Guam: Dangers of US military presence

The blog, Peace and Justice for Guam and the Pacific, aims “to provide information about the US military in Guam, with the hope of steering policy away from a dangerous unilateralist course to more sustainable notions of regional development and a strengthening international solidarity.”


  • Wonn Roppots

    There is only danger in fear, and if you don’t fear what you feel you can’t bare… then you can bare what is to become. There has always been military in Guam for many years, so having more of it is fine, as long as they go out during their leisure time on the town in groups with a designated driver to keep them out of trouble when they’re partying. Guam is a small island with a big heart. Guam is a beautiful, tropical resort paradise in the Pacific Ocean. There are private beaches in Guam where the sand sparkles like white diamonds. Snorkelling is popular to view all the cute fishies (referring to fish, not just the sexy gals in bikinis playing bally ball on the beach or actually that too, ha-ha) and coral. There’s a few waterparks and alot of water sports too, jetskiing, gliders, parasailing, boating, canoeing, fishing, you name it. The islanders are pretty friendly, sometimes offering you to join their barbecues after they’ve caught their daily fish from the sea. Chamorro Village is a hot spot to try island cuisine on Wednesdays and to collect shell necklaces made from scratch by the local islanders. Tumon Bay is the hottest spot where I lot of vacationers hang out from Japan, and also accomodate a lot of weddings and honeymoons. The climate is similar year round, always warm with a mild breeze here and there, with the hypnotic sense of being in a sauna due to the humidity factors of the island. That’s when you jump into one of the pools or take a dip in the clear blue waters. On the remote parts of the island’s shores there are exotic sea shells to collect and tiny little crabs that are really cute. You must give credit to the police department as they’ve upgraded the security forces on island and are doing far more tracking of the strip to keep it safer than in the past. The tourists love shopping in Tumon Bay as there are lots of designer stores. There are also lots of popular hotels, including Hilton & Hyatt (which have neat outdoor beachbars), plus Marriot, Outrigger, and Westin… which seem to be the most friendliest for partying on vacations. Some of the not so expensive restaurants include Planet Hollywood, TGI Fridays and Outback, plus there are a few neat Sushi bars in the area. As far as nightlife on the town, the Globe is a hotspot if you like dancing. Bully’s makes some really good drinks if you’re into pubs. There are also a few exotic dance clubs where performers are very entertaining if you’d like a more wild side to partying in Guam, one of the most popular on island that is the safest is Club USA as there are security cameras and security guards for everyone’s safety while partying away… and judging by all the military stickers pasted on the stage… I have a feeling it’s the military’s most favorite funspot on island. Once in a blue moon the club flies in beautiful gals that are more than the average of exotics, a few I found on my most recent vacation to be a nice treat and rare breeds (mixed gal of German, English, French, Vietnamese & Chinese decent with chrome aqua green eyes like tourmalines that does an amazing little baton show and another Korean gal that could work the pole like an acrobat from heaven, but their stay is not permanent as they’re especially flown in at $2,000 a plane ticket. I can’t say those two cuties will be there on your visit, though. I’m glad they were there on mine!). Then once you’re all worn out of partying away from the delicious exotic restaurants and tropical beachbar drinks, try a deep tissue massage at Grace Massage (a real massage, not a happy-go-lucky), one that actually gets the knots out of your back, then a jump in the jacuzzi. Oh, how vacations can be well worth it. Just allow yourself to breath in the relaxing aroma of the sea.

  • Nrop MilitaryOfcr

    There has been a military presence in Guam for many, many years. It’s become part of Guam’s history. Culture and scenic views of the island’s tropical climate are what makes Guam unique as a tourist resort, but it is not all that completes a society. The military have helped Guam in many ways, from volunteering to rebuilt schools to securing the island from foreign intruders. As long as when military personel go out on the time to enjoy the nightlife they follow routine procedures of having a designated driver or taking a cab home, some etiquette when socializing amongst the community, and stay focussed on job tasks… they can be tolerated. Of course, there needs to be more counseling to those few with some psychological issues perhaps after serving in the warzones that may behave imaturely, and this counseling would help maintain the sanity of Guam’s peaceful island of adventures, where tourists, locals and military families can live or vacation happily amongst each other. One of the highlights of Guam are the many statues around the island, some of carved stones, others more man-made art pieces, like the mermaid statue with her long hair draping with wonder… in front of Club USA… it sort of represents the tropical beauty of the lure of the sea, mysterious yet obtainable. There are always solutions to people living in a community from different cultures and backgrounds, maybe not always easy solutions, and maybe alot of patience is needed to tolerate expansions… but that’s what makes Guam what it is, unique in many ways.

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