China: Chinese protest in London you never see on BBC

Bridge-blogging has taken on a whole new meaning now in China since armies of multilingual netizens started scouring the known media universe last month for inaccuracy or distortions in reports regarding China or, more specifically, Tibet.

Though there was no mention of the anti-China protests which took place in London today on Chinese state-owned media and very little to be seen on all incoming media, many people inside and out of China are quite capable in English, and it took about nine seconds for someone at to find reason to start yet another ‘anti-CNN’ thread: the large torch-welcoming protest held by London's Chinese community near 10 Downing Street wasn't covered today by the BBC.

From YouTube user cnsunshugmail:

Why on BBC's all day live coverage I only see tibet protests but never see supporting Beijing Olympic from Chinese students like this video? Is western medias really impartial like they claim them are? And do they still have the right to blame Chinese media censorship?

From thread ‘censored!! chinese protest in London you never see on BBC’:



如果实在没法看,但是肯定可以打开网页。也请在点下Favorite和Rate 下的第五颗星星!!

This video has been taken on 6/04/08
(中文下面)Chinese students protest against western media bias and welcoming the Olympic torch arrival in London.

The location is near the number 10 downing street Whitehall, Westminster – London.

The BBC report shows the free Tibet groups nearby but near show the Chinese student's protest. SHAME ON YOU BBC.

2008年4月6日在伦敦唐宁街首相府附近拍摄的中国学生和爱国人士的爱国迎接奥运圣 火游行。 这次游行有来自全英国各地的同胞,远到苏格兰,曼城。在游行中大家自豪的高唱国歌 ,对过来挑衅的藏DU人士大声叱喝。 我在唱国歌的时候差点感动到流下眼泪,不得不哽咽的坚持唱下去。我们在海外的学子是多 么的团结!!!

我们的游行队伍大概和旁边的藏DU不相上下,但是BBC的新闻中完全没有报道我们。 让我对BBC 彻底失望。 希望在接下来的圣火传递中,我们的兄弟同胞能团结一致站起来,喊出我们中华民族的心声 !

Everybody, please support this video. Let more people see it!!!!

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This video has been taken on 6/04/08
(see Chinese text below)Chinese students protest against western media bias and welcoming the Olympic torch arrival in London.

The location is near the number 10 downing street Whitehall, Westminster – London.

The BBC report shows the free Tibet groups nearby but near show the Chinese student's protest. SHAME ON YOU BBC.

On April 6 Chinese students and patriots held a march near the Prime Minister's office on Downing St. to welcome the Olympic torch. Co-patriots came from all over England to march, from as far as Scotland and Manchester. During the march everybody sang the national anthem proudly and loudly, and was shouting loudly at the pro-Tibetan *****endence people who came to provoke. Singing the national anthem, I was almost moved to tears, and even though I was choking I had to keep on singing. See how united we overseas students are!!!

Our procession was about the same size as the pro-Tibetan *****endence one beside us, but BBC News didn't report on us at all. This leaves me so disappointed in the BBC. I hope that in the coming torch relays, our brother-compatriots can unite together and stand up, and shout with the voice of the Chinese people!




I can't see the video……

From another thread: 中国加油,中国人加油! Go China, Go Chinese people!


Unfortunately, it's always blocked on the mainland…


I can't see anything, this isn't very nice…

我看不到 谁有看到 ?很想 看 等待中~~

I can't see it. Can anyone see it? I really want to see it. I'm waiting…

it's does not matter. we have one heart, China. let them do what they want. at least they let us hug

it's does not matter. we have one heart, China. let them do what they want. at least they let us hug


What are you talking about it's blocked? I'm in Chongqing and I can see it.


Very good, very powerful, let the world hear China's real voice, and let CNN go die, with its untruthful reports 在这里 可以 打开 Here, this works, it opens

大家留意一下,有可能是youtube屏蔽中国用户, 请专家考证一下

Everyone pay attention, it might be that YouTube is blocking Chinese users, let's get an expert to verify

看到3, 有血气的中国人! 在海外更知道中国的伟大!

I see it, what full-blooded Chinese! Let it be known overseas just how great China isOne all the more realizes how great China is when one is abroad!

不知道为什么,youtube 上有时能看,有时又不能. 不过他封j你一个帐号,再申请一个又上.总要让我们的声音被听见.持续地坚持住, 反对偏见!

I don't know why, sometimes I can get on YouTube, sometimes I can't. But if they block your account, just get a new one. We must make our voices heard. We must remain persistent, and oppose bias!

支持海外学子,B4 BBC!

I support overseas students, and despise BBC!

我也打不開, 用工具下也下不了 – -~ 爲什麽不直接用代碼貼視頻呢

I can't open it either, and I can't even download it with tools…why don't you just post the embed code?


I finally saw it, it's not bad, it has integrity.


YouTube might be screening Chinese users


  • richardlee

    We have different expectation for different media. We already know CHinese media is controlled by CCP. So we don’t expect too much. BUT western media always brag about its “fair and balanced” reports.BUt it is NOT true. Let me make a metaphor, The label “lier” is tied on Chinese media’s forehead. Everybody can see it. But the label “lier” is hidden in the bottom of western media. People need to rip off their clothes to see the lier label, namely to debunk those lies.

  • Jack

    Eh, counter-protests RARELY get as much attention as protests themselves. I call whining by Anti-CNN.

  • Jack


    Um, are you naive or just dense? I admit I don’t open the China Daily or tune into CCTV every day, but like every news organization they have made claims of fairness and balance like their foreign counterparts. Anyone that works for a news organization is going to state it’s positives, not its negatives. Anti-CNN has made a couple of valid points, but this recent tirade against BBC coverage is just absurd. I’d like to ask you how much coverage is given to people who counter-protest at an anti-Iraq war protest or coverage to people who are FOR the WTO at an anti-WTO protest?

    It just shows that Anti-CNN is just criticizing to score points and not to make any cogent argument of bias. Which still helps in adding another perspective, but does not put Anti-CNN into the realm of media arbiter it so wants to be.

  • Good point, Tom – Daai Tou Laam

    Looks like CCTV did show footage of the London protests on the “news” last night, but that hasn’t slowed the meme down any. I just took a quick look around’s forum and found these new anti-BBC threads:

    And here’s one of several threads planning retaliation protests for the 2012 summer olympic games. I don’t know how seriously they can be taken, though:

    There’s even a ‘How to talk to “laowai” about Tibet’ thread:

    But this seems to be more helpful than what’s on


  • jane

    Free New Calidonia

  • yinbin

    Translation error:
    The last sentence in:
    看到3, 有血气的中国人! 在海外更知道中国的伟大!
    means: One all the more realizes how great China is when one is abroad.
    Rather than your original translation: ‘ Let it be known overseas how Great China is’
    But overall you did a good job.

  • Mick

    The anti-CNN people make some fair points. CNN coverage consists of glib superficial soundbites that confirm a US and Euro-centric point of view. Having said that, the anti-CNN crowd lose all credibility because they have no better alternative to hold up as a model. CCTV? No one would ever set up an anti-CCTV group because few people watch it and nobody takes it seriously.

  • Whoops, thanks yinbin, making the changes now.

  • ur chinese friend

    Other than political points, I can’t see why there are so many hater against anti-cnn site. It’s a biased site aimed to correct factual errors on limited topics. It has never claimed to be fair nor balanced and it’s not always right. However, since the so called “editors” at large west media institutions are too incompetent to correct many of the issues brought up by the anti-cnn site, it only makes sense that such sites should exist and remain popular. The goal of journalism is to report accurate information and allow citizens to make up their own minds. The Chinese media doesn’t do that and its criticized fairly. The same should apply to western media when it gets its facts wrong, or gives unfair coverage in fear of politically correct backlash.

    On the other hand, someone already mentioned something about creating anti-xinhua/cctv site. I think that would be definitely beneficial as well. The more of these sites are out there the more accurate news media will become.

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