Kosovo: Ramush Haradinaj Acquitted

A Fistful of Euros comments on the acquittal of former Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj at the Hague: “Testifying against a popular KLA commander-turned-popular politician: not so easy.”


  • Kate Murphy

    What a great day for Kosovo. Justice has truely been served. It is fantastic to see the ICTY judges taking a stand against the gross misconduct of it’s prosecutors’ office and set an new precendent that proves the ICTY is there to find the truth and not pander to the politics surrounding Kosovo and Serbia. Ramush Haradinaj is an innocent man, who was endicted by Carla Del Ponte for political reasons and now the whole world knows of his innocence. So i say this to Carla Del Ponte, the wonderful work that you have done over the years for the ICTY will be ever tarnished by your misconduct and blatent disregard for the truth in this case. And although it will never happen because of the diplomatic immunity you enjoyed as prosecuter, I feel that you should now be prosecuted for your direct violations of the ICTY rules and regulations. Your drive to capture Mladic and Karadic, meant you were willing to give up an innocent man. This wrong to me, far outways any good you have done in the past.

  • Arvanitos

    The non capture of Mladic and Karadic can’t be charged against Carla del Ponte; in my knowledge of facts she has made clear more than once to Serbian authorities that this was one of conditions for they to join the EU and be admitted as loyal partners.

  • Kate Murphy

    Arvanitos, I think you misunderstood me. No the non capture of Mladic and Karadic can’t be charged against Carla del Ponte, this is not what i said at all. What i said was her desperation to capture Mladic and Karadic, led her to disregard the truth, lie outrightly to the trial chamber and bury evidence that was not conducive to her case. She was willing to put an innocent man, (or a man that SHE HERSELF told the president of NATO, that there was no evidence to suggest he (Ramush) had committed war crimes) behind bars in the hope that Serbia would do a deal and give up Mladic and Karadic. In any other court of law, in any national jurisdiction, these actions would be punished by law. However seeing as the ICTY gives it’s prosecutors total immunity, she will never be held accountable for her actions. It is these actions and this misconduct that she should be charged for.

  • Arvanitos

    Great! Anyway if we tend for perfect judgment and justice, I think will be found just in God’s kingdom. For Kosova is a great day, but also for the justice and all people that deserve it.
    Thank you

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