China and Tibet:

A Chinese website has been launched to counter western media report on the Tibet uprising. The website pointed out that many reports have mixed up Nepal police with Chinese police [zh].


  • shiqing

    Free USA to the Americanindians and go back to your own land

  • Gina


    Indian should mind their own business, build up its own country (infastrucure and reduce poverty of its own people) and won some Olympic medals before giving any opinions about global affair.

    Chup (shut up in Hindi) and do something good for your country.

  • Tinhui

    the man named Stanley seems be an idiot

  • Ray

    Yes you can blame China Daily is a biased newspaper, but we NEVER mixed any Nepal or Indian with any Americans or Europeans.
    Yes, you west media told our Chinese what is press exaggerate this time. Our Chinese people are cluey enough to recognise it – in your country people are educated to believe what they read from CNN as sacrosant.

  • carl

    The idiot named Stanley seems to be a politician who knows nothing about history.India is nothing that China need to threaten. You guys just want steal something from our pocket.Come on , You will never and ever have chance to do so. We will defend every inch our land by all means.

  • heinlich

    Sometimes people are destined. Tibet is a beautiful land(from pics, since I’ve never been there), and also a destined land. Tibet is turning more and more non-Tibetan. More and more Han-ren(漢人) flew into that area and more and more Tibetan went out their hometown to see the outside world. This is a good thing, but I don’t quite agree with our government’s policy if carrying long swords is still a privilege to Tibetans or killing one or two Han-ren are still be admitted silently.
    In many cities of China, there are Tibet class in middle schools whose members are mostly composed by Tibetans. Ask any other Chinese classmates about their opinions toward them. They are arrogant, furious, uneducated, and aggressive. Chinese people are always afraid of them with Zang-dao(Tibetan sword, like Katana) on streets, because they don’t know when those angry Tibetans will give you a couple of stabs and even if you are lucky enough to live, nobody will care. I mean it. Police in China can do nothing to Tibetans, because it’s our policy to different peoples. Absurd? uh?
    That’s why when this riot started in China, every Koreans and Japanese there were afraid and sought protection from their consulates. Because they look like Chinese, if they walk on the streets, they might get some furious stabs by those Tibetans without any word. Caucasians are superior enough to stand by and make comments. :)
    So, we should think twice. Why did they do this to us? No freedom? no. Obviously the government gave them some wrong freedoms. I am a Han-ren, so I just expressed my feelings.

    • kuangling_sim

      Tibet issue to the west and europe is a political motives. sadly most of the citizens who cry for Free Tibet in those countries, are subliminal by the politcian..the satanic worshipers and secret agency.

      Remember, if Tibet become “a country”, she will become a new military base for those who want to devote for the world power and become world police or world president. in any conflict of the countries with China, it become sandwich attach. One also from japan or south korea or if taiwan also “a country”.

      Our China government dont one the country to become just Tribes. Therefore they have much freedom of their own…and the China today is unique, with so many tribes.

  • In China, there were some new words appeared when the distortion report of Tibet from CNN BBC and other western medias. When a guy lied in public, his friend will laughed at the guy ‘too CNN’.
    The Tibet truth is not all the country like a more powerful China appeared in the world,they enjoy raped by the United State.

  • cdmapop

    I don’t know how you thinking the photo show in website is”no mixed up”?the photo show in website is type “During the Lhasa clashes” and the photo is pakistan policeman is right?how much people in the world can distinguish the pakistan policeman or chinese policeman?

    to some india:why the asian is so peaceful after World war II?because the india was breake.

  • Ur Chinese friend

    The responses here defending sloppiness in journalism is simply astonishing. Just because CNN journalists cannot go into Gitmo doesn’t mean it’s okay for CNN to take pictures of torture in other prisons and say they are from Gitmo. Had any journalists done that they would be surely be discredited and fired. If integrity is not high on the list for the free-tibetan journalists then why would anyone believe them more than CCP propaganda?

  • davis

    Bravo to your wet site!

    Keep cheering for China. Long live China the greatest nation in history!

    Boycott the BBC’s, CNN’s and all the western media propaganda machines. Most of all boycott their advertising so they will bleed and dry out of money. This is what they are afraid of the most.


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