8 April 2008

Stories from 8 April 2008

Cuba: Thank Heavens for the Flash Drives

  8 April 2008

Potro Salvaje [es], the Cuban blog devoted to writing about the difficulties to access the internet on the island writes, “Cubans have a new saint. It is a small and is called USB-flash, memory stick….Praise be this new protector and distributor of information that has come into our lives!“

Bolivia: How Some Postal Workers Add to Pay

  8 April 2008

The Bolivian post office is striking and asking for an increase in wages, but the blogger A.L.K.O.L.I.C.A [es] writes about other ways that some postal workers have added to their pay, such as opening packages and taking items and money.

Cuba: Blocked Blogger Yoani Sánchez Receives Prestigious Award

  8 April 2008

Yoani Sánchez, one of Cuba's most popular bloggers and a recent victim of blocking by the country's authorities, was recently awarded the Ortega and Gasset prize in Journalism from the Spanish newspaper El País. Several of her fellow Cuban bloggers celebrated the award and hope that it draws more attention to the difficulties for internet access on the island.

Turkey: What if Iraq is Split?

Turkish blogger Metin asks “What's in a name?” following Greece's vetoing Macedonia's bid to enter Nato. He also asks: “What if, when the U.S. troops leave Iraq (but not its government), the country is split into three, including Kurdistan. And Turkey finds itself opposing the name Kurdistan, as it realizes...

Israel: Egyptian Goose Spotted in Tel Aviv

Something you may not know about Israel is that it is an orthnologist's dream. At the crux of transcontinental migration patterns, Israel is well known as a bird lovers’ paradise. An odd bird was spotted today in Tel Aviv, believed to be from Egypt or Sudan. OneJerusalem brings us photographic...

Yemen: Mideast Youth Blocked

“Walid al-Saqaf, the creator of YemenPortal.net, whose ban in Yemen we are actively campaigning against, informed us that we have just been banned in Yemen. This is because Walid launched a circumventing software that would allow people in Yemen to access the site despite the ban,” announced Esra'a at Mideast...

Nigeria: Condom ban

  8 April 2008

An article about condom ban in Anambra, Nigeria: “It is now illegal to encourage the use of condoms in southeast Nigeria's Anambra State. The state government has also banned the advocacy and distribution of other forms of contraceptives including IUDs (intrauterine device) and any other “un-natural” birth control.”

Zimbabwe: An eyewitness account

  8 April 2008

An eyewitness account of elections in Zimbabwe: “I travelled up to Zimbabwe on Tuesday the 25th March to help the MDC Tsvangirai faction with election preparations. I volunteered to help three candidates , Joseph Mutsvanga from Zvimba East, Knox Danda from Zimbabwe West and Edward Musumbu from Norton.(For those who...

Zimbabwe: Verifying votes in secrecy

  8 April 2008

Brenda Burrel blogging about the latest turn of events in Zimbabwe: “According to the MDC’s latest press statement the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has disbanded the National Command Centre and shifted the ‘verification process’ to an undisclosed location.”

Kenya: Cabinet talks suspended

  8 April 2008

Phil writes about the recent development in Kenya cabinet talks: “Tension is steadily building around the country following the collapse of talks between PNU and ODM towards the formation of a grand coalition cabinet. The PNU have outrightly rejected ODM's demands for certain cabinet portfolios while the ODM had announced...

Nigeria: A nation of police

  8 April 2008

Black Looks discusses two controversial Bills in Nigeria: “Although the Nigerian Same Sex Marriage Bill of 2006 appears to be at least temporarily shelved, no one knows if and when it will reappear. For the moment the focus is on another proposed “morality” legislation, the Dress Code Bill sponsored by...

Kenya: SMS political campaign

  8 April 2008

Political use of mobile technology in Kenya: “Kenyans for Peace and Justice (KPTJ) have launched a SMS campaign to urge politicians to fight against a bloated Cabinet. Given the current impasse, there is still an opportunity to urge OUR elected representatives to stop being selfish and to put the nation’s...

Bahamas: Economic Implications

  8 April 2008

“There seems to be considerable fear among the local intelligentsia…that signing on to the European Partnership Agreement (EPA) is the thin end of the wedge that will ultimately force us to sign on to the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME).” Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com takes a closer look.

Barbados, Cuba: Blogger Wins Award

  8 April 2008

Bajan Global Report notes that “Yoani Sanchez has been awarded one of Spain’s top journalism awards…for her ’shrewdness’ in overcoming hurdles to freedom of expression in Cuba, her vivacious style and her drive to join the global space of citizen journalism.”

Africa: Africa-India Summit

  8 April 2008

Marian writes about Africa-India Summit: “April 8-9 mark the first-ever India-Africa Forum Summit. Might the Summit include any component addressing human trafficking and undocumented (i.e., illegal) immigration coming from the Asian subcontinent into East and Southern Africa??”