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China: Responses to the Dalai Lama's appeal

As Lhasa has supposedly quieted down, the crowd has gone off the deep end, that might be worth exploring more. The death threats they've been making towards Western media representatives stationed in China certainly haven't gone unnoticed.



On Mutant Palm blogger Davesgonechina's list of links chosen in a move to foster balanced discussion on the the number of issues he lays out, there's a link to the Dalai Lama's letter of appeal to the Chinese citizens. Where the letter has been reposted on Chinese-German website, a number of comments have come in:

2008-03-28 18:35:53
达赖先生,看了你的声明 。你被西方利用了,如果你说的还是实话。为了中华民族的利益你只有不顾个人安危,亲自去北京向中央政府负荆请罪。。。。。。这才能说明你的诚意。中华利益高于个人利益, 尽管你是明人。

Mr. Dalai, I've seen your statement. You're being used by the West, if what you're saying is true. In the interest of the people of the nation of China, all you have to do is disregard the danger to your person and come to Beijing to issue a formal apology to the central government….this would prove that you are in fact sincere. The interest of the nation of China is greater than that of individual interest, even if you are a celebrity.

2008-03-28 17:28:40

If what's happened now wasn't premeditated, then why is Tibetan independence seen in Tibet, Sichuan and around the world? If it wasn't you then why were lamas leading the riots—as well, during the riots, as burning the Chinese flag and shouting slogans for Tibetan independence? You shout for peace, for inner exploration, but what have you given Tibet! “I assure you I have no desire to seek Tibet’s separation. Nor do I have any wish to drive a wedge between the Tibetan and Chinese peoples. On the contrary my commitment has always been to find a genuine solution to the problem of Tibet that ensures the long-term interests of both Chinese and Tibetans.” I can't even begin to believe that you actually spoke something like this.

无作者 2008-03-28 16:12:23

The Dalai says he didn't organize it, but Tibetan lamas say they've been treated unjustly. Well, how does one explain the lamas in the footage of the riots? Central government policies, I'm not even gonna start, but not only for Tibet, many Chinese citizens can't understand them, but that's no reason to go beating, smashing and looting.

无作者 2008-03-28 15:47:33

The Tibet incident, some are saying it was a conspiracy. In fact, it's the opposite. For years, the Dalai government and his demands have been open. It's only the Chinese government that has made him a taboo, one not to be mentioned. And before this, most people probably didn't even pay attention to what Tibetans were thinking, or Han indifference, and that is one of the reasons which gave rise to the Han-Tibetan standoff situation we see today.

无作者 2008-03-28 15:45:12

I'd like to ask Mr. Dalai, are all those monks in the temples serving as monks voluntarily? Don't they want to go to university, or to go home and live normal lives? If they had these kinds of desires, would the monastery allow them to go?

山石 2008-03-28 15:42:17
3.14 藏独事件发生后,充分暴露出西方国家和媒体对中国的仇视和偏见。德国媒体受当其冲。他们就是想在中国制造分裂。企图利用奥运会去达到其卑鄙的目的。令人欣慰的是这件事使中国人,特别是年轻人认清了这些西方人丑恶的嘴脸。他们带头反击。很多国家的留学生都组织了反击的游行和活动。我们也应该行动起来。

Since the March 14 Tibetan independence incident, ample hostility and prejudice towards China has been exposed in Western countries and their media. German media has been the worst. They just want to see China split up. Attempting to use the Olympic Games to achieve their despicable goal. What's gratifying is how this incident has let Chinese people, especially the youth, see clearly these Westerners’ ugly faces. The youth have led the counterattack. [Chinese] Exchange students in many countries have organized counterattack protests and demonstrations. We should also rise in action.

无作者 2008-03-28 15:24:14

I'd like to know what Mr. Dalai's annual income is. What do you do with it? You say the Chinese government is not transparent, so Mr. Dalai let's see you show us what being transparent means! Where do your finances come from? How much? Where does it go? Just what do you do with it all? What you don't spend you can donate to the building of schools and restoration of temples in the Tibet region, just don't do things not allowed by Buddhadharma!

无作者 2008-03-28 15:18:51
中国官方媒体在报道这次事件时,采用编造和歪曲事实真相的宣传方式,其可能引发的难以预测的后果,乃至给未来的民族冲突埋下祸根等 到1959年3月10日拉萨发生和平起义,我本人也被迫流亡他国。 西藏高原是亚洲诸大河流的发源地,因此保护西藏高原的生态环境是至关重要的.() 例如因为对天安门事件没有做出合理公正的处理, 如果实现这一切,我坚信,包括西藏、新疆和内蒙等许多的重大问题都可以得到解决,虽然内蒙的蒙古族只占内蒙古自治区总人口2400万的百分之二十不到。 对此,我呼吁组成具有公信力的独立调查组织,对事件进行彻底调查,澄清事实,查明真相。

When official Chinese media reported this incident, using fabricated and distorted propaganda-style truths, they may have given rise to unforeseeable consequences, maybe even burying a curse for future ethnic clashes. During the peaceful uprising in Lhasa in 1959, I too was driven into exile. The Tibetan plateau is the source for many of Asia's largest rivers, and so protecting the ecosystem on the Tibetan plateau is of utmost importance. [] For example, there has been no reasonable or just resolution to the Tiananmen incident, if there were, I believe, Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia and many other major issues could also be resolved, even if the Mongolians in Inner Mongolia only comprise twenty percent of the 24-million population of the Mongolian Autonomous Region. In this regard, I call for the setting up of an independent investigation organization in the public trust, for a thorough investigation into this incident, so that the truth can be brought out.

无作者 2008-03-28 15:16:19

Mr. Dalai, when that flag of yours loses purpose, just how will Western countries go about kicking you to the curb?

无作者 2008-03-28 15:14:26

Dalai, your words appear very gently, very moving. But how is it that until today you haven't issued a letter to the Tibetan people? Can't you even issue it to the lamas? In sending this to Han Chinese is as though Hans has smashed up your shop. Whatever, but don't you think about going back now, we won't trust you. Just keep on moving and looking, and go on with your world travels. Go see Germany, America and England and see which one likes you most, and which media are willing run your picture for free, and which which conspiratorial government supports you. Just go, we're already used to seeing you travelling.

无作者 2008-03-28 15:13:47

With all the people killed between the KMT and the CCP, now it's like they're one family. Is there truth in that?

2008-03-28 15:05:26
我还想呼吁呼吁达赖喇嘛呢:作为西藏的宗教领袖,你必须对拉萨暴乱负全责并且应当承担全部后果。以为说一句”不是我策划的”就没事了, 没有这么简单,打砸抢烧杀后你呼吁全球华人,你之前干什么去了?! 没这事之前我对你和你的那一套虽没有好感但也不恨你,现在我是鄙视你和所有于你沾边的,我还没来质问你,你竟然来呼吁我。我不是什么名人领袖,也没得过什么国际大奖,我就是一个普通的在海外生活的中国公民,但我可以告诉你,如果我有一天在街上遇见你,我不会对你说Hallo.

I'd like to make my own appeal to the Dalai Lama: as the spiritual leader of Tibet, you must take full responsibility for the Lhasa riots, and ought to accept the full consequences. You though that just saying “it wasn't me who planned this” would get you off? Not so easy. After the beatingsmashinglootingtorchingkilling you call out to Chinese across the world? What about everything you've done up until now?! Before this, although I had no good feelings toward you and your bunch, I didn't hate you either. Now I despise you and everyone around you. I didn't even question you, and you're actually coming appealing to me. I may not me a well-known spiritual leader, and I haven't won any international awards, I'm just an average citizen living overseas. But let me tell you, if I ever meet you on the street one day, I won't be saying hello to you.

无作者 2008-03-28 15:03:58
那些藏族暴徒在拉萨屠杀的不只是汉人,还有回人。 此仇一定要报!!

Those Tibetan mobsters didn't only slaughter Hans in Lhasa, but Huis as well. There will definitely be revenge for this!!

无作者 2008-03-28 15:02:28

Killing, arson, of course are wrong. This is not up for debate. But to resolve the root problem is to look at the reasons which gave way to these occurrences. Has anybody asked why, overnight, so many Han-hating Tibetans showed up? This so-called peaceful people, just how solid a base does Harmonious Society have? Once the incident had passed, that should have been the time for people to reflect. Unfortunately, until now, the truth to many things still hasn't come out. Even proof of the central government's statements that the Dalai was operating this from behind the curtain haven't been seen.

无作者 2008-03-28 14:50:35

Whatever the reason, killing common citizens is just wrong.

无作者 2008-03-28 14:38:59
Wolf im Schafpelz!

A wolf in sheep's clothing!

无作者 2008-03-28 14:28:40

The Tibet disturbances carried on for nearly one day, but actually what should be asked is, during this time, where had all the People's Armed Police [PAP] gone?

无作者 2008-03-28 14:28:00

Such a big action? Just look at the footage and you'll see, all of it just was these ignorant mobs’ plain catharsis.

无作者 2008-03-28 14:11:23

Such a large action, anyone with some knowledge will know that this had to have been organized and premeditated. Here you would look at the time, the place, the scale and the cost. Now, Mr. Dalai steps out and appeals to Chinese people, as if Hans were behind the riots in Tibet. He even pretends to mercifully show sympathy towards those innocent lives lost in the riots. When actually, the instigators were you and your interest groups. If it weren't for the involvement of foreign forces, you wouldn't even have had this capability. You say you don't oppose the Olympics being held in Beijing, but what you're doing is trying to close the mouths of Chinese around the world. You'd love to see the Olympics killed. Undermine the Chinese people's reputations. I just saw that the German president announce that she will not be attending the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing, and will not be going to watch competitions held in Beijing. There will be more Western nations making similar decisions later. Someone else is directing all this, but you're singing the lead in this anti-China chorus now on stage. How can you deal with the Chinese people around the world, yet justify this? Everything you do only proves to the world your hypocritical nature.

无作者 2008-03-28 13:52:23

Those saying the Dalai is connected to the March 14 incident, up till now it's only been the Chinese government, yet even now we've still to see them produce any evidence. You can see that the Tibetans’ actions on March 14 were not organized, and it was not premeditated cathartic behavior. If people think about it, Lhasa has been under heavy military guard for years, and the one time there's a planned violent incident they foolishly bring out Tibetan daggers, bats and rock chunks to go do battle with fully-armed PAP, right? And the burning deaths mostly took place in shops and in schools. In every planned riot, isn't the first step to commandeer government offices and propaganda outlets?

无作者 2008-03-28 13:45:59
尊敬的达赖喇嘛先生,看到您的呼吁,让一个普通的中国人无法理解您。您说,您一直支持北京办奥运,可是我看到您的教徒们在世界各地以各种形式呼吁抵制中国奥运!您说您不支持西藏独立,可是我看到您的教徒们在西方主要国家的中国使馆前以各种形式游行示威,甚至自焚,撕碎烧毁中国国旗,挂上西藏的区旗!您说这次暴乱西藏死了135 人,您是否能说说死了多少汉人,死了多少藏人,那些人为什么死去了?!作为西藏喇嘛教的活佛,藏人的精神领袖,您为什么不呼吁您的教徒们停止破坏打砸汉人的商店以及拉萨的街道建筑物等!您为什么不为此次藏人的过激和暴乱行为向所有华人道歉!您为什么不为您的教徒们焚烧国旗向全世界的华人道歉!您的心中真的认为西藏是中国的一部分吗?!您承认您是个中国人吗?!作为佛人应该行其善事。我想每个中国人都不希望西藏从中国分离出去,更不希望任何人在中国举办奥运之时,搞任何不利于中国的各种活动。中国有句古话,家丑不可外扬,家里的是家里解决。您作为藏人的精神领袖,如果真像您自己所说,不寻求西藏独立,支持北京奥运的话,请不要借助西方的反华给中国政府施压。难道您不清楚您多年来正是一颗西方利用的筹码,用来牵制中国的经济发展吗?!古谚道,人之将死其言也善。作为佛家为何不在晚年多做些有益于人类的善事呢?!我想,如果您呼吁藏汉及中国各个民族的同胞们和睦相处,消除隔阂,发展经济,团结对外,会比什么都好。您的一言一行,将受到全世界华人的关注。

Dear Mr. Dalai Lama, I've seen your appeal, and it leaves this common Chinese unable to understand you. You've always supported the Beijing Olympics, but then I see your followers in different places around the world using different approaches to call for the boycotting of the Olympic Games! You say you don't support Tibetan independence, yet I see your followers using various forms of demonstration in front of the Chinese embassies in major Western countries, even self-immolation, ripping and burning the Chinese flag, and hanging up the Tibetan flag! You say that 135 people died in these riots in Tibet, but could you just tell us how many of those dead are Hans and how many are Tibetans, and why those people died?! As the Living Buddha for Tibetan lamas and the Tibetan people's spiritual leader, why didn't you call on your followers to stop destroying, beating and smashing Hans’ shops and the buildings on the streets of Lhasa! Why don't you apologize to all the Chinese peoples for the Tibetans’ extreme and violent behavior? Why don't you apologize to the Chinese people around the world for your followers’ burning of the flag? Deep down do you really feel that Tibet is part of China?! Do you admit that you are Chinese?! As a buddhist you ought to practice benevolence. I don't think there's a single Chinese that wants to see Tibet separate from China, and especially don't want to see any person getting up to any sort of actions against China while China hosts the Olympics. There's an old saying in China, don't hang your dirty laundry outside, these things are best taken care of in-home. As the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, if you really feel like you've said, and don't advocate for Tibet's independence, but do support the Beijing Olympics, then please, do not rely on the anti-Chinese West to pressure the Chinese government. You surely know that for year's you've just been a bargaining chip used by the West, used to contain China's economic development!! There's an old saying, make amends as you near death. As a buddhist, why don't you do more things beneficial to humankind?! I think that if you called for Tibetans and Hans and all the other ethnic minorities in China to get along peacefully, to break down barriers, to grow economically, to unite inside and out, I think there could be nothing better. Everything you said and do is noticed by Chinese around the world.

无作者 2008-03-28 13:43:53

So what, the March 14 incident had nothing to do with you? Don't delude yourself, or others.

无作者 2008-03-28 13:40:42

Some Tibetans put on a bad face, some Tibetans put on a good face. Do they really think everyone else is stupid? They burn Han people to death and still act like they're Bodhisattva? If the Dalai can't control the militants beneath him, what's the point in negotiating with him?

无作者 2008-03-28 13:40:36

The Dalai doesn't advocate independence, he only advocates for autonomy. Except for the Chinese who don't know this, pretty much everybody knows this now.

无作者 2008-03-28 13:32:33

Say one thing and do another. You're not afraid your crimes are immediately about to be exposed, are you? If you were a gentleman, you'd do a few proper things for China's development. That then would be living up to buddhadharma.

2008-03-28 13:30:40

Mr. Dalai, your words are really pleasing, only, could you just promise that the Lhasa incident had nothing to do with you?

无作者 2008-03-28 13:28:16
为什么要残酷杀害无辜的人来平息自己的愤怒呢? 如果这是某个宗教的主张, 那么这个宗教组织就是邪恶的; 如果这是某个政治组织的主张, 那么这个组织就是邪恶的。 从您的话语里, 看不到佛教徒的悲悯。如果别人的生命在你的眼里如草芥, 那么你们的命运在别人的眼里也就和飞蛾一般。

Why do innocent people need to be cruelly murdered to appease your own rage? If this is some kind of religious position, then this religious organization is just evil. If this is some political organization's position, then this organization is evil. Judging from your words, I don't see any Buddhists’ sympathy. If other people's lives are worth nothing in your eyes, then in other people's eyes, your fate might as well just be that of a moth's.

无作者 2008-03-28 13:18:59

If the Dalai is sincere, I request that you write a letter to the Tibetan people. Make them accept that Tibet is an inseparable part of China. Let them struggle for their own rights based on the constitution of the People's Republic of China. As soon as you come home for talks with the government, I'll support you! The 56 minorities of the People's Republic of China are one family, of which [ethnic] Tibetans are just one part. Express written support for the Chinese government's adherence to Chinese law in dealing with violent and splittist activities, as sanctioned by the legal framework!

无作者 2008-03-28 13:09:55

Mr. Dalai, was this your movement? For years you've travelled the world colluding with anti-Chinese Western forces. For a conflict between two brothers, why was such a large action needed? To be honest, blood is thicker than water when it comes to the relationship between Han and Tibetan, and when the real enemies come, the only strong backing you will have to fall upon is the People's Republic of China. You've been living off others for years now, and you don't even have a bed to call your own. So who really shelters you? Haven't you had enough of living like this? One elder told me that you are an exceptionally knowledgeable person, so in your view, do you really think Tibet can be independent? Even if you don't say so, I think you understand. Tibet wasn't independent in the past, so do you really think it can be independent today from the strong hand of the People's Republic of China? For a sovereign nation, maintaining territorial integrity is her most basic obligation. You've always been a weapon to be used at will by western countries, and for you to be unable to return home even in your seventies is a true shame.


  • I recognize Dalai’s claim for autonomy instead of independence, which has been repeated reported and praised as a proof of his intention for peace (the newest issue of the New Yorker calls him ‘Holy Man’ for this, for an instance).
    However, what’s not been reported is, he laid out some prerequisites for this “autonomy”: no Chinese army (well, barely understandable), Tibet maintains its own diplomatic policy (is this not independence?), and what’s more, ALL OTHER ETHNICS MOVE OUT of Tibet AND part of the provinces of Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan. The total area is roughly 1/4 of the whole China. That’s just outrageous. Maybe few people other than Tibetan lived in Tibet before 1950, but the other places have long been inhabited by a lot of different ethnic groups, more people in those places were in fact non-Tibetans.
    His claim for autonomy, in my view, is just a hoax and bait. It won him a Nobel price, a lot of compassion and innocent admirers. But does he really want peace, as he claimed? God knows, I say no.

    Don’t believe this? Do your research and you will find it. I am not a liar.

    And I am a Chinese, and this is my response to Dalai Lama’s appeal.

  • Beastly

    I totally agree with the Dalai Lama’s points, in the sense that what is unbearable at all for me, may not be the CCP’s policy over Tibet, but they’ve always been lying!

    I think the point is, it’s nothing about different opinions on religion or culture, nor even about independence, but the CCP’s refusal to democracy.

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  • pingL

    Chinese, please go to dalai’s own webpage and send email to him directly too!

    many good reading can be found by google Dalai lama CIA

    i quote
    “Their commitment to human rights, democracy and support for genuine self-determination can only be judged from their actions and their willingness to tell the truth. “

  • Falen

    Too bad… Tibetans all speaks perfect English but can not read Chinese…

  • @fridayinlove: the Dalai Lama’s conditions have become far smaller in the past few years. I suggest you do some reading yourself:


    here is an interesting in the dalai appeal letter. well, the blogger is assuming he appeals to the non-tibetan chinese people, while the intended audience might be the westerners instead.

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