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China: Bloggers declare war on Western media's Tibet coverage

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Once the news of Tibetans slicing children's ears off and burning people alive sunk in, Chinese netizens worldwide seized onto initial misreported details from the situation in Tibet and don't seem willing to let this one go. In fact, they've declared cyberwar on major western media outlets, and anti-CNN.com [1] is campaign headquarters.

As words like Tibet [2] and Lhasa moved to the top of the GFW [3] keyword list following the outbreak of violence and unrest in southwestern China earlier this month, a lot of attention to root causes to the Tibet situation simply stopped at anti-CNN.com's collection of photos, screenshots, furious accusations and non-sequiturs, most of which might hold up under scrutiny, as the collection made for convenient paste-and-copy blogging.

For bloggers trapped between two sides in a ruthless propaganda battle that has seen lives lost and a large part of China placed under military lock-down, there's of course a lot of frustration [4] being felt about how to even begin blogging the situation. Then there are facts such as that young Tibetan militants in exile [5] fully intended to created a disturbance in Lhasa for this year's Tibetan National Uprising Day and have talked openly about doing so [6] for the past several months.

So how does one start addressing this now unfortunately prevalent attitude among Chinese bloggers seen in the intro on anti-CNN.com?


See the true despicable and shameless face of western media


For a long time now, certain western media best represented by CNN and BBC, in the name of press freedom
have been unscrupulously slandering and defaming developing nations
In order to achieve their unspoken goal
They mislead and they ensnare, switching black for white, confusing right and wrong, fabricating…willing to go to any length





In their reports on the riots in Tibet
Western media's performance once again shows to the world their repulsive true face

This website seeks to collect, organize and publish the proof of the evil of western mainstream media

If you see any proof of Western media's evil, please do not whatsoever let them get off easily
Please save it and send it to us
The more evidence of their crimes we collect, the more space we'll have fought and won for ourselves

We are concerned with all western media (not only CNN), and not limited by language, content (text or photos) or country



This is a struggle of resistance against western hegemonic discourse
We need to fully recognize that this will be a long-term, difficult and complex battle
But regardless of the outcome, we all firmly believe:

Western nations’ days of using several of their crap media in an absurd attempt to fool people with their rotten words will soon be over for good!

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