Egypt: Stop Drug Abuse Campaign Launched

“Stop Drugs.. Change your life” was the motto for a new controversial campaign initiated by Amr Khaled in Egypt and other different Arab countries. The campaign primarily aims to fight drug use among youth and to enlighten them about the negative effects of drugs on themselves, lives and countries.


Egyptian blogger ISIS, under a posted titles “Amr Khaled’s Drug Awareness Campaign” writes:

“At last the very popular Amr Khaled does something, in my eyes, truly great, wide scale, and not exclusive to Islam or Muslims. A drug campaign supposedly covering the Middle East, called ‘Hemaya’, which literally translates to ‘Protection’ was launched only last week by the young and controversial evangelist. The campaign aims to get 5,000 addicts to begin treatment.

While wishing the campaign success,ISIS, who describes herself as “an addict in recovery”, warns that secular youth spreading the message, might fare better than their religious counterparts. She explains:

“ I really want this campaign to work and for more people to know about the disease and as a society fight against it. I don't know about other addicts, but these overtly virtuous goody two shoe'ed people freak me out and if I was still using I'd be scared to ask them directly for help out of fear of being judged and ridiculed actually – this is simply because I'd feel that, even though they're making gigantic efforts to openly speak about this specific ill of society, the volunteer youth are obviously devoted Amr Khaled fans who I bet you anything have never missed an episode of Al Janna Fi Beyoutena (Heaven in our Homes) and 3ala Khouta Al Habib (On The Path of the Beloved – a show where Amr Khaled emotionally tells the story of Prophet Mohamed) [**] – and all that means that they are extremely religious – generally that would be okay, but when you're trying to target drug users and addicts and convince them of starting a treatment program, these volunteer seem like have no experience at all dealing with or understanding drug users and their mentalities – and that may be the main problem in reaching their aim. Anyways – maybe if Hemaya was a bit more secular it would make a more successful attempt at actually reaching the twisted and disoriented minds of addicts like myself. I really believe that with just a few adjustments to the campaign themes and motifs of publicity and marketing this project can truly hit the nail on its head. I really may actually think of volunteering… but I'd be scared of all the stigma, cuz in the middle of all the veiled chicks – I will totally stand out as the recovering addict…
In any case, best of luck to Hemaya, really I hope their goals get reached and their plans achieved…


  • This one remarkable initiative, hats off for everyone involved in this social awareness campaign..

    ‘Kel TaheyaTee Men Loubnan’

    But besides wishing to communicate to you guys my sincerest admiration and passing on warm greeting from Beirut, I’d like to get in touch with any of the communication person in charge of the campaign, in order for me, & as an editor at ArabAd magazine, to give it extra exposure, as I believe it’s worth a good buzz.
    Will also have it relayed to ArabAd Zone blogs, if I get a positive feedback OF COURSE & Inshallah at your earliest possible.
    And now, while writing, am thinking… March issue is a special KSA coverage, hence the relevancy somehow and the right exposure with an audience that can’t be of a better fit with your featured ad campaign.
    Hoping to hear from your end the soonest, tanking you in advance for confirming receipt and hopefully, being affirmative in regards to the overall coverage.

    Warm Regards, from bEIRUT

    Ghada Azzi

    Managing Editor
    ArabAd Magazine

  • Jackwatsan

    The whole thing was a personal vendetta. The guy was from Upper Egypt, you know.

    Why this is bullshit: First of all, almost all Copts are originally from Upper Egypt, so that means shit. Second of all, Vendetta’s are very specific: they kill the target, and possibly his family, but never anyone from another family.That would just force a third family to enter into the Vendetta game, which would mean that the attacking family would have to worry about two attackers instead of one. Makes no sense.

  • EDDY

    It’s bad disease for the society. We should fight against this sickness. We will have to take action this disease. We should work this campaign “Stop Drugs. Change your life”. This is remarkable proposal. People should aware that it’s a bad habit which has to be nipped in the bud.
    Addiction Recovery Georgia

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