Jamaica, Canada: Homosexual Boycott?

“I do not want any public campaign telling the children of Jamaica that homosexuality is alright…I don't want to see two men kissing in public, nor two women joining hands in marriage…” Stunner's Afflictions puts in his two cents’ worth on news that a leading human rights organisation in Canada has given the Jamaican Government an ultimatum “to protect the rights of homosexuals or face an all out boycott.”


  • fightforlife

    Well be sure not to attend the wedding of 2 women making a life commitment. As for seeing 2 men holding hands, what is it that you are upset about? That they too can find love or are u going further and thinking of what they may be doing in their bedrooms?
    I dont like public display of affection. I thought the photo in the star of a policeman in uniform whining on some young woman is distastefulm yet in our society we it is seen as ok. I dont want to see 2 men , 2 women, man and woman displaying affection in public, regardless if it is over baord, i feel uncomfortable.
    If you could get sex out of your mind and realize that gay and lesbians have every right to live a fair and comfortable life, just like you, there would be no need for the boycott. People are being murdered all because you cherry pick what u want to read and follow from tge bible. And until it hits u in the pocket or very close to home, you will probably never be able to reason.

  • Damon

    Janine’s comment reflects the mindset of why Jaimaca is poor.

  • andrew

    the jamaican government should tell them come kiss our ass i rather pay prices any day than to see two men kissing in public and piosoning young people mind in jamaica they sick .

  • Christian

    WHAT?! My god, whats wrong with u people? You see straight people making-out in public, why not let the gay and lesbians show the same affection? Its not killing anyone.
    If straight people are allowed to do it then we should be able also. We are all the same the only way i see we are not the same is because of who we chose to love.

  • vibescity

    canada and the rest of the world fe pull out of ja

  • Ocelot

    Let’s see. Hmmm. So tpo express the “right” of two men want to kiss in public, that’s okay. But if anyone says he (or she) doesn’t want to see it, that’s bad?

    How about men kissing boys? NAMBLA says that’s the way it should be.

    As for Jamaica, who the heck cares about that toilet?

  • Matt

    God dammit you people are stupid — seeing homosexuals hold hands isn’t going to ‘corrupt’ anyone – you don’t SERIOUSLY think that you ‘turn gay’ from being around gay people do you?

    Try substituting, in your slurs, the word two men with blacks or a black and a white person…. would you say that it is ok for me to take away rights from you because you are black?? or deny women the right to vote…. funny how a group that used to struggle for equal rights all of a sudden has forgotten that struggle once they have the rights….

    GROW UP!!!

  • Ocelot

    Christian said (somewhere above) “If straight people are allowed to do it then we should be able also. We are all the same the only way i see we are not the same is because of who we chose to love.”

    I agree. But then, in all seriousness, don’t blame people for being upset with you. That kind of behavior often brings on violence. Also, consider tyhat while it is not okay with straight people to be offended byhomosexual behavior, why is it okay for homosexuals to be offended by heterosexual behavior (assuming it is all within decent taste)?

    I don’t make out with my wife in public, nor do I grope her in public. Europens kiss – either sex – quickies on the cheek. That makes sense. And I doubt anyone thinks twice about that.

  • Christian

    Ocelot i agree and my apologies for getting upset its just become a big issue these days and its hurting my feelsing a lot that people wont accept lesbians ( like myself), bisexuals, gay, pansexualy, and so on. sorry if i miss spelt. but yes im sorry for getting upset. I wouldn’t dare grope my gf in public its rude as far as kissing and holing hands and hugging i think we should be allowed to do if straight people get to do it. I agree on what matt commented, “seeing homosexuals hold hands isn’t going to ‘corrupt’ anyone – you don’t SERIOUSLY think that you ‘turn gay’ from being around gay people do you?” ur right u don’t. I have friends that hang out with me all the time and they r still straight. They always will be. and ive known them for years! so just bc some one hangs out with a gay or lesbian or bisexual wont make them the same way.

  • Ocelot

    Christian, your apology is warmly and appreciatively accepted, with a smile. I believe that 95% of us have no choice over our sexuality. I don’t believe one can turn “some other sexuality” simply by watching, say, two ladies hold hands. But since the vast majority of us are straight, you have to admit that seeing that kind of thing does look odd. I’m not sure that will ever be accepted.

    But I can’t imagine the hell people go through not being able to express their love -within reason – in public, just because they are not the opposite sex.

    I think anything done sexually is fine, as long as it is consensual, legal, and behind closed doors. I am far more open minded than I can express here. Yet being only human, you have to try to understand why it is difficult for so many to accept or understand the behavior of a minority.

    I have known many lesbians and gays, and we all got along just fine. Because they are just people, with many of the same challenges we all have. The problem is, I think, is the militant faction that keeps throwing its sexuality into our faces. No wonder they become repugnant to us!

    If I only got to meet you and your GF personaly, you would know immediately that neither I nor my wife have nothing but respect for you, and would be considered and treated as our equals, because in reality, you are. To us, you are not “freaks,” even though we are both straight.

    For what it’s worth, I think the best things one can do for another, is to love and care for that person, regardless of sex.

    If I could get away with it, I would get you my personal email address so we could become friends if only by that way. We live in Florida.

    Live, love, laugh, and do good!

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