China and Tibet:

A Chinese website has been launched to counter western media report on the Tibet uprising. The website pointed out that many reports have mixed up Nepal police with Chinese police [zh].


  • Actually the reports have not mixed up Nepal police with Chinese police.

    If you look at most major news sites, they have a list of reports dealing with a hot topic and then some photo to accompany the list. In this case, the photos may be of Nepali police (under “encouragement” from their large militarised neighbor to the north) squashing Tibetan protests there, but the actual reports were about Tibetan protests.

    It shows the success of limiting foreign press access to Tibet and therefore limiting the flow of images of Chinese police/paramilitary arresting Tibetans.

  • H. Michael Nielsen

    Freedom for Tibet – now!

    • kuangling_sim

      Tibet has been freed from poverty, freed from slavery, freed from treaded inhuman from the up class Tibetan and dalai hierarchy. There are more than 90% Tibetan living in Tibet happily. Who are you to say “Free Tibet”? If you are a rebel Tibetan who said it, I may say you are not a true hearted Tibetan, and if you are one of the whites to say that, I say; you are not in any position and right to say it. Because Tibet has not a bit that concern you and you have not made any contribution of any good to this beautiful Tibet the land of part China. You should take good care of your own country 1st. and you and family.

  • […] China and Tibet: A Chinese website has been launched to counter western media report on the Tibet uprising. The website pointed out that many reports have mixed up Nepal police with Chinese police. […]

  • Wally Brian

    Be thankful you are living in a country where you can do what you are doing!
    The China Daily is as biased as any Western paper – they said nothing about the Olympic protest at Olympia nor about Yang Chunlin being jailed for 5 years for saying human rights should take preference over the Olympics nor the condemnation of violence by the Dalai Lama and his offer to stand down!
    Do you also condemn the Hong Kong (part of China??) press for the same sin of “propoganda” – they published the same stories?
    The words used by Chinese officials such as “crush” and “stamp out” when referring to Tibetan monks is far more reminiscent of Goebbels.
    It is well-known that the press exaggerate – in the West people are cluey enough to recognise it – in your country people are educated to believe what they read as sacrosant.
    PS: I have been to Tibet and Xinjiang.

  • Stanley

    I dont agree with this site.Yes i am a Indian and these are the plans of China.

    1.Having occupied illegal Tibet is not enough for these communits rogues.(HOPE THEY UNDRSTAND ENGLISH)

    2.They are trying to threaten India by claiming Arunachal Pradesh.

    3.Hope China breaks it will be very good for asia and India.

  • Wen

    If you can live with your intepretation, then you do that.I guess you can justify everything the western media has been doing anyway. Oh wait, how about this one:,,30200-1310288,00.html?f=rss

    Read the caption of the bottom picture: During the Lhasa clashes. I think any educated human being who has common sense would tell you that those are Indians in that picture. Funny enough, the news still appeared in Sky UK.hmmmm…Shouldn’t the Brits know better about the Indians??

    I have nothing to say but shame on you!!!

  • JasonRiddick

    “Hope China breaks it will be very good for asia and India.”

    China won’t break. However, India was break into many pieces. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir etc. and that has been proved good for Asia and the World. Probably I am wrong since India never been a united country before Britain occupied it. And right now, India still occupied Kashmir and Bhutan. Free Kashmir, Free Bhutan.

  • Jean

    I just do not know why some major western newpaper or media say that Tibetan protest is peaceful? Have not they seen the blood? The fire? 6 young and becautiful girl had been fired to death!!! Why they can not see that? All these have been done by Dalai clique, they are terrost!!! Every one wants freedom, but all should be legal!!! You can kill anyone you like just because you want independence??? I had experienced it that some terrists catched a chopping knife in Tibet and Shichuan province, they kill anyone they like, ( I do not say Tibetan, because most Tibetan like peace, just some of them are the member of Dalai Clique). But how the police responced to that? They just persuaded them to be calm and throw away the chopping knife. The chinese police even have not taken any weapon. Some of the police have been hurt.
    I am a Chinese, I support our government.

  • huang5256

    though my english is poor,i have to response to the upside indian,I’m a chinese!
    firstly,i’m shamed for you that your own language is distinguished because of Britsh’s colony!Are you still use your own ancient language now?
    Secondly, Tibet is part of China all along and is independent of india,so shut up! take care of yourself
    Thirdly,China never break forever!you are just afraid of the power of China!
    PS:If you can understand Chinese,I really want to talk to you far more!

  • Johnny

    As far as I could remember Tibet has always been part of China. May have been more than 500 years before Alaska or Hawaii became part of the USA. Even the title “Dalai Lama” was originally coiled by a Tang Emperor of China and given to the highest ordained monk and king of Tibet. In fact at that time (and up till today) a large population of the Chinese all over the world, belief that the Dalai Lama is Bodhistatva Avalokitesvara, or already a Buddha.
    This been said, even His Highest the Dalai Lama, himself, recognises that Tibet is part of China.
    CNN has always been biase. Just witness how they report the Iraq War, the Middle East and Korea. The poor, poor poor Palestinians. It is sad that the world still uses CNN to judge others.

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