Sri Lanka: Bomb blasts and an ongoing conflict

A senior parliamentarian and one of the most important ministers in the present government was assassinated by the LTTE. The bomber is believed to have come disguised as a Marathon runner. DefenseNet gives a brief update of the incident, but the post created some heated debate and in my opinion it gives a glimpse of the average Sri Lankan's mind, who are so used to people getting killed by bomb blasts. Below are some of the comments, read the full post Minister Jeyeraj Fernandopulle killed in Weliweriya Blast

Rover -
“Jeyaraj dead ,Thats that, now lets move on.”

MyShadow -
Yes, i am gone mad…,how many of this country men will get killed, how many will blasts will keep happening in this country,
you say that “We can't dwell on the death of a single guy”
you say that in front of your computer. thousands and thousands are killed. may be you are in a foriegn country in a good position
may be you are a sadist who don't worry about people get killed, boombed
did you die ? someone died, and you say move on…

Other than the minister close to 10 people have died and among them is national marathon champion Mr.Karunasena better known and “Marathon Karu” and National Athletic Coach Mr.Lackshman De Alwis.About Sri Lanka speaks about the other prominent people injured in this post.

Meanwhile, the war continues in Sri Lanka with government claiming to kill many Tiger cadres while LTTE denies them strenuously, what most people don't hear about is the displaced people because of the war, who live in refugee camps, sometimes denied even the basic human needs, although the government speaks highly about the liberation of North not much is mentioned about the displaced persons.

ground views speaks about forgotten IDP's from the North where he mentions the hardships the Muslims and the other in that area had to suffer for more than two decades.

For these Muslims, who once led peaceful and productive lives in the north of the country, their lives were shattered when they were ordered to leave their homes in just two hours – or face dire consequences. Leaving everything they possessed behind them, they fled with their families, hoping no doubt to return when things calmed down.
Little did they know that their lives, which had turned topsy–turvy in the blink of an eye, would remain so and in fact only worsen, for the next two decades.

Although not as unforgiving as ground views also speaks about the difficulties faced by the IDP's especially about the security concerns faced by them.

Despite the diversity of circumstances, Mr. Kalin identified several key issues affecting all of the IDP and returnee communities with whom he met. The predominant concern among IDPs is physical security. The Representative was struck by a pervasive sense of fear and uncertainty among those he spoke. Sources of insecurity are varied, but include the following: continued incursions and attacks by the LTTE; disappearances, abductions and looting; threats and attacks upon individuals by irregular and armed groups such as the Tamil Makkal Viduthalaip Puligal (TMVP), including infiltration of camps at night; incomplete or delayed mine-clearance; approaches used by security forces in response to security incidents, including roundups, methods to identify suspects, and detention of individuals without proper notification of family members of the reasons for and location of the individual's detention.


  • After the death of Rajiv, Congress Party came to power under Narasimha Rao. Mr. Rao and Sonia Gandhi rejected all the meaningful investigation into the killing, for good reasons. In 1998, Bharatiya Janata Party ? BJP came to power under Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and within months it established a well-funded-independent investigating arm of CBI, called MDMA. In 2004, Congress-I came to power. The new administration under Dr. Manmohan Singh, and under Congress-I leader Sonia Gandhi, MDMA was weakened; investigation turned into some clerical work. Investigation is muted; not funded. MDMA will soon be abolished by the same people ? Sonia Gandhi and her associates in crime.

  • By Seda Punkt.

    Things are not what they seem.

    The recently released President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ)’s tapes and The Pentagon Paper, shed light to what really happened on August 2 and 4, 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam (courtesy: LBJ’s Presidential Library). In summary, LBJ ordered a staged attack on USS Maddox and the USS Turner Joy, as a pre tense to escalate the Vietnam War. This incident is not secret anymore. It took more than forty years for the US public to get a complete picture of the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

    There is another well known staged attacked on the US Navy; this time Israel on June 8, 1967, during the Six-Day War, attacked USS Liberty, in international waters about 12.5 nautical miles (23 km) from the coast of the Sinai Peninsula. The attack killed 34 U.S. servicemen and wounded at least 173 (courtesy: The US Navy ). The purpose of this staged attack was to involve the US Military in the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War. Thanks to USSR spy planes which took photographs and videos on the incident, became public, the US involvement was restricted in the war.

    Assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on February 14, 2005, just before the election is one of the best examples for Fog of Assassination. As soon as his assassination, Secretary Condoleezza Rice, on the same day, asked the immediate implementation of the UN Resolution 1559, including the withdrawal of all Syrian forces, the disbanding and disarmament of all militias, and an end to foreign interference in the political independence of Lebanon (courtesy: The US State Department). On March 30, 2005, Syria confirmed a full troop withdrawal from Lebanon after a massive public outcry. Second Lebanon War (12 July 2006 – 14 August 2006) between Israel and Hezbollah, was fought in Lebanon. This war is widely seen as a failed Israeli attempt to wipeout Hezbollah from Southern Lebanon. Anyway, the UN concluded that the underworld gang was to blame for the assassination – meaning nobody knows who killed Mr. Rafik Hariri.

    Does anyone know for sure who is really responsible for the Kennedy Brothers’ assassinations? There are so many theories out there, but no definite conclusion. Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968 also falls into the Fog of Assassination. On April 6, 2002, the New York Times reported a church minister, Rev. Ronald Denton Wilson, claimed his father, Henry Clay Wilson, not James Earl Ray, assassinated Martin Luther King, Jr. The US Government convicted James Earl Ray for the assassination, and Mr. Ray died in prison on April 23, 1998. Autopsy confirmed that Mr. Ray died of liver failure caused by hepatitis-C probably contracted as a result of a blood transfusion given after a stabbing while at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. Until his death, Mr. Ray argued that he wasn’t the killer, and he was framed, but he claimed to know the killer who pulled the trigger. He was an accomplice.

    Just like, Mr. Ray in State Penitentiary, Nalini Sriharan was convicted and currently, serving a life term, in Vellore Central Prison in Tamil Nadu, India for her role in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Mr. Gandhi was killed just before the election.

    Even after seventeen years, nobody knows who really masterminded this mournful incident. A young man’s life was taken, and rightfully, the mother India was angry at the perpetrators. This killing was a monumental historical tragedy as late Dr. Anton Balasingham put it.

    A shallow investigation blamed the killing on Tamil Tigers (LTTE). It is important to point out that the lost of Mr. Gandhi profoundly adverse to the birth of a new nation, Tamil Eelam. Gandhi’s death put the birth of Tamil Eelam at least 12 years back. It was the greatest lost LTTE, and Tamil people ever seen. At least 36,000 people, mostly Tamils, died in the civil war, after Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated.

    It was easier and convenient-politically to blame the killing on Tamil Tigers, because all the plainly displayed clues point the finger at them.

    According to Major General Afsir Karim, there is a strong belief [in intelligent community] that Olaf Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister, and Rajiv Gandhi were eliminated by a strong arms sales lobby, in connection with the Bofors deal with India. These powerful lobbies feared that they would suffer significant financial losses if Rajiv Gandhi came to power; also feared ‘disclosures’ and loss of trade.

    In the espionage world, it is much harder to track what each in their-own agency is up to. There is no agency without a double-agent. Anyone in the shadowy world can penetrate its opponent. A good example is, Mr. Robert Hanssen, head of FBI counterintelligence unit, spied for the Soviet Union and Russia against the U.S. for more than 20 years, and finally got caught in February, 2001. There are many more double-agents, not caught, took their secrets to their graves.

    The best spies are Kiwis, and Germans, and don’t forget Mossads. Kiwis are proxy of MI5 of the UK, under supervision of Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). Federal Intelligence Service (BND) of Germany was established by the US in 1956, employing Nazi-agents under Major-General Reinhard Gehlen, chief of intelligence-gathering on the Eastern Front. Officially Mossad is in existence since 1949, but some believe that their predecessor was instrumental in creating two worlds, namely Communism and Capitalism; both were advocated by Jews, so they can be on top of all. Mossad has its own mind, and not under anyone.

    An agency is a complex hierarchical-compartmented organization, has a figurehead and a central committee which runs the entire operations. The head of the agency, and its subordinates could be political appointees, whereas committee policy makers are mostly lifelong members, who are ideologists, scientists, military-men, financiers, powerful-politicians, and well-connected. These policy makers, “ex” of some sort, form study groups and project themselves as independent organizations, but in fact, they are members of secret societies.

    In this agency, each unit or cell is highly secretive of their operations. Members communicate with their immediate superiors only. In some cases, members wouldn’t even know the identity of their handlers of a specific task; messages are passed through an already established medium. Even though it is a hierarchical institution, the person who is assigned to pull the trigger per se, (even with a doubt of the operation) does not confirm the order with his handler’s superior. That gives a sense freedom to the handlers. These intermediate-handlers sometimes misuse their power, and the agents who work for them. These handlers tend to massage the operations without the approval from the top of the agency. A foreign agency, or group which wants to accomplish a specific goal but doesn’t have the means, approaches these kinds of handlers which have the resources to complete the desired tasks. Some handlers become double-agents for many reasons, but monetary is the main one. The field officers, the intermediate-handlers become freelance assassins.

    RAW, the Research & Analysis Wing of India under then prime minister Indra Gandhi trained Liberation Tigers (LTTE) on its soil. RAW knows well the inner working of LTTE’s Intelligent Unit (IU) under Pottu Amman; after all, RAW was the one that established this secretive arm of the LTTE.

    Death of Indra Gandhi was the first largest lost for the Tamil Tigers. Mrs. Gandhi was a strong woman, and experienced prime minister who dealt with major wars. She was making the shots, but after her, there was a major policy shift in India towards the subcontinent. The central committee, the policy makers, not the members of parliament, started controlling the Indian agenda. These policy-makers became advisors of the young, inexperienced, son of Mrs. Gandhi, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi became the figurehead of this new policy-making body, instead of leading the policy-makers. The new administration also shifted the policy towards Tamils.

    Tamil Tigers knew that RAW wanted to control them, instead of supporting their goal. Subsequently, Tigers refuse to obey their orders. RAW was able to keep the links with some of the handlers of IU. If you recall, RAW penetrated the LTTE at least in two occasions where they were able to have direct contacts with then Number-Two of LTTE – the highest level, to eliminate the head of Tamils. The connections between RAW and IU intermediate-handlers was well known.

    The new circle of advisors to Mr. Gandhi failed him in Sri Lanka too. India couldn’t achieve its goal; establishing friendly Tamil administration in the North-East of Sri Lanka. India lost more than 1200 of its soldiers. Even today, there isn’t any monument for the Indian lost; there is no official list of death soldiers. Indian people were looking for answers. Mr. Gandhi wanted to undo the damages, and wanted to have a fresh friendly start with the Tamil Tigers. Mr. Gandhi promised a full investigation into the whole 1987 episode. Mr. Gandhi himself met with the representative of the Tamil Tigers, in New Delhi in March 1991, to convey his message directly to the head of the LTTE. And Mr. Gandhi got very positive response back from the Tamil Tigers.

    Why can’t India list the name of all attendees at the meeting with Tamil Tigers and Mr. Gandhi, just two months prior to his death? The culprit is not the Tamil Tigers in the assassination of Mr. Gandhi, but those who will loose the central government funding for special projects with respect to Sri Lanka. Mr. Kennedy was assassinated because, he wanted to cut the funds to the anti-Cuba and anti-Castro programs. Some people who were running these projects were making millions and prolong of these programs will, obviously benefit them. Similarly, the Sri Lankan project, which is to have Sri Lanka, under its wing, was going to be phased out, because of the new Gandhi policy. Gandhi wanted to have Tamil Tigers on his side first, and then Sri Lanka, because it is easier, and convenient, just like his mother wanted in the beginning.

    The Indian Government is still (allegedly) investigating the assassination of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the India’s FBI, has setup Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) in 1998, to probe the role of controversial Godman Chandraswami, Bofors arms-dealers, CIA, Italian mafia-Sonia connection, including some LTTE leaders. Investigation is still on, but the suspects were sentenced to life. MDMA term was to expire on May 31 this year, but following the meeting of agency chief Vijay Shanker with home minister Shivraj Patil, the mandate of MDMA was extended to another year.

    Why is it that MDMA is not investigating the Sri Lankan Government? Has India forgotten that during IPKF tender, then President of Lanka provided military assistance to the rebels who were fighting the Indian army? Because of the arms supply, India lost more than a thousand of its troops. Indian High Commission in Colombo is still resisting any sort of investigation against Sri Lanka, or its staffs – both former, and current. Most of the officials in the Indian subcontinent are corrupt. Most of the, so called, Sri Lankan projects are funded through the Indian High Commission in Colombo. The officials at the embassy get a cut from those projects – a filthy 20% commission on each multimillion dollar projects. Indian embassy usually employs Lankan military intelligent and its missionaries – former members of PLOT, EPDP and also some former Tamil Tigers for its dirty work. Indian government, in Delhi may not know the full extend of these special operations; Indian leaders are in the dark – some blindfolded themselves.

    Only the children of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi ( Rahul & Priyanga), might initiate a meaningful investigation into their father’s killing, but the India’s ruling Congress party will always find an excuse, so the real killers will continue to get their portion of the cut. The CIA was not responsible for the killing, but it is important to point out that Mr. Gandhi was becoming a strong Indian leader, and the CIA, through Geneva-based investigators, Chitra Subramaniam, and her husband, Dr. Giancarlo Duella exposed the $1.3 billion Bofors arms scandal to bring his government down.

    With respect to Mr. Gandhi’s assassination, Tamil Tigers are in a limbo state; they cannot accepts or deny the killing – officially. Kalairani (Dhanu) killed Mr. Ghandi in a suicide mission in May, 1991; she was a Tamil Tiger member. Even today, LTTE did not deny her membership. LTTE honors every single member who gives his or her life for the Eelam struggle in the name of Tamil Tigers, since the death of first LTTE fighter Lt. Sanker on November 27, 1982. Contrary to the, Sri Lankan propaganda, LTTE always lists every single lost of life in its ranks. When Dhanu left for India, she was a former member, but she was recruited back by one of the handlers in India. She thought she was working for the LTTE, but the handler had some other plan. The former handler of LTTE, who masterminded the whole operation for some other group, left India in 2003. His current whereabouts is unknown. This handler did not get the order from the LTTE hierarchy. He was hiding from both LTTE and CBI, in the South-Western part of India, in a mud house with a help of a family who owns this farm.

    Who gave the order? Who was this handler working for? The whole operation was choreographed from New Delhi. A team from “Special” Intelligence Bureau, under then Union Home Ministry was setup in secret set in New Delhi. This team was operated by officials of the Indian intelligence. This new very-secretive team was setup in February 1991. Their cloaked task was to monitor LTTE wireless communications between LTTE members in Tamil Nadu and in Sri Lanka. If the goal was to intercept the communiqué, why wasn’t any listening post established in Tamil Nadu or in Southern tip of the India? Anyway, monitoring Tamil Tigers wasn’t their objective, rather planning something every special, a special operation to eliminate a leader to protect a group of some powerful people, including former top officials at the Indian Embassy in Colombo, and also some top officials at the Indian Intelligence who handled special projects and finances. In other word, the killing of Mr. Gandhi enormously benefited some powerful people in New Delhi and in Colombo; “special project” fund is still flowing.

    Interestingly the only evident that links Tamil Leader, Mr. Prabhakaran, to the killing, was presented by the same agency that was instrumental in the “special operation” under then Union Home Ministry. At the special court in Poonamalle, the Justice Navaneetham heard a wireless-intercept between Mr. Prabaharan and his then second in command, Colonel Kittu (Mr. Krishnakumar). Mr. Prabaharan, as soon as heard the news, he asked Kittu (`Kilo’ – call name), if Kittu had made an announcement that the group was in no way responsible for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. The LTTE knows well the fallout of Mrs. Indra Gandhi’s assassination. Tamil Tigers are a goal oriented organization – goal is to establish a Tamil nation, Tamil Eelam. They didn’t do this to jeopardize their ultimate goal. In fact, the Tamil Tigers were looking forward to the new Rajiv-Administration. Mr. Gandhi was so confident that he could mend the fence, the earlier mishap. He felt secure going to Tamil Nadu for campaign.

    The new alliance between Mr. Gandhi and Tamil Tigers was a devastating blow to some Delhi and Colombo establishments. As soon as the new alliance was formed, without the knowledge and approval of Mr. Gandhi, the mentioned “special operation team” was formed, with the advice of some senior Congress-I leaders. These powerful Congress-I leaders have Italian-mafia connection.

    Edvige Antonia Albina Maino, better known as Sonia Gandhi, widow of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, and current president of ruling Congress-Party of India, first introduced one of her closest friend, an Italian mafia boss, Mr. Ottavio Quattrocchi to Rajiv. Ottavio was the principal broker of now infamous Bofors deal (the largest scandal India ever seen – the Bofors scandal). The Bofors deal with the Government of India was signed on March 24, 1986, when Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister.

    CBI filed a case against Mr. Quattrocchi, Win Chadha, Rajiv Gandhi, the defence secretary S. K. Bhatnagar and a number of others. Mr. Quattrocchi is the only living key figure of those accused, today.

    Rajiv made a deal with CBI; he pledged full corporation, including naming all who were involved to save his political career. In return, CBI promised some probation, not criminal record for Rajiv. This deal agitated some very powerful Congress-I party members, and their associates, including Ms. Maino (Sonia) and Mr. Quattrocchi.

    The same Bofors arms dealers and their cronies with multiple bogus-postbox corporations are handling arms supply to Sri Lankan Government too. Some of the special projects are directly benefiting the top officials of Sri Lankan Government and its National Intelligence top officials.

    The Rajiv’s agreement with LTTE and CBI, not only was going to expose all the culprits in the Bofors matter, but also was going to cut all the special project funds – with respect to Sri Lankan conflict.

    The following people were in trouble:
    • Indian top leaders who get a portion of the special project funds – including former heads of RAW
    • The Bofors dealers – the Italian mafia and their closest associate in India
    • The Indian High Commission top brasses in Colombo who were responsible for special projects including arms supply
    • Sri Lankan Government which gets military hardware from India as part of the special projects
    • Lankan Military Intelligent officials who do the dirty works for India

    The threat for the group mentioned above was the reelection of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. They assembled a very secretive team in Delhi to eliminate the threat.

    While the Bofors-deal was being investigated, and while he was working on reelection campaign, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on May 21, 1991.

    This group was very clever in implicating some low-ranking LTTE members, and intermediate handlers for the task.

    The same group cooked the evident that let to the conviction, without a due investigation. The LTTE was blamed.
    After the death of Rajiv, Congress Party came to power under Narasimha Rao. Mr. Rao and Sonia Gandhi rejected all the meaningful investigation into the killing, for good reasons. In 1998, Bharatiya Janata Party – BJP came to power under Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and within months it established a well-funded-independent investigating arm of CBI, called MDMA. In 2004, Congress-I came to power. The new administration under Dr. Manmohan Singh, and under Congress-I leader Sonia Gandhi, MDMA was weakened; investigation turned into some clerical work. Investigation is muted; not funded. MDMA will soon be abolished by the same people – Sonia Gandhi and her associates in crime.

    The following interesting events happened after Rajiv’s death, you be the judge who really killed him:
    • Mr. Quattrocchi left India for Malaysia while Narasimha Rao was in office
    • On January 16, 2003 the Indian Supreme Court directed the Indian government to ensure that Mr. Quattrocchi did not withdraw Bofors payoff money from the two bank accounts in London, when BJP was in power
    • In December 2005, the Mr B. Datta, the additional solicitor general of India, acting on behalf of the Indian Government and the CBI, requested the British Government that two British bank accounts of Mr. Quattrocchi be de-frozen.
    • On January 16, 2006, the British Government released the funds based on a request by the Indian Government led by Sonia Gandhi
    • The CBI on January 23, 2006 admitted that about USD $4.6 million, in the two accounts had been withdrawn

    Mr. Quattrocchi is currently living in Argentina. There is no extradition treaty between India and Argentina. Mr. Quattrocchi is on the top of the Indian-arms-dealers pyramid, and he is comfortably collecting his portion while in retirement.

    There is another fog of assassination, this time in Sri Lanka; Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, under President Chandrika Kumaratunga. Mr. Kadirgamar was to replace Mrs. Kumaratunga as the head of her ruling party. He had a bright future; most probably he could have been a president of Sri Lanka. That dream was shattered when Lakshman was assassinated on August 12, 2005, just when his name was floating as a potential candidate for the top office under the ruling party in the up coming election.

    Chandrika realized that then Prime Minister Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa was an extremist after she appointed him to the post. That was her third mistake. Sri Lankan Military Intelligent agents with the help of low-ranking ex-LTTE, was able to pull trigger twice, in the very high security zone to kill him. Now the whole world knows who is capable and responsible for ordering this assassination, and many other political opponents. Sri Lankan leaders are over using its military intelligent for its dirty work.

    Mr. Rajapaksa was “mysteriously” elected, and he became the next President of Sri Lanka. Just after his election, India increased funds for its “Special Projects” in Sri Lanka. President abolished the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) on 03 January 2008, and started war with Liberation Tigers. The President and his brothers were able to bank millions of dollars – kickbacks from all the arms-deal (An example). While Sri Lankan leaders are stealing millions of dollars from its public, the usual Delhi establishment is also banking Indian tax-payers money, as recent as April 20, 2008)

    Minister Jayaraj feranandopulle was murdered by Pilliyan, TMVP, a paramilitary group working with Sri Lankan Government, just before the election in the East of Sri Lanka. Jayaraj, mouthpiece of Rajapaksa-clan, was interested in the Chief Ministerial post too in the Eastern Province. This time, it was Pilliyan’s decision on Jayaraj’s life.

    Mr. Rajapaksa was able to put a puppet administration in the Eastern Province, and now Pilliyan is disposable to him. There is a need to please Muslims in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is predicted that Mr. Rajapaksa-clan will eliminate Pilliyan in the near future, and replace with M.L.A.M. Hizbullah in the East.

    Ignorance is bliss; truth is ugly. Things are not what they seem; it is fog of assassination.

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