Cameroon – when the sale goes through, the buyer will be asked for additional fees, including travel insurance and vaccination fees. Needless to say, the dog never arrives. Message board posts on this topic make it clear that this is an increasingly common scam, and that lots of people fall for it.”


  • maria

    yeah that is what he told me the dog name is lina i knew he was lieing and i didnt loose my money people are sick to be doing this

  • maria

    if ur looking for a yorkie go to they are legit they are waiting for new arrival of yorkies but i live in the bronx so i can actually go to them and their price isnt bad its under 1000 its still alot but its worth it im just waiting until she tells me they arrived i dont think u should believe anyone on the internet and noone is the chosen one cause i was on the phone with the guy he sound far away and he sound nice but just because u sound nice dosnt mean u really are

    • scammed1

      ok, thank you, I have had 2 other people actually email me and it ended up one was “transfered” to Cameroon and the other as well but in Africa and I had to pay for shipping, unbelievable!! I dont trust any of them, I want to actually see the puppy and meet the people!! I cant afford a whole lot, but I will keep on trying, I just want to give a little puppy a really good home! Good Luck for you as well!

  • Sy Feldman


    You can identify these pet scammers from Africa because they will insist you pay by money order or wire transfer. NEVER wire funds via Western Union, MoneyGram or any other wire service — anyone who asks you to do so is a scammer.

    Google “Cameroon Pet Scam” for more information.


  • Sasa Milosevic


    I am Serbian journalist and I wrote about African internet scam 419. It is originated from Nigeria in 80’s but it has been widely accepted in West Africa. Cameroon is one of the country that popularised that type of Internet fake. As I can see this case regarding Cameroon dog is obviously fake. Don’t send any money! Don’t be naive. If you are not sure, you can contact Ultrasacan for free, send them e mail you got and they will inform you is that scam or not.
    Web site is: and on it you can find e mail for contact them….
    I am journalist and you can contact me. After my article people from Ultrascan contacted me with infromation that even 5 people from Montenegro lost 300.000 euros in Nigerian 419 scam ( same as Cameroon dog) !!!
    It is very dangerous.
    Africans has their people even in consulates and embassies in European and American countries.
    They can come on your door.
    If you need additional information you can contact me on

    Sasa Milosevic
    Revija 92

  • Beware all! There’s a new scammed in town!
    His name is :
    Kdi Theophile
    City: Douala
    State : littorial
    Zip code : 237
    Country : cameroon
    His email address:

    ~ my husband and I were looking for our childrens first pet, when we came across a local add.. The add features two beautifull pure bread english bulldogs by the name eddie and haliy. Of course, we wanted to know more about why this man was giving away free $1800 dogs! And it wasn’t just one it was two! The man exspressed in his add, that his late wife, who had died 2 weeks before, wanted the puppies; but he was greiving and had thrown himself into his work, and was unable to take care of the puppies! We emailed mr. Kdi theophile and told him we were interested! He returned my email within 30 min. And sent more pictures of the puppies! He also asked questions like do you have children, do you have a back yard? What is your working status? Etc. This guy seemed lagit! I emailed him back our whole family history, and he responded, that we were picked and said we would also receive training books, pedigree papers etc. He’ll ya we excepted his offer! He then emailed me again asking for all my address information and at the very bottom asked is for two hundred dollars to get the papers started! He said he would take care of the air fair etc. We thought, okay two hundred is exceptional, I mean, they’re $1800 dogs a peice! So we agreed! And then he emailed me back saying to send the money threw western and we would have the puppies in 8 hours.we then replied that we would send it to him and the numbers be senders name, he said okay. However our western union was closed and we couldn’t send it out that night, we tried to explain this to him! And he began to get very aggitated. I went on the Internet to see what time it was there in cameroon, a web site came up! It was a legal website warning people that there were people in cameroon seeking fraudulent dogs. I read about 15 and they were all from the same city, state, had the same son stories, all were selling dogs, same zip code, and the emails all ended with Regardless, I did not tell my husband, I was addimit about getting these puppies! I sent mr. Ndi theophile another email voicing my concerns and that I was unsure! He came back and told me that he was a Christian and came like he was a priest of some kind. So i came to an agreemet with him. That we would send half and when the puppies came we would send the rest! He agreed but was adamit that we send the money that evening! Again we told him that we couldn’t! So this morning I went to western union and sent the hundred and I sent him the numbers as well! Fortunitly, I am dumb and didn’t send him the senders name so he had been try to access it for hours and couldn’t! I went to track the puppies on the air lines he had given me! But this page showed up and I read it and I am convinced he is a fraud! I called western union and canceled
    The money order! Like I said I am fortunite that I didn’t send the senders name to him! They, western union, were happy to stop the transaction an refund my money! When I checked my email, ndi therophine had emailed me ten times demanding the senders name or I wouldn’t recieve the puppies! I emailed him and told him what I had found out, and without accusing him, I told him that he could sendnthe puppies to us and we would happily send the money to him when the puppies arrived at our door step! To wich he replied, “how am I going to get the money for their papers, and that he was broke and need that money to send the dogs!” he then told me that we had wasted his time! He then emailed me again, stating that he was going to sue
    Me for putting his name on the previuos email page
    For lawyers to review an contact their police department for fraud! Needless to say it turned out to be fraud, and his namenis getting spread threw out the Internet, letting everyone know
    That he is a FRAUD! How he ever got onto my hometowns classifieds, I will never know! But they have been informed and you need to be informed that they are everywhere! So please be carefull! I was one of the lucky ones

    • Krys

      I was one of the unlucky ones & lost $601.00. Same situation as yours. It was for 2 English Bulldogs that were 14wks old, that they were giving them away because they were expecting a new litter next week. He said I would only be responsible to pay for the transfer of paperwork, to put the pups name in our names & that would be $198 for both pups. He sent me pic’s of the pups & their mother. The pup’s names were Mino & Vicki. He was from Cameroon. He then said he took the pups to the Cameroon Airport. Once there, the airport emailed me & said they’d need $860 for insurance on the pup’s. I actually called the airport & told them that we were only to pay $198, to speak to the previous owners that I’m not responsible to pay anymore. Well the owner emailed me & said he’d pay $500 if I could come up w/the rest. I said no, I’ll pay $200, that’s it. So now, I’ve spent $398. Still a steal for 2 English Bulldogs. Once they got to the Paris, France airport, they stated they needed $388 for some Feeding International Permit & Cites, so I said I’d send $200 that’s it. Now I’ve paid $601 (including the Western Union fees) out of my pocket. They were to be a surprise for my husband for Christmas, so I didn’t tell him anything. Well, supposedly they were sent to the Atlanta,GA airport. I received a few calls from the airport, by a man I could barely understand, apparently he was in w/the scam also, but I got the phone number & called it back & it was for The Pet Dept @ the Atlanta Airport. Hearing that recording I had a shred of hope that maybe they were there. This was the 2nd call from them stating they were in GA. Well, I received a long email from him saying I needed to contact the Cameroon Airport to get the number from them that I needed to pay a Vet Security Tax for Assurance in Human Safety in The Environment(VESTAHSE) to the MINISTRY OF LIVESTOCK from where your puppy is coming from(WEST AFRICA CAMEROON)to access ASSURANCE In HUMAN SAFETY here in the UNITED STATES. At this point I was irrate & I told the man, if this were true, they wouldn’t already be in the US, they’d be still in France & would not be permitted in the US if I needed to pay a Vet security tax. It was just another way for them to get MORE MONEY! By this time I had told my husband & he said from the get go, it was a scam. I emailed the owner, airport in Cameroon, & France letting them know that I caught on, it’s all a scam & there is no puppies. The man in Atlanta got very upset cause I was telling him it was fraud & he said how can you say that, do you want to hear them bark? I told him it could be any dog barking, get real! I told him if they were in GA, continue to send them to FL, it’s only a hour flight, & I’d deal w/customs at our airport. Since then, I haven’t heard a word from anyone. I emailed the owner & asked him how he looked at himself in the mirrow, scamming people & taking their money for his benefit. He should feel ashamed. My husband told me to let it go, if they had any conscious, they wouldn’t do it in the 1st place. I look for the good in everyone, but this experience & loss of money has taught me a valuable lesson. I have no protection from my bank, using a bank card, because once you sign the Western Union, you release the bank from any liability & take it upon yourself. So, now we have 4 kids to buy Christmas for & I’m out $601. That would’ve been very helpful for Christmas, as I am disabled & my husband is self employed. As we all know our economy is down right now, especially people in construction, flooring, drywall, etc. I hope this email can at least help 1 person not to be scammed. Buy local where you can actually see the dog & spend the extra money buying from breeders in your own state. It’s a shame how some people act. I know Karma is a very good thing & God will punish them somehow for this!!

  • Carina

    Wow. I am so glad I found this site. I have corresponded with a man from Cameroon and it’s the same store, diffrent info. The dogs “name” was Lisa and she was a 12 week old yorkie. I was told he had traveled there for a job and the dog wasn’t allowed in the country so she had been stuck at the airport. I thought I was doing a good thing rescuing this baby puppy. Thank God I listened to my husband and then found this site.


    all bullshit!!!! never buy in internet specialy african country….no protection buy the dogs in a specialised pet shop ciaoooooooooooooo

  • Angie

    Okay so I’m from Puerto Rico. I answered an ad on the local clasified page (online) and this lady said that she is from africa, has two maltese dogs and said she is not asking for any money just a good home for her dogs. She says it gets hot in Africa and the dogs suffer from the heat so she is going to get another breed. She asked me for my address, name and phone # so that she could send me the dogs. She sent me an email today saying that she sent the dogs already on a flight over here and the airline will be contacting me when they get here. She did not state what airline, but insisted on me emailing her photographs of the dogs when I had them. The only alarming thing is that she said that it would would $240.00 for the airline ticket. My question is: Can she do any harm with my address, name and telephone # and does an airline ship something that is not paid for. I told her from the beginning that I didn’t have money and she said she wasn’t asking for any, just a safe, caring home for her 14 week old maltese puppies. I was reading the fraude messages and don’t know what to think. HELP!!!!

    • scammed1

      DO NOT BUY FROM ANYONE ASKING FOR MONEY FOR AIRFARE, FROM AFRICA!!!!!! I did it and lost my money, no dog it all looked sooo real and legite, even called me! But do not do it!! Look in newspapers locally!

  • i just found an english bulldog on ebay classifieds and the puppy is in cameroon. i really want it but am not about to fall for someones bs. here is the email reply.

    Thanks for the interest in my small angels belle,the girl
    and Dru,the boy..
    They are all 3 months old,akc regstered and current on their
    shots and wormings.They are in excellent health conditions
    and will come with all their vet papers including their 9 month health guarantee.
    Good with kids and other domes.Love watching tv and playing around in the garden
    with our cat.they are very jealous babies.they want all the attention in the world
    They are both wonderful puppies who will fill your home with joy.
    We moved early April to Cameroon to shoot a documentary,but we had a slight delay.
    We will be staying here longer than planned.Most of the crew came with pets to keep
    us company but we have to rehome for fear of cotamination and limited dog food around here.
    My friend posted for me so i could get a good home for my Angels.
    Here are pictures of the babies,make a pick.They are simply wonderful.
    I will like to know the kind of home you have to offer cus i
    will like them to go to the ideal homes.I would’ve loved them to go to
    one home,but i would’nt mind seperating them.
    I can easily arrange shipping back to the US if im convinced i have the
    right person.Shipping will cost $140 per puppy and that’s about all you are
    to pay to get One.
    Hope to

    her name is Beatrice Trumann (

    so if your get a reply to a puppy from this woman it is probably a scam.

  • kay

    Hi, I put an add on a horse website waiting to buy a horse for my grandaughter I got an email saying Hello i was just wondering if you are still looking for a beginners
    horse i am giving out my horse to a lovely and caring home. I have had
    a new job and will be moving abroad. I just do not need any money for
    the horse. If you are lucky and close to me you can just come to my
    home and get it. If you are further from me, then you just pay or book
    your flight and all i have to do it to get he pup transported to get back to me and let me know where you are located.
    He has been emailing me all weekend about sending this horse to me and then I could an email to send the transport cost to his wife who is in cameroon and send the money by i forget to get the details to you Kay. just western union the money
    to her and i will take care of the transportation and delivery. I want
    to ensure that you receive Cutty at your home before i travel on
    Wednesday night ok??
    Name………………………………..JULIET GHASI
    address……………………………..ST AUGUSTINE`S JUNCTION
    test question………………………WHO TO???
    Answer……………………………..LARRY`S WIFE
    When you are done, just get the scanned copy to my email and
    i will in the morning when you are done.
    talk to your later
    yours sincerely

    I have just read back through all this and noticed he had put pup in a sentence this is a scan. He reckons he was in Perth and sent photos which seemed so real there was a lady riding this horse how do they do all this.

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