D.R. of Congo: Kabila says Congolese people are better off today

Le Blog du Congolais comments on President Kabila's perplexing enthusiasm [Fr] about the state of Congo. During the opening of a new parliamentary session, Kabila said the Congolese people “are better off than they were a year ago, and far better than they were fifteen years ago.”


  • We can not blame Kabila for this statement perverting the international community opinion regarding the walefare of congolese people today when his said the Congolese people “are better off than they were a year ago, and far better than they were fifteen years ago.”
    This an insulte to all women victim of rape, all those people who are working and living for less than a dollar per day.
    This shows us how much his lack of knowledge of the D.R. Congo. Surely he will show us more.

  • paul

    Kabila is just an idiot.People like me were forced to flee our houses, home because of him.Kabila is living in an another world from the congolese people.There is not electricity,water…were it used to be, arbitrarly arrest, unlawful killings…that the life of a congolese under the out of control kabila.Please go back to rwanda.You have stolen enough………

  • sankuru kikudji

    for those that don’t understand the congo. The congo is better off today then it was say in the past 10 years. The congo is progressing my parents moved back 14 years ago and live in Lubumbashi. They are noticing change. You can’t down play political progress on what happening in the border area, where western puppets states of uganda and rwanda are strangling and diverting any will for change in the area. Don’t judge our president, he has the will and heart of the nation. If you want to realy insult the woman of kivu where my mother’s people are from support your nkunda, and your western advised President Kagame and Tony Blair. It’s their corporation and their military support of this inyenzi at the border that is causing chaos for the woman of border communities. Nkunda’s forces raped 16,000 woman in three days in Bukavu. I meet some of this woman in Kenya district in Lubumbashi at the church layed down on mats and trying to make out a living in their new location. Kagame’s reaction he supports nkunda’s cause. So don’t undermine a government that has layed out a blueprint for change. My own belief this tutsi community in Masisi, and Rutshuru are getting what they deserve. their the root cause of the conflict and the people of kivu will judge them for the backstabbers they are.

  • sankuru kikudji

    and what did you have before Paul? and when have you seen a rwandan named Kabange. The nation is taking progressive steps. You accept change in one year to reach 64 million people and a nation as vast as congo. Why not let the mason begin with the foundation. Decentralization is begining next year. Then the blame won’t be solely on the federal government. You will be able to head towards your local government, call them and cuss them rwandan all day and night for your lack of electricity. Progressive steps for sustainable democracy is begining to take shape in the congo.

  • jimmy Makuwa

    I really think that DRCongo is in the right direction this time. We have a gvt who has the will to develop our country. The problems faced by the gvt are far greater that they cannot possibly be solved in one or two years. The real and permanent change we as congolese need is the change of how we think about the government and our country. Getting the country to stand up on its feet and walk again will require the contribution of ALL congelese in country and abroad in one way or another. Congo does not belong to Kabila and his government alone. It belongs to all Mwana ya Mboka (means Congelese). Let’s all put our brains, hearts and hands together to elevate our great, geographically strategic and naturally rich country.
    Aimons notre pays tout d’abord, THEN WE WILL BE BETTER OFF.

  • paul kabamba

    I’am really feeling shame to such declaration from through a truth a congolese, its unbelievable and i dont know where to start and where to end up.such comment are totally idiot and supportive of kabila any congolese who’s thinking life is better he have to go back to live that better life that Rwandan called at the name of kabange is talking about.
    I think is time for congolese to take their destiny otherwise it’s shameles.
    anyone feeling to exchange my e-mail is there so we can discuss may thing.Who know’s how laurent kabila was killed ?

  • the phoenix

    So far so good, I will say of our government. “Rome was not built in one day” they say… But we remain Observing and analysing every move Kabila is doing up to this day. Being myself a victim of that maliciously inflicted war, where we congolese people have to suffer because of our land and wealth, I know people are starting to understand the behind-the-stage scene of it. The mining contracts review, the move on conservation of our unique ecosystem etc. prove that we are becoming a more and more aware and an “independant” player in this global game. Times are getting serious and should it be the same for every position in our government if we want to keep moving forward. Considering what we have just endured with this concealed war, I would say, we are making the right moves forward. With the right people at right places, we will subsequently be able to be a key role player in this global chess game, as other nations are just discovering it. Congolese are always happy people no matter what, however do not confuse happy and simple. A message to the international community, We are not stupid! Remember the Ishango Bone? And we are coming back to claim what is rightfully ours. Simon Kimbangu talked about many things in his lifetime, one of them a prophecy about a generation that will save our country once for all. WE ARE WAKING UP and THEY ARE SCARED…

  • michael ombilo

    There is an African proverb that states that one could drain in a creek that he or she overlooks.
    Kabila, soft spoken very different from father.Doubts about his identity.Some even suspects he killed his father.
    Yet he seems to run or act deeper than he speaks.connections,duplomacy and business are just a few that have cross my attention since he has been sitting in that power chair that draws the international businessmen closer
    For me,there is time for everything like when to plant a seed and when to havest it.As it is observed every
    where around us.Even before us. a typical example is how Egyptians in those days preserved their dead kings embedded in precious materials.Today, they have a
    culture. A museum and a history to call theirs.
    I do not mean disrespect for Kabila but he just seems and actually acts like one of them. Like who cares.
    There is no dispute if i were in his position to draw the attention of the international businessmen AS WELL.That alone is not enough to put the Congo in the position it deserves.
    I will blow our own horn here by saying as rich as the Congo is,it should, in other words, it must be able to
    reinvent itself in an unprecedented manner by now. Come on!Kabila!Ten to eleven years is not ten to eleven days
    in the Congo.Hearing statement from Kabila like the Congo is far better than before just examplies my conflicting thoughts about him and incresed my doubts about his patriotism and what he stands for. Business,PERIOD.

    If the statement Kabila made was meant to credit himself against Mobutu’s regime,then he has just conformed my fear in him some more.This is the twenty first century and you look like a renaissance man but behave like a caveman.Mobutu stood-out for a reason. Mobutu started decieving the Congo later in his career.He showed patriotism when he first came and later he became corrupt.
    Kabila is just the oppossite to Mobutu in that sense.The same rhetoric that will make mobutu a better servant during his entire career than Kabila.
    With all the unverifiable flaws That Kabila flew in with in the country about his identity and father killing
    that landed him his dream job makes him no better than the indegenous Mobutu.
    To put it in its simplest form,stop comparing yourself with Mobutu in the manners in which you try to conceal your flaws. Let us the critics who have no bloods on our hands do that easy part of the job.Thats the similarity you have with Mobutu.

    The critic at work with your similarity with mobutu.That you booth have commited serious humanrights diregards for your own people just to satisfy your greedy ambitions.Money! Money! Papers that you will soon leave behind in the control of men who built their systems to last generations after another.

    Peace of advise for Kabila, Mobutu played deaf man now he is a dead man.Dont know much about that identity and father killing stuff about you.
    But i know that the indegenous Congolese are very very patriotic even though they spent most of thier times learning music and dancing to thier rumba music Dont think that they dont deserve to know the real story about your identity or father killing stuff. Or use your money to buy power to arrest indegenous Congolese whom are standing in your way over power and money.All of you are equal. some are even better because the Congolese people know who they are not you.

    So, it is time to start mending istead of creating more enemies for the fear of what you did to others be done on to you. YOU ‘VE GOT BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS ALL KINDS DIAMONDS COBOLT COPPER iron ore gold ALL KINDS MAN! now, you are even sending people in jail it is time for you to talk deaf man Remember those people going to hague being accused of war crimes are no different from you. you started. reconcile share some money build some roads fly some new plans give the people better health system clean drinking water not only in kinshasa but all of the Congo yes. If you are a greedy you must be able to eat what you fought for
    start washing some of those blood off your hands then you can in the future in times of calamity have a reason for the CONGOLESE people to treat you like one of us even though we really dont know you and your real history yet.

  • papy tex

    To michael ombilo,

    The only one who are not like us are those who willingly aligned themself with RWANDA, UGANDA and other collobrative east africans to prolong a deadly pointless civil war in the congo. Kabila worked towards peace, he isn’t the first person to be born away from his native soil. He isn’t the first congolese not to be able to speak lingala or french. My parents are from the east but I can’t speak swahili I feel more comfortable with lingala does that make me less of a congolese for not speaking swahili. I meet people here in germany who are congolese and don’t know a drop of french are they less congolese. Last time I looked at the citizenship law you have to be a member of one of the many tribes of congo in it terriotral borders of 1889 to be native of congo. Can you deny Kabila the Father in his own words when he states oseph as a son. Can you deny the fact that his father’s own tribe the lubakti accept him as one of their own. Instead of attacking him why not go after idoits like bemba, ruberwias, and all of this crimminals that collobrated with this east african for their own personal gain on our soil. This groups that helped a forigen nation take our congo hostage. Those who took the interest and cause of another nation to wage war on its on people. Like this danm tutsi Nkunda and Ruberwias rwandan puppets, and Bemba Ugandan lead fool. Was Kabila not in control of the national army and fighting against this fools. You my friend may not have relative from Kivu or Kisangani but I do and what they went through cause of this foolish people is not worth my doubt that Kabila hands is much cleaner,even Mobutu hands are much cleaner than this fools who’s personal interest excluded political dialogue and lead to the genocide of our brothers and sisters. And for you to say all Congolese do is take time to only learn music, dance and rumba clearly shows how much you know of the Congo, your possibly not even Congolese but a Gwana somewhere in east africa. Congo has it’s educated elite, who are slowly going back home to build. Our culture is unqiuely authentic not some mixed up mess that leads people to forget their origins and start chasing people down with pangas, where not gwana’s.

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