4 April 2008

Stories from 4 April 2008

Armenia: Diary of an Opposition Activist

After a reader sent Unzipped the scanned pages of a diary written during the recent opposition protests in Yerevan by French-Armenian Karabakh war veteran Sargis Hatspanian, the Armenaker Kamilion posts the first installment of an English translation.

Angola: Celebrating the peace anniversary

  4 April 2008

In a post called ‘Peace’, PValente [pt] celebrates peace in Angola after the end of the civil war, in 04/04/2002, and publishes his pictures of the commemorative T-shirt to “mark the 6th anniversary of the day of peace and national reconciliation in Angola.”

Qatar: US Military Aircrafts Crash Lands

Emgee at Qatar Living links to an Al Jazeera story which says: “A US military aircraft has crash landed at the al-Udeid military base in Qatar. The B1 bomber reportedly suffered technical difficulties and exploded as it attempted to land at the base about 35km from the capital Doha late...

Iran:Prostitues’ Photos

Sibiltala remembers Kaveh Golestan, a leading Iranian photographer, who was killed at the age of 51 as a result of stepping on a landmine in Iraq in 2003. The blogger likes[Fa] Kaveh's photos from Iranian prostitues before Islamic Revolution.

Mexico: Emo Youth Become Targets of Attacks

  4 April 2008

Across Mexico, youth part of an "emo" culture have been the targets of attacks by groups, who may have been incited by a popular television personality. The easily identifiable youth may have been targeted due to their dress, taste in music or other stereotypes. Local bloggers have provided coverage from the very first incidents, pro-active protests, and other reactions.

Jamaica, U.S.A.: MLK 40 years Later

  4 April 2008

Jamaican blog Abeng News Magazine honours Martin Luther King by sharing people's recollections of April 4, 1968, while Something Extra remembers when Dr. King visited Jamaica.

Iran:Shia News was filtered

Bahraini says[Fa] that Iranian Shia News site ( a center for Shiite news) was filtered by authorities and nobody explained any reason for this action.The blogger adds the site's managers decided to stop their activities. Watch some photos of Shia News inauguration day.

Jordan: Married Men

“Somehow, the fact that a guy got married, and got a kid makes him suddenly a guru, and on anything and everything, including things that are in your area of expertise,” writes Jordanian Qwaider about married men.

Zimbabwe: Senate seat results

  4 April 2008

Senate seat results in Zimbabwe: “Well, here’s the first batch of Senate seats announced by the ZEC. It’s more of the same ZEC strategy: information being tortuously drip-fed with results being released in neck and neck stages. We know, from David Coltart’s website, that he has not only won his...