Turkey: What if Iraq is Split?

Turkish blogger Metin asks “What's in a name?” following Greece's vetoing Macedonia's bid to enter Nato. He also asks: “What if, when the U.S. troops leave Iraq (but not its government), the country is split into three, including Kurdistan. And Turkey finds itself opposing the name Kurdistan, as it realizes the same could be applied to the territory inside its own borders.”


  • audreylee1

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  • peter givens

    Turkish bloger is right, what will the NATO do. Will they tell Turkey to change their name or be kicked out of NATO.Very legid question.Turkey as well as Republic of Macedonia are not interested in land grab,but Greece is as per their high priests declaired not too long ago.Every independent country has the right to call itself that identifies their nationality, language,customs. For over 500 years Macedonia was under Ottoman rule, but never imposed crackdown on the people as does Greece againts the Macedonian minority in Greece. Greece is the worst on Human Rights in the World. What NATO and EU do, they reward them by allowing Greece to veto Macedonias entry to NATO.Macedonia even changed its constitution to please its neighbour, is this not enough? Macedonia can not give up its identity period,it would be a TREASON to do that.

  • cedric

    What the hell is this crap? Macedonia was a part of greece in ancient times, in byzantine times and was liberated in the
    Balkan wars. The name dispute is that people who are much less macedonian than the greek macedonians want to grab
    the entire region and deny the right of greek macedonians to call themselves macedonian. As for human rights,
    sure, what kind of drugs are you doing?

    I think turkish bloggers are more astute than government
    policies: Support the right of Kossovo Albanians to split,
    but not the Kurds. Support a name like Macedonia for a part of Macedonia, but deny a state name Kurdistan for
    a part of Kurdistan. You cannot have it both ways.

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