3 April 2008

Stories from 3 April 2008

Macedonia, Greece: Name Dispute and NATO

A roundup on the Macedonia-Greece name dispute: Balkan Baby writes that posters in the capital of Macedonia “featuring a customised version of the Greek flag in which the cross […] was replaced with a swastika” did “nothing but shoot Macedonia in the foot”; A Fistful of Euros examines “one of...

Peru: The Nomadas Film Project

  3 April 2008

Cinencuentro [es] writes about the Nomadas project, a traveling film company that is currently located in the Southern part of Peru. Its objective is to promote Peruvian cinema and participates in health campaigns through the use of audiovisual tools.

Ukraine: “No Go from NATO”

A roundup on Ukraine and NATO: A Fistful of Euros reads Yushchenko's address and isn't surprised “other NATO countries are balking”; Mark MacKinnon writes that granting membership to Ukraine might lead to “further internal strife”; Eternal Remont highlights the Communists’ “sophisticated and highly nuanced policy position”; Ukrainiana posts a video...

Nicaragua: Suspending Elections Due to Hurricane Felix

  3 April 2008

Alfredo Rivas of the Nicaraguan Report states that President Daniel Ortega is proposing to suspend local elections in order to allow regions to recover from Hurricane Felix. However, Rivas believes that Ortega may disenfranchise voters because their potential results would be unfavorable to his party.

Uruguay: The World's Largest BBQ

  3 April 2008

Over 12,000 kg of meat is set to be on the barbeque, when Uruguayans aim to enter into the Guinness Book of World Records [es] at an event that will take place on April 13. They hope to top the previous record set by Mexican BBQ aficinados who grilled over...

Caucasus: Geopolitical Railroads

Window on Eurasia says that while oil and gas pipelines through the region attract more attention, railroads might have more geopolitical significance. In particular, the blog examines what plans for a new railroad linking Iran and Azerbaijan might mean, and not least on Russian and NATO interests in Eurasia as...

Kenya: Digital Villages Project

  3 April 2008

Al Kags writes about digital villages project: “The project to launch digital villages across the Kenya has kicked of with the Kenya ICT Board calling for applications for entrepreneurs who would like to run digital villages to apply for the training support, which is phase 1 of the Digital Villages...

Zimbabwe: The Rumour Capital

  3 April 2008

Harara is the rumour capital of Zimbabwe: “Our only non-state daily newspaper was bombed so the people’s paper is the people’s stories, nyayas that circulate like a whisper at a bottle store. Mugabe has fled to Malaysia. Morgan has 68% of the presidential vote. Mujuru has lost her seat. Morgan’s...

Zimbabwe: Political jokes

  3 April 2008

Comrade Fatso writes about political jokes in Zimbabwe: “Anyone know someone with a truck? There's a guy wanting to move all his stuff from State House to Zvimba. The jokes spread as text messages refer to our aged dictator relocating to his rural home. People really do believe this is...

Zimbabwe: What Zimbabweans want

  3 April 2008

Kubatana blog publishes views of ordinary Zimbabweans: “Here is more of what ordinary Zimbabweans want to see change in a free Zimbabwe. This information comes from feedback from a Kubatana.net email newsletter in which we asked for ideas . . . “

India: Missing daughters

  3 April 2008

HelloJi writes on the concept of son preference, still prevalent in India and how it contributes to the phenomenon of “missing women”.

Turkey: Assimilation

Blogian posts some fascinating photographs of Armenian women who were kidnapped from their families during the 1915 Genocide and assimilated into Turkish and Kurdish families. Eventually married off, the women in the photographs bear various tattoos as custom dictated. However, the blog says, despite outrage at what it considers to...

Armenia: Young, Gay & Depressed

The Armenian Gay & Lesbian Association of New York (AGLA) responds to an email from a LGBT person in Armenia requesting information on immigration and asylum procedures in the U.S. The blog responds, but also offers its assistance in helping LGBT people in Armenia find others in order to feel...