Japan: Eyes on Tibet

Essa at the Uncategorizable Blog proposes (in Japanese and also in English) a simple way for bloggers to focus attention on Tibet, by adding a Tibet-related link to their everyday posts. He emphasizes that: “This movement focuses on decentralized weak concerns. It suggests your readers just to see it. Not force to think or behave in any uniform way. It may be different. What people think after seeing it should be different.”

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  • Bush the Manchurian candidate has deliberately laid the country low.
    Bush delivered a one two punch. First he sold out our energy
    independence to Saudi Arabia. Second he got us in to a protracted
    and costly and needless war which necessitated our selling debt
    to China. On top of all tha Bush created the largest entitlement
    program in history. He has been pissing away our money, our
    freedoms and our sovereignty. Even though we were attacked
    on Sept 11th by Saudis, Osama is Saudi, and the homicide bombers
    in Iraq are Saudis, Bush’s only response is to get on his
    knees and beg the Saudi princes to have mercy. And now that
    China is brutalizing Tibet, Bush who was so quick to
    criticize a worthless dictator in Iraq and begin a war
    over things such has Hussein’s civil right record, is
    scared crapless to say “boo” to China. Why? Well the
    fall of Bear Stearn nearly toppled the economy. If we threatened
    to boycott the Olympics over Tibet, China could threaten to
    call in all their markers on our debt. There would
    literally be a run on the bank as other nations followed the
    Chinese lead, and we would have the great depression. In
    my personal opinion Bush and Cheney can assert Mission
    Accomplished in two areas. One: their oil and corporate
    buddies have record profits. Two: the foreign masters
    who have purchased Bush and Cheney’s souls have the US on the brink
    of ruin. Heckuva job Dubya. In my opinion.

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