China: Nanfang Daily anti-China?

Nanfang Daily's editor wrote an opinion post calling for free press so that local media workers could counter the distortion of western media. However, patriots attacked Nanfang Daily for committing treason. Shen Yuzhe from my1510 criticized the populist nationalistic sentiment and stressed that the best solution for Tibet conflict resolution is freedom of speech and press [zh].


  • Interesting that ESWN is redirecting your link to his mainpage.

    Of course the whole “issue” of countering the so-called distortion of the western media isn’t really about finding the truth or the best path for conflict resolution.

    But it’s about dragging the Western media down in the minds of the Chinese people to the level of distrust they currently have for the local state-owned and state-anointed (Phoenix TV) media.

    And if you thought that Nanfang Daily would get blasted for suggesting that the state-owned media should build up a bit more openness and credibility, think what would have happened if they admitted that the complaints about the western media bias were massively overblown. (Of course it’s doubtful that Roland would bother translating something that might be positive about Western media coverage of China. As the 88’s used to joke, Roland sees the RSF as the biggest enemy of China.)

  • Therese

    It seems that that particular page has been removed or renamed at ESWN — perhaps that was the reason for the redirect? The new URL seems to be

  • ur chinese friend

    If Western media keeps on making mistakes when covering China then it only makes sense that it should be dragged down as unreliable. I cannot think of a reason why wouldn’t it be. Those who say that this issue is overblown either do not know much about western media in general or are employing a double standard. For one, the Western Media has always been somewhat anti-China (For example, the Wen Ho Lee coverage brought a new generation of Sinophobes) so this tibet coverage issue is simply the straw which broke the camel’s back. Moreover, prominent journalists such as Dan Rather and lesser known photographers have been fired or forced to resign over something as simple as adding more smoke effects to pictures of buildings on fire (, all because a group of bloggers complained about apparent bias.

    The reason why Western media prides itself on accuracy is preciously because it cares about its credibility. To see so many people back journalistic sloppiness because of idealogical differences only reinforces the idea that Western media should not be trusted.

    Onto the article itself (which Therese had posted nicely), the one by Shen YuZhe is quite nice. I am not surprised that there were many angry reactions though. A lot more Americans were upset at the idea of having Al Jazerra on the American airwaves.

  • @ ur chinese friend
    Good point about Dan Rather
    I can understand why in comparison is being written off as misguided and juvenile, but I get a sense of how a lot of people in China are feeling when I look at the anti-China protests this week which (assuming straight-out racism isn’t a factor) basically only want to convey one message to the majority of Chinese people: ‘everything you think you know about Tibet is wrong’ or something like that.

  • ur chinese friend

    John Kennedy,

    To be honest I don’t think most Chinese people know much about Tibet. By the same token, I don’t think too many people from the West know much about Tibet or the consequences of actually “freeing” Tibet either. Both sides have their own unique perspective about Tibet but they are only seeing one side and not the other. The problem is that each side refuse to acknowledge the other. This reminds me a lot about the Iraq issue actually, where everyone suddenly becomes military and terrorism experts although most people don’t even know where Iraq is on the map.

    Ultimately all of this won’t matter as long as China remains competitive over its economy. It’s ironic that even the most hardened China-Bashers will still have to use a made in China computer to broadcast their anti-China messages. IMO the Tibetans will have the most to lose as they will have to fight against rampant commercialism and no one ever wins against that. Also, you can bet that after the Olympics Beijing will draw up a much more restrictive policy against them.

  • Do not fall into Trap

    What we recently see in the media is rather disturbing between the West and Chinese. One should not fall into the trap set up by the special interest groups in the West. I believe the main objective is to destabilize the Chinese regions, targeting the Hans Chinese as the bad guy. Internationally, to weaken he Chinese economy by bad mouthing its products and its people.
    Tibet issue is only a tool. The West has a long term special strategic interest. Should it breaks away, the West would set up a permanent military base to oversee all countries beneath the Himalaya. Of course, China cannot allow this to happen. The West needs something to achieve its purpose. Tibet is a convenient tool for human right and freedom. That is why the Tibet movement is highly funded by the West.

    Whether Tibet is part of China or not, it depends on which part of the history you want to look at. What is more important now is how to move forward as a Chinese nation. Be realistic, you, Tibetan don’t expect the White to return to their ancestral home countries and give them back to the Aborigine or Natives. I believe the Chinese authority would come up with a win-win situation for both as long as there is no Western interest involved. Can the Tibetan able to shrew off their western interference.

    The whole situation does not have to get into this ugly stage. It only benefits the Western special groups. This reminds me that the TIannamen incident back in 1988 before the Asian Games held in Beijing. At that time, there was no Chinese international broadcasting Services. The Western media was so bias and full of censorship covering the event. They were very successful to create an international condemnation and even to brainwash the oversea Chinese. Also, money was pouring in to support the movement. The situation becomes so dangerous to the nation itself that military force was taken.

    We, as Asian, need to wake up.

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