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Welcome German, Albanian and Macedonian into Lingua Family

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Lingua German [1]Lingua Albanian [2]Lingua Macedonian [3]

Global Voices Lingua is honored to announce today that German [1], Albanian [2] and Macedonian [3] have launched officially. A new chapter is turned.

Since the initiation of Lingua, we have gathered an enormous group of enthusiastic editors and volunteers to translate their passion into words. Because of their precious efforts, Global Voices is heard by more people in more languages around the world. Lingua has also reflected the variety and diversity of multilingual World Wide Web.

These translators (not machine translation!) has contributed their time and intelligence to fulfill the mission of Global Voices – to “shine light on places and people other media often ignore.” Their greate translations have also helped Global Voices reach new audience.

Now, Lingua has a dozen translation versions. Of course it is not enough! There are many other languages not covered by Lingua yet, and this is the way we are progressing. More languages are coming. Welcome to join us! If you are interested in getting involved, please visit Lingua page [4] for further information and contacts.