Jamaica, Canada: Homosexual Boycott?

“I do not want any public campaign telling the children of Jamaica that homosexuality is alright…I don't want to see two men kissing in public, nor two women joining hands in marriage…” Stunner's Afflictions puts in his two cents’ worth on news that a leading human rights organisation in Canada has given the Jamaican Government an ultimatum “to protect the rights of homosexuals or face an all out boycott.”


  • Thank u Ocelot. I hardly ever have a problem with people the r straight bc my friends that r. Accept me for who i am. my mother on the other hand.. and this is a part of my life i dont care for.. she dosen’t care for who i date and she wishes a lot that i would change.. she was brung up that it is wrong. but i ask repeatedly is it so wrong to love another human being? i dont see the harm in it. She dosen’t seem to treat me like she use to bc of her dislikes twords gays and sutch. so its difficult to live at home these days. especialy when u have on sibling who thinks ud be better off in the devils realm and has said it to u repeativly. my apologies for my bad spelling.. And since so many people have grown up learning that same sex dateing or marrige is wrong then i can see how it would be akward in public.. im just statting they dont need to make rude comments or something when they see the same sex holding hands or kiss or something small like that..

    Ocelot i would gladly give u my email address if u know a place private so i may give it to u then we could meet there. or if u wouldnt mine i have a website my gf and i made.. if ud like i could give u the link and u could contact me there.

    I try my best to live my life to the fullest, laugh and offten as i can and love every moment in my life..

  • Ocelot

    I have a temporary box you could use… hopefully the moderator will approve it. Not sure he or she will.

    You can use this box only once… and I’ll send you a reply via your email.

    chucker at
    inbox dot com.

    Hope to hear from u! Love to see your website as well.

  • Christian

    Ahh thank u, now i assume and correct me if im wrong i can be a blond some times (no affence to any blonds) i just put this in my email thing and send u an email with it in there? correct?

    cant wait either ill send u a link of the web site with the email. ty much. i appericiate it.

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